The Veterans first official event gatheting was an amazing success at the pre- opening of the iconic Trump International Hotel right next to the Department of Justice and the FBI building.

Staff officers, Reservists, Retired Admirals, Colonels, and Generals round out the mid-morning gathering as Lt. General Mike Flynn set to introduce Donald Trump. Media expected Mr. Trump to reintroduce the Kenya / Hawai’i fraudulent birth certificate of 2011 but was sorely dissappointed that turned into another brilliant move by the Donald who refused to take the establisment media bait. Rather, Trump laid the issue of 2011 to rest that the media was hoping would be a distraction to deviat the Trump campaign.

Throughout the presentation, Trump offered praise to the diverse Veterans which include Seniors retirees, African Americans service men and women, chaplain, several Metal of Valors, two wheelchairs, and an Asian-American in the electic group of talent serving our nations best in uniform.

As Lt General Flynn emphasised, “Hillary Clinton is unfit to be Commander in Chief. Her policies we know at home will include reimposing the executive orders and essential offer a third term of this administration.”

The truth of the matter is that men and women who served our nation in uniform are not political but support the right political candidate in Donald Trump’s campaign are hard working patriots. To that end, America must return to its constitutional founding principles in order to realize the greatest it once was and continue to become again.


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