The Presidential Debate season will get an early start this year with a “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on NBC Wednesday, September 7th.

The format will have the candidates appear separately to an audience of veterans and active duty military. They will take questions on veterans and national security issues from the moderators and audience.

But will the moderators ask the tough questions to Clinton?

Take action and host a Forum Watch Party
GOPVets and Veterans for Trump will host Forum Watch Parties across the country and we need your help to host one in your neighborhood. It can be at your house, at a local club or veteran’s organization post, or at your favorite watering hole.

Just email us at [email protected] and tell us you want to host a Forum Watching Party and we will help connect you with local GOPVets staff. We will send you a Hosting Party package with cool stuff, help you organize your friends and fellow veterans, and get them involved in the campaign.

  • Let’s hold the media accountable to ask the tough questions below:
  • Why is Hillary Clinton placing VA bureaucrats over the health care of America’s veterans by opposing real VA accountability reform?
  • Why does Hillary Clinton think the VA scandals are “overblown”?
  • Why did Hillary Clinton and her staff debate for 90 minutes what uniform the Marines should wear to rescue our Americans in Benghazi?
  • Why does Hillary Clinton want more domestic spending at the expense of the military budget?

The liberal media and liberal advocacy groups will try to distort Mr. Trump’s strong VA reform proposals, tough stance on fighting ISIS, and clear vision for the future of our military. By hosting a Forum Watching Party, you can help Donald Trump and GOPVets show how America First, means Veterans First.

We look forward to you hosting a Forum Watching Party September 7th.

Vets For Trump! Fight on!


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