For those not attending the Donald Trump rally in Greenville NC Tuesday Sept 6 at 7:00pm please invite others to protest the opposition. Time to rally the troops, call your friends (Vets, Bikers, Women, Citizens) if they live in the protest areas. We cannot let this go one!

Kaine in Wilmington NC
Hannah S. Block Historic USO building
120 S. Second St. – Map
Event Start: Tuesday Sept 6 3:00 PM
Meet at 2:00pm at 2nd & Market Parking Deck

Bill Clinton in Durham NC
Community Recreation Center
1309 Halley St Durham NC – Map
Event 4:15pm to 530pm
Meet at 3:00pm at Lakewood Shopping Center by Food Lion

Thursday 8 Sep Hillary Clinton in Charlotte NC
Jack S. Brayboy Gynasium at JCSU
100 Beatties Ford Rd Charlotte – Map
Event Noon to 1:30pm Doors Open 10am
Meet at 10am Church’s Chicken

Homemade sign ideas

Clinton Unfit to Serve

Hiding Hillary

Lying Hillary


Come to USA

Endless Clinton Wars

Return Mideast Bribes

276 Days in Hiding from Press

Clinton & Kaine: Unsafe for USA

Clinton Welcomes Terrorists

Vets For Trump

Bikers For Trump

Students For Trump

Women For Trump

Thanks to Trina for supplying me the inspiration for the name with this video.

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