Throughout his career, Donald Trump has been a master builder of buildings around the world. The Trump name stands for Pride; Quality; and Integrity. Donald Trump will apply these same qualities to the Oval Office.  As a Navy Veteran and parent of an Iraq War veteran, these are the qualities we expect in our Commander-in-Chief.

The same can’t be said of Hilliar, a career politician who has never built anything; never worked a day in the private sector; and has destroyed America’s standing and reputation in the world. She has insulted our military and veterans and parents of  veterans with her stream of lies. For example, as Secretary of State, she was responsible for ALL State department personnel and activities. She has claimed that on her watch that NOBODY died in Libya. Forgetting four brave Americans who did: Ambassador Chris Stevens; Glen Doherty; Ty Woods; and Sean Smith. The ‘truth’ also died in Benghazi, thanks to  Obama, Susan Rice, and the Hilliar. All claiming a video caused the attack, when they knew otherwise.

America deserves better than these three and their world wide apology tour. Americans and America’s military deserve a real Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, who will put our security first; who will strengthen and re-build our military, and not destroy it. Donald Trump will care for the men and women he may have to put in harm’s way, in and out of the service.

Ronald Reagan put it simply:”We maintain the Peace through our strength; Weakness only invites aggression“.

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