Clinton continued fall is accelerating.  Trump’s rise continues gently.  Not only are the spurious attacks failing, completely, his debate performances – both victorious as shown in the data – have set him up to take command of this race.  The explosive revelations yesterday have not had time to factor in, but may we be there in tomorrow’s numbers.

Even before the final debate, tomorrow evening, the fact of our campaign’s renewed leadership in the poll, in a completely confirmed formation, should be widely disseminated.  Additionally, NOW would be a GREAT time to pump out the fact that when all the polls predicted Romney, our poll predicted Obama.  The lies and dismissals need to be countered.  Current leadership and our poll’s extraordinary past track record make for a fantastic story at the big picture.

Clinton’s downward trend appears ready to utterly reestablish itself.  Yes, tomorrow, she can bounce upward and possibly continue the current 31-day support line.  But, 7 days of falling in a row are VERY SIGNIFICANT.  What’s more, he descent is accelerating.  If the gigantic revelations of hers and her team’s criminality make it through the media blackout, if bad news about her can actually break through, her inflection point could result in the beginnings of a true collapse.  Her vulnerability here is beyond dispute.

Usually, I prefer to remain INSIDE a gently rising channel and I probably should right now, by principle.  But I don’t.  I want to jump up above the long term line and convert it from resistance into support, and I believe we can.  One of the most powerful elements of our analysis is its ability to visually represent the opportunity of the moment.  A little history will again help.

Contender after contender, impossible statement after impossible statement, new positions and policies never put forward in the past decades by any Republican, step of the primary journey required a learning curve for the public.  Again and again, the media counted Trump out, but the public never did.  There was, still, a dampening factor.  Could he actually win?  The opposition invested everything it had in the futile attempt to demonstrate that Trump could never win.  But, as one learning curve followed another, the impossible became first improbable, second possible and then finally, unstoppable.  The Trump train had left the station, and more votes had been racked up than by any previous Republican.

More important still was the combination of enthusiasm and new voter registration, people participating at levels not before imagined.  In these final weeks we can regain – but this time at the level of the general election – all the same factors.  No, the process is NOT identical, but it follows the same path.

Reading the long, slow lines, I always feel the power of change against the fear of continued establishment death grip over nation.  It is critical to remember the Trump has faced Establishment Republicans, the most brutally dishonest Elite Media attack in American history AND the united Liberal Democrat establishment as well.  As vicious as the media has often been in the past, it has never united around a single enemy the way it has united against Trump.  For that reason you can see where Clinton sprang upward and was lifted there by these factors.  But she really is Crooked, and America really is NOT crooked.

America cries out for change.  It is this heart call of America herself I see in Trump’s continuous support rise in the long term.

In the short term, this past week, we see the opening move of the final push to victory.  No, we’re surely NOT assured of victory, we must fight and fight well, each and every day.  We must be vigilant for any turn in our direction.  But, when you see us pulling away and Clinton’s fall speeding up, and factor in the simply overwhelming evidence against her and her team coming out now as never before, it is hard to remain patient and disciplined.

For all that, a strong debate performance tomorrow night, and the proper support that we who fight for Trump can give him, and this really could be the moment the tide has turned toward ultimate victory on November 8.

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