“Vets for Trump has been brought into being by those who have proudly worn OUR Nation’s uniform in DEFENSE of our country , our population, our Freedoms and Our Constitution to STEP UP ONE MORE TIME, to “Protect and Defend….” Everything we took that oath to DEFEND. The POWER of that oath motivates Vets For Trump today.

2016 is arguably the most pivotal year in America’s History since the election of 1860 preceding the “War Between The States” & the election of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican.


Vets For Trump is organizing a Field Force to identify and Get OUT the Trump Vote and to insure that the Election is conducted in a Fair, Honest and Legal Manner. Vets For Trump is actively Engaged in the Cyber / Digital Information Battleground including Social Media.

Upon Inauguration, January 20, President Trump will undertake the REBUILDING of our Downsized and Depleted Armed Forces, now at their LOWEST Levels since 1940, the year before Pearl Harbor.

If Hillary Clinton and the now ANTI-AMERICAN Democratic Party seize POWER, and with it any hope the USA could ever have to be restored to Military, Economic ,and yes, Diplomatic Power (through Strength).

Donald Trump and the Republican Party KNOW that in THIS Election, OUR America is at stake. The America inherited by those who come after us, OUR children and grandchildren is AT STAKE, as much as any other critical time in US history.

Part of the WEAKENING of our country has been the “Breach of Trust” that the current Democratic Party has committed on and against the Active Military and the Military Veterans of America. As Veterans, it is with Horror, Disgust, and Anger that we witness and /or experience the ABUSE inflicted on Vets when they need to access their Veteran’s Right to VA Health Care. Just recently a Veteran was TURNED AWAY from a VA Hospital Emergency Room, and committed SUICIDE in the VA Hospital Parking Lot on Long island New York.

Donald Trump WILL make CHANGES in the way it should be, where American Military Veterans get the BEST CARE from a “Department of Veterans Affairs” that exists to provide our Veterans with the BEST Medical Care and all of their other EARNED Veterans Rights.


There are many actions US Vets can take in this Political FIGHT for America’s FUTURE. Veterans For (4) Trump are the “Tip of The Spear”. Veterans for Trump will be active, on the Ground, across this Great Nation, FIGHTING for our country and our Loved Ones future by organizing a Trump Field Force to Get Out and Protect the Trump Vote.

Check this site for updates on HOW you, an American Military veteran can “enlist” in this Political War for the FUTURE of the United States and JOIN the “Veterans for Trump” Election “Infantry”


By Alan Crown – Chicago Illinois

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