There has been a lot going on since President Trump took office. Few if any have taken notice for a multitude of reasons. There is the hysterical Left followed by the mainstream media and their Russia collusion investigation (fake news), missiles launched into Syria, Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan, Rocket Man (Madman)  in North Korea, 3 devastating hurricanes and the mass killing in Las Vegas, the list goes on and on.

Any of these things would have normally sent our stock market into a decline. That has not happened. The stock market is up during all these disasters.  Things that usually shake the markets are having little impact. Why? I am not an economist but I have a logical mind. The simple answer is confidence. Confidence in what? President Trump! The Make America Great Again slogan has shown itself to be one of the most powerful messages in political history.

Gross Domestic Product was revised up to 3.1%. That has not been seen since 2005. The unemployment rate continues to drop to all-time lows. Consumer confidence is also at a record high with a slight downturn after the 3 hurricanes affected large numbers of people. Nevertheless, it is way up since the election. Approval rates be damned. Consumers, the market, and unemployment are all indication of faith in leadership. I have found that even people who say they disapprove of the President have faith things are improving. You can dislike the messenger and like the message. The two are not mutually exclusive. Me, I’m a substance over style kind of guy and in the long run I think most of us are.

So, while the left has their hissy fit and the media plays along, everyday Americans are doing much better. You may recall that Hillary Clinton was the darling of Wall Street. They donated to her campaign like never before. Even now they must be asking themselves why?

For all those who want to continue to bash our President, I make this prediction. (I’m not much for predictions.) If by 2020 the economy is doing well and our security is stable we will have a second term of President Trump. That is if he is willing to do it for a second term. Veterans for Trump hopes he will be willing and able!

PS If Russia colluded with President Trump (ridiculous) to undermine America they made a HUGE mistake. Maybe the left should wake up and smell the coffee.

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