Calling America’s Patriotic Veterans to DUTY !


American Military Veterans:


The country whose uniform(s) we wore to PROUDLY DEFEND is under attack on a different battlefield TODAY, October 7, 2016.

This attack is coming through the COMMANDEERING of the 2016 Presidential Election as the BATTLEGROUND by America’s Left-Wing and Foreign Enemies, among them George Soros, an infamous Left-Wing currency destroyer, who is FUNDING much of today’s chaos, at home and overseas.

Huge amounts of CASH is available, much of it from Soros and other Foreign “sources” to have Hillary Clinton declared winner and our next President.

What you see and will continue to see, in the form of TV commercials and Internet ads is small compared to what they will SPEND IN CASH to STEAL this Election from the American People.

The advertising actually provides camouflage to WHERE Clinton’s raised funds GO and HOW they are SPENT.

Below you will find links to just some of the news reports about Democrat VOTE FRAUD already taking place.



VOTE FRAUD is the now anti-American, Left-Wing controlled Democrat Party’s weapon of political mass destruction!

VETERANS FOR TRUMP vows this ATTACK on American Democracy on the ground and WILL BE REPELLED, on the ground!

The Democrats/Left actually view these first reports of VOTE FRAUD as a positive PSYOP to DEMORALIZE we, the American People, into NOT VOTING, because the Democrats “will win anyway,” because they will DO ANYTHING to win, legal or ILLEGAL, and they want us to know it!

The Democrats narrative, that it’s time to “Join ’em,because we can’t Beat ’em” are using VOTE FRAUD reports as a subliminal message that “it’s hopeless” and America must surrender to the International Left.

Americas Military Veterans HAVE One Answer:



This past Friday, 48 hours from the 2nd Presidential Debate, the Left-Wing Media obtained an 11 year old SECRETLY taped PRIVATE conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

The RAT that recorded this PRIVATE conversation in 2005 has held on to it this whole time. For what purpose? Did they imagine Trump running for President?

The “criminal” who made the recording is obviously a Left-Wing Limousine Liberal who hates the United States and is a member of the now bitter Bush Family, doing everything he/they can to SABOTAGE Trump and the American People. Billy Bush is the first cousin of both George W. and Jeb Bush. The Bush family is absolutely bitter that Jeb FAILED!

Is it possible that the Clintons made Billy Bush VERY WEALTHY to drop this DISTRACTION in order to obscure the TRUE issues facing our country?

The PsyOP they are running has as its objective:

To psychologically EMBED in voters’ minds that Trump was somehow “unfit” to be President, based on an ILLEGALLY RECORDED 11 year old barracks/locker room talk compared to Hillary, who is truly the MOST UNFIT Presidential Candidate in US History, who has AMERICAN BLOOD on her hands because of her GREED-BASED acts of Corruption.

And then we come to the main Democrat PSYOP of the “REAL.”

The practice of VOTE FRAUD to RIG Elections in their favor and be “so clever” as to create that demoralizing thought: “The Democrats are going to STEAL this, so why bother to vote?”

The Early Voting Vote Fraud stories, links below, actually work in the Democrats’ favor psychologically.

Google Search

However, Democrat Party Vote Fraud CAN and WILL be STOPPED by America’s patriotic Armed Forces Veterans!

Veterans For Trump is MUSTERING a Veterans Field Force to go into every corner of this country, into every precinct and Zip Code, to IDENTIFY and BRING OUT TO VOTE every Pro-American Voter.

The Veterans Election Field Force has a parallel Vital Mission:

To stand up to Democrat Party political field forces, at EVERY POINT where they are apt to STEAL VOTES by various means.

To STOP THEM by full legal means, and those legal means include PRESSING CHARGES on Individuals caught committing VOTE FRAUD.

Each act of Vote Fraud is a FELONY CRIME!

Potential VOTE STEALERS have only one question to ask themselves: “Is Hillary Clinton worth going to PRISON for?”

America’s Enemies,Foreign and Domestic are SUPPORTING Hillary Clinton in every way possible.

They are SPENDING CASH on Vote Fraud, including BUYING VOTES of legal and/or illegal voters in order to STEAL OUR COUNTRY .

They PAY Community and Union Organizers to “organize” Vote Fraud everywhere.


The answer is simple.

To bring down America and get wealthy in the process, all in the service of their anti-Freedom IDEOLOGY.

The Veterans For Trump Field Operation is named “Operation Freedom Blanket.”

We, the PATRIOTIC AMERICAN VETERANS of the United States of America PLEDGE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY, by BLANKETING this country to MEET and DEFEAT the Democrats’ Ground Forces with America’s BEST, we, the American Military Veterans, DEFEATING them on the ground, on the political and information Battlefields!

IT IS 1776 in 2016

JOIN US in DEFEATING America’s Enemies



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