We’re living through history, folks.

The idea that a complete political novice, with little more than chutzpah and a mouth that never stops, could overturn the entire entrenched political establishment of both parties seemed impossible a mere 18 months ago.

But look where we are today.

Donald J. Trump has already done the unthinkable: defeating sixteen strong opponents in a crowded and talented Republican primary field boasting some of the finest political resumes we’ve seen in a generation.

One-by-one, he walloped them all. First, he took down crowned prince Jeb Bush, despite Bush’s $160 million war-chest. Then, he even defeated Princeton Debating Champ Ted Cruz, as a complete debating newbie!

He’s rewritten all the political rulebooks.

The Establishment expected this election to be another rigged Bush-Clinton “Royal Family” matchup. That way, no matter who the [deplorable, basement-dwelling] people voted for, it would have still been a guaranteed win for the existing, self-dealing powers that be, and “Business as Usual” could have continued uninterrupted in the Hunger Games capital that Washington DC has become.

No one counted on Donald J. Trump.

See, Donald Trump doesn’t know it’s a damn show; he thinks it’s a damn FIGHT!

And he intends to win it in a knockout.

Now Trump’s up against Hillary Clinton’s $334 million war-chest, funded largely by Wall Street insiders and foreign interests angling for favorable treatment from her anticipated administration. They’re throwing everything they’ve got at him, and even though he’s the underdog by a long shot, he takes all the hits, shakes it off, and keeps on coming.

His final steep path to the nomination may be up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

He’s got his work cut out for him to win Pennsylvania, but it’s looking increasingly likely that he can pull off the upset of the century. If he can win Philadelphia, he’s going all the way.

In Philadelphia, he faces an entrenched political machine that is ruthlessly efficient. He faces potential voter fraud and voter intimidation. He faces demographics that are not in his favor. But he also enjoys the momentum of the people who understand what this election is about, what’s at stake, and how Donald Trump stands with the American people.

The people are with him, (I mean, have you caught Diamond and Silk‘s act, yet?) and against all the vested interests that have been treating us all deplorably for far too long, while destroying this country that we all love.

When was the last time the Republicans had a fighter like this? Frankly, when was the last time America had a fighter like this? He’s not just been fighting the Democrats; he’s been fighting his own party! But it doesn’t matter. He’s determined, and, with your help…

…Donald J. Trump is going all the way!


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