Hi my name is Joshua Brown and I need to put this out there hopefully some help will come along.

I have been serving in the Navy for 13 years and was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago. What do I have PTSD from? Well when I was in Iraq in 2005-2006 doing convoy security missions my convoy commander, the interpreter, and myself got into a situation where we were surrounded by a crowd of L.Ns. with them trying to grab our muzzles, yelling, and having weapons of their own (slinged.) So I did what I thought would be best and got us out of that situation without lethal force. (First reason of PTSD) I seen some of our T.C.Ns get blown up by IEDs. I seen some of our own convoy vehicles get blown up, but worst of all in 2008, my second tour to Iraq doing the same shit, I witnessed two people on base take a mortar to the forehead in other words they were no longer there. Our galley got hit by mortars our church, sniper fire on us in Ramadi, West Rutba etc…

When I returned home I knew everything was different my drinking, attitude, emotions all became worse but I never wanted to say anything and feel “weak.” They only way I could sleep is drink myself to pass out. The only way I could deal with crowds is get drunk enough to where I could careless if something happened to me. That has been going on everyday since my return.

After I got to my last command things just got worse I had my right shoulder reconstructed twice then had my ACL replaced mild kidney failure, right wrist reconstructed twice, and have a benign tumor 8cm x 3cm in my left humorous. also need my left shoulder fixed. I would constantly get into trouble for being UA because I would get to sleep around 6am. My drinking caused me to go to captain’s mast for being two hours late to work. When I finished my time on restriction I drank to the bottom of a bottle and looked at the end of a barrel, that was when I finally said I need help.

Needless to say i started to see a psychiatrist for my situation and diagnosed with ptsd.

Because of certain situations I am on a cocktail of meds including: zoloft 200mg, prazosin 2mg, wellbutrin 150mg, adderall 30mg, trazodone 100mg, and a service Dog (a legit one from semper fi funding and citizen K-9 as my trainer.

We did my med board and PEB sent the paperwork up to DC. Few months later the paperwork came back and to my surprise denied medical retirement zero % fit for full. So I got a navy lawyer and rebutted the decision asking for a formal hearing last month. Yesterday I received a letter from the DC board again saying I am still found fit and my request for a formal hearing is denied!

This is why the Obama and Clinton’s need to get out and stay out. They don’t care about us vets, which makes the people under them not care, and so on and so on.

Anyone please help me, Trump get into office and make this country that i have given up my life, family, blood, sweat, and mind for great again.

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