Beginning on Sunday, 16 October 2016, Kilroy Rising PAC will launch the Deplorables Tour at 2:00 pm from the Arch in St. Louis, MO. The tour will cover 10 states over 23 days and visit over 100 towns and cities. The tour will arrive in Lynchburg, VA and Liberty University on 5 Nov 2016 for a culmination event that will bring national focus to the unity of the nation’s Deplorables with a call for 5 minutes of “Deplorable Silence” in honor of the Thin-Blue-Line, the Men and Women who have served and all of those who have paid the ultimate price in service to our Country.  At this time Lynchburg, VA and Liberty University will be declared to be the nation’s “moral” capital and directional compass in our fight to reestablish the values of our constitution and our Judeo-Christian foundations established by our founding fathers.

The Deplorables Tour is designed to unify the various elements of the national populist movement that have been the engine driving the Trump campaign. Additionally, The Deplorables Tour is reaching out to disenfranchised and fringe elements that are currently on the fence or completely disengaged with the political process. The primary aim of The Deplorables Tour is to empower and mobilize grass roots efforts under a common banner of “Deplorables” for the 8 Nov 2016 election and beyond. Our message stresses that on 8 Nov 2016 we are “going to war” armed with our love for our country, our constitution and our vote in what will be the first battle of many to take our country back and make America greater than ever before. The importance of remaining vigilant for the current election and in the months and years to come regardless of the outcomes of 8 Nov 2016 remains a critical message across all of our engagements.

The Deplorables tour has been organized by Kilroy Rising PAC, a Special Operations Veterans Political Action Group that was stood up in May 2016. Our premise is that this year’s election is not about parties, but a choice between two things: voting for a trajectory that will ensure that we remain a sovereign nation, or losing what is left of our independence to become part of a global one world government. The focus of the PAC is to leverage the depth of the Special Operations collective experience in dealing with insurgencies by mobilizing across the country to support local community groups to empower their vote, share their stories and become connected as a unified front to stop the progressive left madness that has taken root across our country.

To honor the mission and legacy of American spirit, we have resurrected an iconic image from WWII. Kilroy Rising is based on the legendary iconic character from WWII… “Kilroy” that carried the hearts of America in a time where we fought to protect our nation and the world to vanquish those that sought to destroy us. Kilroy Rising PAC is once again the battle cry of America… laughing at the world who expects us to fail, mocking the pundits who believe we will fall, reminding those who rule that true power is with the citizens of this great nation.

The Deplorables Tour is providing a focal point for all members of the populist and Trump movement to wear the “Deplorables” badge with honor, with the message that we are together, proud and united as a melting pot of imperfect people that will stand together to take the country back. This will be highlighted in the final stop of the tour before the election, with rallies in Louisiana on 6 and 7 November to call attention of the plight of “The Deplorables of Louisiana” with flood recovery and the need for all Deplorables to rally and work together to provide support where the current administration has failed.

Deplorables Tour Map

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