So now, the media is supposedly shocking and devastating us by exposing the dramatic revelation that Donald Trump has said some appalling things about women.

This is supposed to surprise whom, exactly?

Any sentient being over the age of 25 with even a rudimentary awareness of who Donald Trump is knows that he has spent most of his career cultivating the image of a glamorous Alpha male playboy. This is part branding, part posturing, and—as he himself has acknowledged—part locker room talk. For heaven’s sake, he’s been on the cover of Playboy, and he’s darn proud of it!

So stop acting like this is “news,” biased mainstream media. More like “old news.”

But does Donald Trump “hate” women?

I ask this question because I’m a female Trump supporter and I’ve been knocking on doors now for the campaign for a few months and I hear this allegation a lot. It has never swayed me one bit. Frankly, it bores me. Have you heard of Bill Clinton, John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson? They were all lecherous and degrading reprobates around women, yet the left fawns over them. So, spare me the phony high-minded sanctimony and the endless double standards.

[Jimmy Carter, apparently, was a gentleman and a mensch around women. Good for him. There are also no major sexist allegations regarding Barack Obama that I’m aware of, aside from his dismissive, male-only golf course lifestyle…however, suspicions and allegations about his sexuality have swirled for years. As for Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, I think the Republican presidents so far in my lifetime all enjoy stellar reputations regarding their behavior around women. So, if you’re keeping tabs, Republican presidents are WAY ahead in the category of respecting women!]

But leaving that aside, I had a man—a self-proclaimed independent-—on whose door I knocked attempt to try to convert me politically by trying to “educate” me on DJT’s sexism. (Which, ironically, I consider quite condescendingly sexist, but such are many men to republican women. They seem to feel empowered to attack us in ways I submit they would never attempt with a male. Honestly, it feels a bit like they think they “own” you. But I digress.) Thus, he said to me, politely but also loudly and triumphantly: “Don’t you know that Donald Trump HATES women?”

This was supposed to blow my doors off. Instead, it was a big yawn.

I didn’t react. My feeling was that this was his house and he had a right to his opinion. I had a lot of other doors to hit and no interest at all in arguing with him. But I did think to myself: “Have you met BILL CLINTON? Thanks to Bill Clinton, I had to explain to my then-middle-school-aged daughters what a BLOWJOB is!”

But I didn’t say that. Instead, I said, calmly: “I believe that Donald Trump loves his wife and loves his daughters and granddaughters very much and that he has matured over the years.” He seemed to accept that and we parted friends.

So…does Donald Trump “hate” women?

I would submit that he loves women…a lot. A whole lot. He doesn’t always express it the way we wish he would, but he is a flawed individual—much like the rest of us—capable of feeling regret, learning from his mistakes, expressing remorse, seeking improvement and receiving redemption. Despite what Hillary Clinton says, none of us are “irredeemable.” Shame on her for saying that, so-called Methodist.

DJT is also surrounded by some very strong women (Melania, Ivanka and Kellyanne Conway come to mind) who clearly seem to have the ability to wrap him around their pinkie fingers, which is actually rather endearing and pretty typical of a man who really, really actually likes women even when he sometimes doesn’t want to let on when he’s trying to show off around the other guys.

Don’t we all know a guy like that? Maybe even in our own families? Perhaps that’s what makes Donald Trump so relatable to so many people. The so-called sexists in our lives are actually doting and lovable lugs at home. Deep down, we know they would do anything for us.

And as for the tired allegation that DJT has called women “disgusting, dogs and pigs,” I think that was actually just one singular obnoxious woman who was asking for it, and I’m pretty sure he would have called a similarly offensive male the exact same terms. As a matter of fact, I wonder what kind of sexist mind a listener (HRC?) has to have to assume that the terms “disgusting, dogs and pigs” refer specifically to females? They’re just run-of-the-mill, generic putdowns to me, but then I’m not a sexist. I’m just an ordinary patriotic female American who’s voting for Donald J. Trump on November 8.


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