Got an invitation to this event yesterday while I was in North Carolina. I drove all day yesterday to get back to PA to attend I also found out Sean Hannity will be there at some point. It should be a great time. Hearing that Sean was going to be there reminded me of the kick off of Vets for Trump. If you all remember it was Tony Porta who got on stage with Hannity and then-candidate Trump.

I just spoke with a friend of Tony’s and he had a baby girl a few months ago. Last I knew Tony was not doing well and could not respond to emails or text messages due to his eye problems. I am humbled by the fact that the messaging fell to me. I do not pretend to be an elected leader. I simply realized that in the vacuum left by Tony’s absence someone had to step up.

Say prayers for Tony and pray that I might get to talk to our President with Sean. It is a long shot but who knows? We need to first thank President Trump for all he has done. He is a man of his word when it comes to veterans. We must also continue to defend our President and prepare for a second term if he chooses to run.

Leave a comment if you think of any main points I should mention. This is all on the off chance I am able to get time with the President.

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