Yesterday’s invitation-only event was great! There were around a thousand of us packed into the Fuel Cell hanger at the 193rd SOW at the Harrisburg International Airport. Since I worked there I was able to park on base and visit with some veteran friends. We had lunch and lots of catching up. The depth of respect and support for President Trump was overwhelming, even among the younger veterans.

I must have shaken hands with several hundred fellow supporters and collected a few dozen business cards. Thanks to Lisa Vranicar-Patton for the invitation and the hard work she is doing to promote a fellow veteran Paul Mango for Governor of Pennsylvania. It all starts with the state governments. Brandon Rumbaugh is a fellow wounded veteran working to get Paul Mango elected as well. Brandon is a great guy too. If you ever get a chance to meet him you will likely be able to say you “knew him when..”


Lisa Vranicar-Patton, Lou Barletta, and Brandon Rumbaugh

Also got to meet a man I have admired for a long time who ironically shares the same name. He’s the famous one! Smart, humble, articulate and straight to the point, Rep Mike Kelly. If you do not know Mike Kelly you should. A great American!

Rep Mike Kelly with Vets for Trump Mike Kelly

Rep Mike Kelly with Vets for Trump Mike Kelly

President Trump first did an interview with Sean Hannity at one end of the hanger and then came to center state to talk about tax reform and honor our great trucking industry.

Sean Hannity signing autographs

One of my new friends Sal Santori with local CBS 21 reporter Robb Hanrahan. Sal runs an internet radio veteran-centric talk show through his facebook and live streaming along with the Kay Zern Veterans Outreach Program. Maybe we can use this platform to help support one another nationwide and help get Paul Mango elected Governor of Pennsylvania. Let hope!

My buddy Sal Santori with CBS 21 Robb Hanrahan

There were around a thousand people present by invitation. It was an honor to be among those invited.

Vets for Trump crowd

Many in attendance were veterans.

President Trump at Harrisburg

President Trump at Harrisburg. He is something in person. Comes off like one of us. Just a regular guy. Amazing!

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