Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution!  The revolution of the people against the political elite class of both parties.  In both primary seasons, the people were empowered to unseat the political class by instruments of their choosing – Senator Bernie Sanders and Mr. Donald Trump.  If the people had gotten their way, it would be Sanders vs. Trump for the Presidency; instead, the Democrats with their rigged super delegate system gave their nomination at Hillary Clinton.

I am not supporting Mr. Trump because I believe he is a paragon of virtue or because he is right on all of the issues.  I am supporting Donald Trump for the following three reasons:

  • I know he will do a better job taking care of our veterans and Armed Forces than his opponent.
  • I believe he will protect this country from potential threats including illegal immigration, cyber-attacks from abroad, restore internal order at home and have a business approach in reforming our tax code.
  • Most importantly, he will end the perpetual carousel of lifetime political hacks who make their living going from a government job to biding time as K Street insiders.

It is the last point where Mr. Trump should make his stand the last few weeks.  Trump is not the movement.  Trump for all of his faults is not the reason for the revolution – he is the instrument of the revolution.  I believe the people of the United States are fed up with politicians like Hillary Clinton and the establishment of both parties who act like they are entitled to power, money and privilege.

We have an unique opportunity to wrestle the right of self-rule from the political class who has monopolizing power for about 160 years.  The election of 2016 may be the last opportunity for an outsider to win the nomination of a major political party.  After Ron Paul’s near miss in 2012, the RNC tried several times to minimize the grassroots.  I guarantee the Republican Party post-Trump will not allow his type of populism to be repeated in another election cycle.

Revolutions are never easy and often messy.  The 2016 version is messy because the instrument of the revolution has some flaws we wish he did not possess.  The only chance Clinton has of victory is to get people focused on the messenger instead of the message.  Trump will win if he realizes it’s never been about him – IT’S ABOUT HOW FED UP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT. 

Time is almost up.  Trump can either allow himself to be beaten down by his past, and the multiple pairs of shoes being dropped on his head by the Clintons and the DNC, or he can pivot and put the focus of this campaign the revolution of which he is just a small part of.

The choice is his and the clock it ticking…

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