Out of the 18 charts I monitor, these are ALWAYS my favorites.  I easily turn the word “intention” into “intensity,” “passion,” and “fury” as I gaze at them. To capture the meaning of this, we need to understand a technical term.  If you’re good at throwing a punch (like Trump is!), you pack a hard wallop into it, right?  The technical term for that is a Force Vector.  It’s just an arrow for direction (like this: —> ) and some sort of measure like pounds-per-square inch for the force itself.  A football NEVER equals the force vector of a bullet. In the stock market, the “force vector measure” is called “volume of trades.”  The more trades as the price goes up or down, the more you can believe in the trend indicated.These Intention to Vote charts provide us with something similar.  As we look at them today, we’ll try to understand the current force vectors.

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