There’s an old saying about communication that “the medium is the message.” In other words: how you say something is as important as what you say.

I think this applies to the current election campaigns. I’m not talking about the speaking styles of the candidates (Yes, Trump can be a blowhard and Hillary is shrill), but their organizations, which speak volumes about how their potential administrations would be run.

In other words: don’t listen to what I say, but watch what I do.

Clinton’s campaign organization is bloated, overfunded, overstaffed, inefficient and ineffective. It overspends and delivers disappointing results, over and over. It’s also highly reactive and constantly responding to Donald Trump’s agenda rather than setting its own. It’s endlessly floundering around in search of a vision, a consistent message, and a coherent theme. It sputters, it prevaricates, it misrepresents, and it takes a LOT of vacation time off.

Trump’s campaign, by contrast, is economical, efficient, leanly staffed and incredibly effective. It’s core message is short and to the point (MAGA) and never wavers.

The Trump Campaign is a lean mean vote-getting machine. It gets the job done without waste or fuss. It works tirelessly on behalf of its stated goal and puts in overtime to make sure it delivers–preferably under budget and ahead of schedule, just like the new Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

What you see is what you will get.

Which style of administrator would you want managing your tax “contributions” and running the federal government?

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