Like everyone, my heart goes out to the families of those who lost loved ones in Las Vegas as well as to those who were wounded. We still do not know the motivation of the shooter and I do not care to speculate. However, the left has started down the road of gun control and that causes me to want to respond.

Why is it we don’t normally have mass shootings inside military bases in war zones where everyone is armed? Why is it we don’t have mass shootings among police officers? Why is it we do not have mass shootings at gun ranges or anywhere there is a high concentration of weapons? Could it be it is a cultural difference?

There will always be insanity. A free society can never stop all violence but let’s not put our heads in the sand. We do need to do a better job of dealing with mental illness. We do need to do a better job of teaching our children right from wrong. The shootings in Chicago on a monthly basis should be enough to cause us to question if something is wrong with our cultural views of tolerance.

A headline on the Daily Wire caught my attention.

GUN CONTROL? The Las Vegas Death Toll Happens Every MONTH In Chicago

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I personally believe a permissive culture and society is partly (keyword partly) to blame. I’m nearly 60 and I’ve seen quite a shift in my life. When I was young things seemed a bit stricter and “less tolerant” than they are today. Maybe we should be a less tolerant society. There is a theory that states if a society tolerates everything then it will be ruled by the intolerant. It is something I believe worth thinking about as we move forward to discuss violence in our society.

Click here to read about the Tolerance Paradox. Very interesting. However, it is a double-edged sword. Who is the final arbiter of tolerance? These will be difficult discussions. Our society is split on things that once were so basic like the Judeo-Christian ethic. Even that phrase has become a political football.

The bottom line: Maybe gun violence has less to do with guns than it does with our culture. Otherwise, you would see this kind of thing happen more frequently on military bases overseas where everyone is armed. Just a thought from a fellow veteran. Comments are welcome.

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