Ask a friend if they remember the terrible airplane crash that killed everyone on board at Kennedy Airport in 1999.

Wait for their response.

Wait for their response.

Wait for their response.

Wait for their response.

Wait for their response.

Wait for their response.

Many if not most will respond with some memory of this event if they are over 35.

Next, tell them not to be angry with you and not to be embarrassed.

Now you explain that this event never happened.

If they recalled the incident you just successfully planted a false memory in their minds.

I have had people come up with extra details about the plane crash that never happened. Others become very defensive when you spring the truth on them. It is your job to calm them down and explain how common this is. You can also show them this post.

If a false memory is left uncorrected it may become a permanent memory. The individual cannot tell the difference between a real memory and one that is implanted.

This is just one of the techniques used by Psychological Operations and has been adopted by the Left and many in the Media. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. What I am explaining to you is how one Psychological Operations technique is used. Most Americans are unaware of how it works or that it even truly exists.

How can you guard against PsyOps from the Left?

  • First and foremost become a “healthy skeptic” by looking for over the top claims that cannot be substantiated. Normally PsyOps lies are built on an element of truth. In the example above the truth is there are many airplane accidents. We have all seen the images. Additionally, if you trust the source – friend or media – you are more apt to believe what you hear.
  • Listen carefully to the descriptive words used by a writer or speaker. This includes hard news broadcasters, debate moderators, the spin doctors / talking heads on TV and Web Videos, Social Media as well as the candidates themselves.
  • Last but not least remember your emotions often eradicate your skills including your ability to think and process information. If you are afraid, angry, sad or are overjoyed it is probably not good. Your emotions can be your worst enemy. That is why your military and specifically Special Operators are taught to keep emotions in check.

Some of the people spewing the Propaganda and PsyOps information may be totally unaware they are doing so. They could have been duped and believe what they are saying. Others can be well trained in body language and can hide their deceit.

Consider the consequences of your vote!


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