Signs “Hillary mentally ill-not fit to be president” with press releases that studies show she likely has anxiety, depression and PTSD, from mental abuse from Bill’s many affairs over many years. She likely fainted from mental illness.

Women should wear “Monica” blue berets and maybe blazers with signs “How can Hillary stand up to Putin, when she never could stand up to a cheating husband”. Cut 2 twelve inch circles of blue felt, cut head hole in 1, sew or staple edges, turn “inside out” for a beret-can be in purse or pocket when entering a Hillary event.

Vets should have signs “Hillary brought Hanoi Jane Fonda to Whitehouse and disrespected (or crapped on veterans). Google, click images, search  “John Strong”, “Hillary Clinton” for Getty Images photos of my signs against Hillary. You are welcome to copy my signs.

Vets should have signs “Hillary and Obama forgot old veterans who need good jobs” with press release: “Obama’s Dept of Labor made  older/old vets, who are seeking employment, and who do not have a VA disability rating, ineligible for vet representative services at state employment offices.”  First, call your nearest state employment office to confirm this policy. I am age 75, army 1966-68, served in Europe at SHAPE, Belgium.

Hillary thinks she can win southern states. But, there a lot of vets and old vets in states like Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky..  A lot of vets and old vets in the Blue Ridge Mtns and the Shenandoah Valley, Georgia, the Carolinas, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I was in the army with these guys, some had names like “Joe Bob” and “Billy Bob” , some of these guys ALLEGED I was a REDNECK from Kansas.  We just laughed about these things.  These guys were really great people, and I ask all of them to protest against Hillary at Trump and Hillary rallies, and get out the vote for Donald Trump, who is not perfect, but so much better that Hillary Clinton.

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