Nothing brings people together in the United States like a threat from the outside. It is sad that it takes the threat of war to unite the majority of us. Remember 911? I was very pleased to see Lindsey Graham support President Trump on CNN (of all places).

“I don’t want a war. He doesn’t want a war,” Graham said, referring to Trump. “But we’re not going to let this crazy man in North Korea have the capability to hit the homeland.”

Maybe this is a turning point for the anti-Trump people in the Republican Party. I have little hope that many Democratic leaders will put America first, even in a time of crisis. However, the leadership of the party is NOT the people. I believe most Americans will support President Trump if we go to war.

This is a good time to appeal to your friends who have not been on board with President Trump. The threat from North Korea has been growing under previous administrations. It is now falling into the lap of President Trump. We must all support him.

The decision to go to war will not be an easy thing for the President. It is going to be very sobering. We all know the loss of life will be significant. However, if we wait it will be much worse.

The President is giving China one last chance to fix this. I cannot imagine President Trump will wait too much longer if the Chinese fail to stop the insane North Korean leader. We should all pray North Korean Generals turn on Kim Jong Un and put someone in charge that sees the benefits of peace.


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