I was at a couple events Friday and Monday night and met several outstanding people running for various judge positions in Pennsylvania. We, as veterans, are sworn to Defend the Constitution. Many of us tend to emphasize political candidates like Presidents, Governors and Congressmen. We often forget about the need to have solid conservative Judges at our state level. I was very impressed to hear Judge Wade Kagerise and Judge Emil Giordano speak at these two events. I had to stand and applaud when they were done speaking.

We cannot have a great country without great Judges at the state and local level. Those Judges who understand it is their job to uphold and interpret existing law rather than creating law are the type of judges we need. Remember the liberal Judges who are standing in the way of President Trump? These types of Judges rise to power because the people are not paying attention. At every leve, Federal, State and Local we need conservative Judges more than ever.

If you are in Pennsylvania or have veteran friends in Pennsylvania reach out and remind them to vote November 7th. I support the following Judges who I personally met and spoke with. They support the conservative point of view.

Judge Wade Kagarise U.S. Army Reserves (veteran), infantryman Long time Rotarian, current vice president of local club Supporter of many community, volunteer, and non-profit organizations. Endorsed Wade Kagariseby:

Pennsylvania Republican Party
Pennsylvania State Troopers Association
Firearms Owners Against Crime
Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council
Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council
Bald Eagle Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #51
Mountain City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #8
Sheridan Caton Memorial Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #98
Pennsylvania Medical Society PAC
PA Chamber PAC
National Rifle Association
Associated Builders and Contractors of PA
Vets for Trump National

Judge Emil Giordano is a Republican nominee for Superior Court. Judge Giordano is “highly recommended” by the PA Bar Association and is endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Firearms Owners Emil GiordanoAgainst Crime, the Pennsylvania Chamber, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police. Judge Emil Giordano currently serves as a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Northampton County. Judge Giordano’s parents immigrated legally to this country from Italy. His mom and dad worked in factories in New York City and met in night school where they learned to speak English. Later, they moved to the Lehigh Valley and opened a pizza shop. Judge Giordano worked behind the counter of his family’s pizza shop through high school, college and law school. Judge Giordano learned important lessons of hard work that have prepared him for his career serving us on the courts.  On November 7th, please vote for Judge Emil Giordano for Superior Court.

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