Those who ask questions about the significance of “man-made global warming” are labeled “climate change deniers.” Using the word “denier” has been pointed out to be an attempt to draw a parallel to “holocaust deniers.” I get the whole propaganda/psyops technique used to drive political messaging.

However, Karma can be a bitch. Those who deny the unprecedented economic boom can easily be classified as “Trump Economy Deniers.

The top Democrat in the House, Nancy Pelosi actually said tax reform is “Armageddon.” (She thinks it is worse than Iran or North Korea getting Nukes!) Suddenly I hear “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” in my head. (I paid way too much attention to music growing up.) I suppose Nancy and all the Democrats can be called “Tax Reform Deniers.”

Do Democrats have any credibility or self-respect left? You may not like the President but you should love the results of his policies. President Trump likely has done more for the “War on Poverty” than Democrats have done in the last 53 years since it began. We will have to give it another year or so to get the stats.

Let’s see what kind of denier your relatives are this Christmas. I’m sure the subject will come up in a lot of households. Ask them if they deny any of the below items.

  1. Economy on steroids – Unemployment, Stock Market, Job Creation, GDP all doing amazingly better.
  2. Tax Reform – Not what President Trump wanted but he has to rely on the House and Senate for this.
  3. Bad Regulations Repealed – We never needed these regulations and all they did was stifle our economy.
  4. ISIS Caliphate Gone – Sure, they will move but they are on the run and that’s a good thing.
  5. NATO Paying – For the first time they are starting to step up. More money for our people.
  6. UN Put On Notice – Nikki Haley calls out bad actors and corruption at the United Nations.
  7. China and Russia Sanction North Korea – First time in history.
  8. Pipelines Opened – Construction begins and fuel will be safer to transport and will lower prices.
  9. VA Employees Fired – Over 500 worthless VA employees fired since Jan 20th.
  10. Vets Get Healthcare – Veterans can now see civilian doctors when wait times are too long.
  11. Illegal Border Crossings Down – Just by enforcing the law border crossings down by 76%.
  12. Foreign Drug Gangs Kicked Out – Deportations of illegal gang members is a priority under Trump.
  13. Country Ban Enforced – A win in the Supreme Court now allows the Country Ban, making us safer.
  14. Fine For Healthcare Repealed – As part of the tax reform play you are no longer fined for not having Obamacare. $695 per uninsured person and $347.50 per child (up to a $975 maximum) savings.

I’m sure there are many accomplishments I missed. However, if you can deny the great accomplishments of President Trump then you are a Truth Denier.

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