It is worth noting 4 Democrat Electors did not vote for Hillary Clinton while only 2 defected from the Republican side. Donald Trump won 306 Electors and Hillary Clinton only won 231 Electors. The final count was Trump 304 and Clinton 227 which qualifies this election as a clear victory. Some want to claim it was a close election. If we were talking sports, a win of 304 to 227 would be considered a significant win.

The long and short of it is Trump is now the winner and cannot be stopped by political means. America should turn to hopefulness and unity rather than division. We are stronger together. Remember the days after 9/11? There is little doubt in my mind that this is what Donald Trump thinks about when he thinks about unity. We did not ask about a person’s sexual orientation, personal religious beliefs, the color of their skin etc. We were truly united to help each other and realized nobody can defeat the American spirit. We have become our own worst enemy as the memories of that day fade. That time is drawing to an end.

We are united for the common purpose of helping our new President make America great again! Remember, we are a team.

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