Dow Hits 25,000 – Peter Navarro Was Wrong #MAGA #MarkCuban

Dow Hits 25,000 – Peter Navarro Was Wrong #MAGA #MarkCuban

I am laughing out loud at the liberals that commented on old YouTube videos and website comments when Peter Navarro said the DOW would hit 25,000 in the first few years of the Trump Presidency. However, Peter Navarro was WRONG! It did not take a few years. It took less than a year. Peter is the right kind of wrong 🙂

If you want to have a real laugh check out this old YouTube video of Mark Cuban from 1 Nov 2016. Remember this if Mark ever decides to run for political office. He is as wrong as wrong can be. I have to admit I have never seen a single episode of The Apprentice. However, I have watched many episodes of Shark Tank. I don’t want to disparage anything Mark has done to help vets but WOW, he could not have been more off target when it came to a Trump Presidency! I bet he is kicking himself for not leaving his money in the Stock Market!

Of course, nothing could be more embarrassing than Paul Krugman. Look up his predictions from 1 year ago. He’s still struggling to figure out what happened to this day. I would say he is borderline insane.Greg Gutfeld put it this way about Krugman:

So will Paulie admit how wrong he was? I doubt it. Look at him. Put simply, so many would rather see the economy crash than admit Trump’s made it great. Just like those who’d rather ignore the defeat of ISIS than admit Trump’s direct approach worked.

If you want to have a laugh look at some old video and news predictions about how bad the economy was going to be under President Trump. Here is one just for giggles.