All the noise about kids being separated at the border when their parents cross illegally reminded me of a real life thing my girlfriend did when I was young.

OK, I was around 21 and dating a girl that had an odd sense of humor.

One day we were in the grocery store and she stopped, turned to me and said “But what about the baby” all the while making a face like I had done or said something horrible.

In reality, I had said nothing, she had never been pregnant and we were not planning on having kids or even getting married. She did this just to prove the point that if you seemed like you were in distress and mentioned kids or babies everyone would turn and look at the man with contempt.

She burst out laughing soon afterward and people did not know what to make of her. Of course, I had already received a half dozen scowls and nasty looks in the 5 seconds it took.

All this goes to prove is you can motivate people to hatred by blaming someone or seeming to blame them with regard to harm to little ones.

Look, I’m 60 now with grandkids so I get it. The bottom line is don’t let the Demoncrats fool you. This is just a ploy to try and keep the crowd hating President Trump because his is the most successful President ever and they can’t stand it.

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