Vets for Trump Endorses Paul Mango for PA Governor #VetsForMango #VetsForTrump #Amazing

Vets for Trump Endorses Paul Mango for PA Governor #VetsForMango #VetsForTrump #Amazing

Vets for Trump fully endorses Paul Mango in the Republican Primary for Pennsylvania Governor to be held 15 May. Paul is a West Point graduate and was a member of the prestigious 82nd Airborne Rangers. We have written about Paul Mango in previous blog posts and now run the Vets for Mango website. Paul is fighting for the Pennsylvania veterans and the middle class. Like President Trump, he comes from outside the swamp.

After leaving the Army Paul attended Harvard and went on to build the healthcare division of McKinsey and Company. President Trump, in his book “The Art of the Deal”, calls McKinsey and Company the top consulting firm in the world. Paul spent 25 years helping companies anticipating and adapting to change.

Paul Mango is the best-suited candidate for helping Pennsylvania out of the budget crisis it now faces. As a veteran, he has taken the motto Duty, Honor and Country and adapted it to Duty, Honor and Commitment to the state of Pennsylvania. Like President Trump and unlike his opponents, Paul Mango is not going to take a salary or a pension while serving as Governor of Pennsylvania!  Amazing!

Paul is also endorsed by two of our prominent members, General Paul E. Vallely and Admiral Charles R. Kubic.

Pennsylvania was instrumental in the election of President Trump. Paul is a full supporter of President Trump and his policies. We will need his support in 2020. Please share this post with all your Pennsylvania friends.

Vets for Trump Endorses Dan Meuser 11th Congressional District in PA

Vets for Trump Endorses Dan Meuser 11th Congressional District in PA

Dan’s Background:

Dan grew up in a typical middle-class family. His dad was a detective in the police department and his mom stayed home with his siblings until they went to school and she rejoined the workforce.  It was at home where Dan learned the dignity of hard work, the value of public service, and the duty to help others. He also learned that a problem was just an opportunity to make things better.

After high school, Dan attended the New York Maritime University and transferred to Cornell on a Navy ROTC scholarship.

Dan joined a small company called Pride Health Care (later named Pride Mobility Products). Over two decades, Dan helped build Pride Mobility from a small business to a large employer with over 700 employees in PA. It was named one of the state’s best places to work. The company has employed many veterans over the years and has an Iraq War Veteran/triple amputee as the spokesman of its rehab division.

Pride Mobility continues to lead the industry and improve the quality of life for people around the world, including our nation’s veterans who utilize the company’s products and have also served as spokesperson’s for the company.

In 2011, Governor Tom Corbett nominated Dan to serve as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue. Dan worked to reform the Department of Revenue (DOR), increase efficiencies and put into place customer-first procedures. Under his leadership, the department improved it’s rating from a D to an A- and was named the most improved Dept of Revenue in the nation.

Deciding To Run For Congress:

When President Donald J. Trump contacted Congressman Lou Barletta, 11th PA, encouraging Lou to run for the US Senate vs. Casey, Lou Barletta—a long-time friend of Dan’s—encouraged Dan to run for his congressional seat. Lou didn’t encourage Dan because of that friendship, but rather because he recognized the need for strong, experienced business people in Washington DC. Dan understands we need problem-solvers in the US Congress who will work to “drain the swamp.”

Dan Meuser was a very strong supporter of President Trump during both the primary and general election cycle, generating support and fundraising for the campaign.

Dan Meuser is running on an America First Agenda. He believes we need people in Congress to help the President enact his agenda, rather than people who are obstructionists who will get in the way of Making America Great Again.

Supporting Our Veterans:

“Veterans are American patriots and they deserve honor and respect. Supporting our veterans must be a top priority for our government. As your congressman, I will fight to continue reforming the VA and for greater access to private healthcare to ensure our veterans get the services they earned and deserve.”    —Dan Meuser

Below please find Dan’s priorities as related to veterans (this information can also be downloaded from the policy section of our campaign website

Supporting Our Veterans

Our veterans stepped up to serve us, some have done so in combat, and they deserve a Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) system that will not fail them.

Veterans Choice Act

Veterans should not have to wait for healthcare services, they should be at the front of the line every time for their healthcare needs. Dan Meuser supports the Veterans Choice Act that was recently extended by President Trump and allows vets facing lengthy wait times at VA facilities or living over 40 miles from the nearest VA to seek care in the private sector. In Congress, Dan will fight to continue to expand this program and allow more access to private care for veterans.


We must end the bureaucracy at the VA and, importantly, implement systems that are more user-friendly for veterans and/or caregivers using the latest technologies. Dan also supports the ability to fire underperforming, corrupt and/or incompetent VA employees and putting an end to waste, fraud, and abuse.

Increase Mental Health Support/Suicide Prevention Services

Recent VA reports indicate nearly one veteran commits suicide an hour. Dan Meuser believes we need to allocate stronger resources towards mental health, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and that we should support beneficial combat veteran peer-to-peer programs and ensure expedited mental health care accessibility.

Veteran Employment Opportunities

Veterans are not looking for handouts, they are looking for hand ups; job opportunities. We owe it to them to do everything we can to help them get on a path to success as they leave active duty, whether corporate positions or in the trades.  We must support existing programs that work or replace them with ones that are more effective. 

Reduce Disability Backlog

Veterans should not be waiting in a backlog for years for their disability ratings.  We must reduce the backlog, and get claims right the first time in order to prevent veterans from having to appeal cases, and, a key part of the reductions, also work to link the branch of service computer systems with the VA’s systems in order to expedite the processing of medical history records wherever possible and to reduce the burden on the veteran

We would like to direct you to our website to learn more about him, his additional policy positions and his priorities (including a “Government for the People Plan” Dan wrote which addresses areas he will focus upon when in the US Congress).

Additionally, you can view Dan’s endorsements to date on the website (which include that of PA Trump surrogates and Trump Delegates and you can go to our campaign Facebook page to see a video message of support for Dan Meuser from John “Tig” Tiegen, a veteran and hero who fought as a contractor in Benghazi). The website can be found at

Vets for Trump Endorses Scott Uehlinger

Vets for Trump Endorses Scott Uehlinger

Scott Uehlinger is the right man for the job. A fellow Veteran with great experience and a Trump supporter. We fully endorse Scott for the 15th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. See a letter from Scott to his fellow Pennsylvanians below:

Hello fellow Pennsylvanian,

I’m Scott Uehlinger, and I am a Republican running for United States Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District.

My story is not one typical of a career politician. It began by pursuing my dream of a military career with an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and entering the United States Navy as a commissioned officer upon graduation. I saw the world at its best and worst while serving at sea during my four years on active duty. Upon leaving Navy active duty, I returned to sea as a merchant marine still serving our country by delivering fuel to our troops in the Persian Gulf War zone.

Long fascinated by history and foreign cultures, and a desire to continuing serving this great nation, I joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1996 as an Operations Officer and quickly realized I had an aptitude for languages. In short order, I found myself fluent in four languages including Russian and Spanish. That unique skill enabled me to operate in the former Soviet Union, recruiting spies for the United States for over 12 years.

My career included intelligence operations against Russian, Iranian, terror, and weapons proliferation targets, and I was awarded five exceptional performance awards for my service.

This unfiltered real-world experience, not a career in big government political bureaucracy, is the perspective I will bring to Washington D.C..

In 2014 I retired as a CIA Station Chief and Naval Reserve Officer, settling in Topton (Berks County) with my beautiful wife Veronica and wonderful daughter, Mihaela.

Other accomplishments include a having held a faculty position at New York University, and being a sought-after expert on intelligence and national security matters for Fox News, Sirus XM Patriot, Breitbart Radio, and many others. I also publish a blog called, ‘The Station Chief’ at, and am an NRA Life Member.

A very early supporter of President Trump, in May 2016 I was elected by the voters in PA’s 15th Congressional District to represent them as a Donald Trump Delegate at the Republican National Convention.

Now I have been called to serve again as the voice of the people in the 15th Congressional District. As a non-politician, I will bring a lifetime of national security experience and military discipline to Congress, where I will uphold the interests of our district and our great republic, and join others in returning our federal government to where it rightfully belongs. In the hands of the American people.

However, I cannot do this without your help. We need your support now more than ever because now is the time to put citizen-politicians into office.

Let’s start here in the 15th Congressional District of Pennsylvania!

Please, visit my website, and donate. Even a small donation is a big help in this fight against the establishment.

Sincerely yours,
Scott Uehlinger

Vets For Trump Endorses Christina Hagan #MAGA #Ohio

Vets For Trump Endorses Christina Hagan #MAGA #Ohio

Christina Hagan 16th Congressional DistrctChristina Hagan is the only pro-Trump candidate in the race for Ohio’s 16th congressional district. Veterans for Trump exists to promote worthy people and causes and defend the Constitution of the United States. That is why we are announcing our official support of Christina Hagan for Congress. Christina is a proven constitutional warrior who will cut through the bureaucratic bog and get to work on the MAGA agenda we voted for and continue to support.

There’s a war going on in the heart of D.C. and President Trump needs a MAGA warrior like Christina to fight with him against the Establishment of the people’s agenda.

I had the opportunity to speak with Christina a few days ago. We submitted her information to our members and she is being endorsed by 100% of our membership! In addition, one of our members, Navyman Norm, volunteered to work for Christiana in Ohio.

I am inserting a portion of a video from YouTube. After speaking with Christina and watching this video I was very impressed with her. Christina fits in with Vets For Trump nicely. She has the courage & heart of a warrior! In the video, you will hear her support and defend the President of the United States knowing it will make her unpopular with a group of women. Christina is clear about President Trump. He is the President the country needs and that he treated her with more respect than many in the GOP establishment.

Please share this post with all your friends. We are spread out across this nation but we can support her by helping to amplify her voice! A voice that needs to be heard by others running for Congress.

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