MAGA March for Justice – Jan 27th in D.C. @Maga4Justice #MAGA

MAGA March for Justice – Jan 27th in D.C. @Maga4Justice #MAGA

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WASHINGTON, DC—In its mission to support and defend President Trump in Making America Great Again and to demand an end to abuses of power that illegitimately subvert the lawful execution of his electoral mandate, MAGA March for Justice will rally in Washington, DC and other locations across the country on January 27, 2018.

Supportive of President Trump and his promise to Make America Great Again, MAGA March for Justice tangibly represents the historic electoral victory achieved by the President through his promises to secure our border, act in American interests at home and abroad, and return power to citizens by ending corruption in Washington, DC and the two-tier justice system that enabled it.

Moreover, the focus of the January rally is to bring attention to illegitimate abuses of power by the judiciary, legislature, and executive branch agents, designed to politically obstruct the President in acting upon the mandate of his voters as well as protect government figures under current and previous administrations connected to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who benefitted from and/or participated in a cover-up of pay-to-play influence connected to The Clinton Foundation in regard to Russian bribery and disinformation campaign to secure access to American Uranium.  This is the illicit scheme uncovered by the FBI, known commonly as the “Uranium One” scandal.

Having secured a permit from local Washington authorities as well as initial backing from a financial benefactor for $20,000, MAGA March for Justice has already caught the attention of social media figures prominently critical of the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The group plans to leverage this initial show of support to garner the interest of other media, personalities, and supporters to create a massive visual to Washington and the public in their rally, with plans to execute concurrent rallies in other cities.

MMFJ asserts that President Trump is being willfully harassed and obstructed in executing his lawful authority as President by an illegitimate Special Counsel investigation by Robert Mueller that is based upon a fake dossier created by Russian nationals illegally paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.  Former FBI Director James Comey’s awareness of this dossier and taking seriously of false charges made in it were used to justify and initiate surveillance and investigation with those connected to the Trump campaign.

The position of MMFJ is that the “Russia Collusion” investigation of President Trump is a result of false accusations, established by the Clinton campaign in collusion with Russian nationals, which were then wrongly investigated by Comey’s FBI resulting in the wrongful implication, surveillance, and unmasking of Trump campaign and administration officials.

This investigation is being led by officials who are all in some way involved in then-Secretary of State Clinton’s apparent play-to-play scheme with The Clinton Foundation, Russian officials, and American Uranium interests. Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation comes as a result of Attorney General’s recusal from matters relating to the 2016 campaign, which deferred the matter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is himself alleged to have known about the details of the Uranium One scheme and who wrote a Justice Department memo used by the Trump administration to justify dismissal of then FBI Director Comey, remaining at the heart of allegations that the Trump administration has something to hide in relation to Russia.

Motivating the MAGA March for Justice is the demand for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the DOJ and FBI role in covering up Clinton, Clinton Foundation, DNC, and government involvement in, as well as related allegations regarding Uranium One. Additionally, they ask that this Special Counsel investigate the role of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and ODNI in interfering with the 2016 election through the use of fraudulent FISA warrants and illegal unmasking of US citizens, including payments regarding and those connected with the fake Trump dossier.  Such an investigation would also examine the connection of Secretary Clinton’s illegal email server and unlawful destruction of evidence of more than 30,000 emails as it relates to covering up these matters, and any undue influence exerted by those in the FBI or DOJ to scuttle the previous investigation into these matters for their own benefit or protection from incrimination.

MAGA March for Justice (@MAGA4Justice)
Sean George, President
For Further Information, Contact:
Greg Socks
Phone 262-501-0970
Email: [email protected]

More on MAGA March

More on MAGA March

I’ve been in touch with the folks from MAGA (Make America Great Again) March.To see a list of locations check out this Facebook link. They are looking for people to head up states that do not yet have places for the march determined yet. They also need assistance in states that do have a location established.

Their GoFundMe account has already raised most of the money for the permits where needed. All they need now are leaders in states that are as of now unfilled and extra help in locations that are already set. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any way feel free to contact them through their website.