A Violation of Trust #VetsForTrump

A Violation of Trust #VetsForTrump

Submitted by a Veteran Trump Supporter:

First of all, I can hardly believe that anything in the “FISA Memo” was actually classified, much less “Top Secret”.  When you produce intelligence documents or classify documents in general, you do not classify everything in a document at the same level – a popular misconception.  Every line, bullet point, paragraph, slide, picture, etc. can have its own individual classification. They can be Top Secret, Secret, or Unclassified.

For example, you could have a document reporting everything and all documents that China’s President interacted with during a weekend trip.  If we had a spy with access to their President and those documents – everything they reported would likely be “Top Secret”.  This is because if China new we knew these types of information they would realize we had a source near their President – not good.  However, much of that weekend trip may be reported in China’s media or international media and therefore may very well be listed in the document as “Unclassified”.  This is due because if it got out that the US Government knew this information, it is not harmful to the US . . . It is perfectly okay for the US Government to read media reports about foreign governments.

There are actual general descriptions for the levels of classifications if they happened to be compromised:

Top Secret – Cause grave damage to the United States

Secret – Cause serious damage to the United States

Nothing in this “FISA Memo” can cause grave or serious damage to the United States.  A couple of lies out there are totally off base.

Lie 1: It compromised the FBI source, Christopher Steele.

Truth: The memo itself states this is not true.  Christopher Steele revealed this to the world on 30 October 2016 in a media interview.

Lie 2: Sources and Methods of Intelligence Collection are compromised.

Truth: There is nothing even remotely discussing sources and methods of intelligence collecting in the memo.  If you don’t believe – read it yourself.

At most, the “FISA Memo” caused embarrassment to the United States.  However, if you think about the fact that the release was fought by the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats you could see something interesting.  This memo could cause grave damage to the high ranking government official who manipulated the system to spy on an American.  It could cause serious damage to the Democratic party describing collusion between the Clinton Campaign and parts of the US Intelligence Community.  Lastly, if more information comes out that President Obama was involved and it is a large Democratic conspiracy it would cause grave damage to the Democratic party.  Maybe these are the reasons everything was classified “Top Secret”?


The Big Story on the Economy and President Trump

The Big Story on the Economy and President Trump

There has been a lot going on since President Trump took office. Few if any have taken notice for a multitude of reasons. There is the hysterical Left followed by the mainstream media and their Russia collusion investigation (fake news), missiles launched into Syria, Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan, Rocket Man (Madman)  in North Korea, 3 devastating hurricanes and the mass killing in Las Vegas, the list goes on and on.

Any of these things would have normally sent our stock market into a decline. That has not happened. The stock market is up during all these disasters.  Things that usually shake the markets are having little impact. Why? I am not an economist but I have a logical mind. The simple answer is confidence. Confidence in what? President Trump! The Make America Great Again slogan has shown itself to be one of the most powerful messages in political history.

Gross Domestic Product was revised up to 3.1%. That has not been seen since 2005. The unemployment rate continues to drop to all-time lows. Consumer confidence is also at a record high with a slight downturn after the 3 hurricanes affected large numbers of people. Nevertheless, it is way up since the election. Approval rates be damned. Consumers, the market, and unemployment are all indication of faith in leadership. I have found that even people who say they disapprove of the President have faith things are improving. You can dislike the messenger and like the message. The two are not mutually exclusive. Me, I’m a substance over style kind of guy and in the long run I think most of us are.

So, while the left has their hissy fit and the media plays along, everyday Americans are doing much better. You may recall that Hillary Clinton was the darling of Wall Street. They donated to her campaign like never before. Even now they must be asking themselves why?

For all those who want to continue to bash our President, I make this prediction. (I’m not much for predictions.) If by 2020 the economy is doing well and our security is stable we will have a second term of President Trump. That is if he is willing to do it for a second term. Veterans for Trump hopes he will be willing and able!

PS If Russia colluded with President Trump (ridiculous) to undermine America they made a HUGE mistake. Maybe the left should wake up and smell the coffee.

Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

First, let’s be clear. How difficult would it be to gin up these salacious attacks against General Flynn? Do you believe that Donald Trump hooked up with Russian hookers? If not, then you know the power of fake news. But we shouldn’t call it that. Lies. Evil and vicious attacks. That’s a bit closer to the truth. Russia did NOT affect our election, and General Flynn did not betray his trust. If our enemies are allowed to take General Flynn down, removing him from President Trump’s side, the greatest bulwark for America’s National Security will be removed. This may happen, but every veteran should find, in his or her compatriot General Flynn, a fellow who deserves his or her support right now, and loudly.

Second, but what if these attacks were true? After all, none of us knows for sure, right? Well, contemplate it. A man who is about to become National Security Adviser, and who is able to calm the waters of conflict with our most important enemy/ally, Russia, decides to take action to make sure conflict does not escalate. Oh, he surely should be crucified for that.

But what about – in this scenario – lies to others, failing to disclose telephone conversations that were recorded, transcripted and may be leaked? I say again, we must support General Flynn even in that case. Who is to blame? Let us be clear. Those seeking to ramp up conflict are to be blamed. General Flynn’s sole intent – in this scenario – was to protect our nation and the peace we seek to establish globally.

But let’s turn to the real issue. We know that if veterans had not turned out in full for Candidate Trump, we’d not have a Trump administration right now. That was the beginning of our veteran’s community regaining its voice. Well, it is time to speak again.

Each and every veteran who stands behind his or her fellow, General Flynn, must reach out. Social media is mighty. Tweets and Facebook postings count. Any veteran who has a blog should repost this article, and push its links forward via social media. But more, any writing veteran should express his or her thoughts on this matter directly as well. If for no other reason, General Flynn himself deserves to know that veterans have his back. He is a veteran before he is anything else. Well, a patriot first, of course.

There’s another medium though, to my measure, even more powerful. And that is talk radio. No, not the big names, Hannity and Ingraham, etc. Although, if you have access, by all means, use it! Rather, it is small, local talk radio that I focus on. Every such radio show in America should have its phone lines lit up 24/7 voicing 100% support for General Flynn.

If General Flynn’s voice is silenced, the entire veteran community will lose more than can be measured or expressed. And, if veterans can help General Flynn protect his voice, veterans will have taken the next step in ensuring that every veteran in America regains his or her voice too.

Pasquale Scopelliti
The Consigliori

Did the Russians Influence our Election – Does it Matter?

Did the Russians Influence our Election – Does it Matter?

As a web developer and somewhat of a web security expert I’ve been thinking about this issue for a while. Like any analyst, I ask myself a series of questions first.

Is it possible to make it look like someone or some country hacked a computer system?

The short answer is yes. It is also important to note that organizations like Anonymous are people from all around the globe. Some are Russian and some are American. Anonymous was split over Donald Trump. There are also many other hacking groups that can lead even the most diligent person to conclude a hack originated from a particular source. These groups could hack Vladimir Putin’s systems and make it look like he ordered a cyber attack against the US or our elections. Nothing is 100% when it comes to cyber security. I have been on the receiving end of these hacks so I do have some experience.

What is the motivation to hack or influence our election?

Let’s grant the argument and ask the motivation question. Would it matter which candidate I picked if my intention was simply to cause problems for the American people? No, either candidate would have worked. However, since Democrats are better known for violence, it would be logical to attack them to cause riots and protests.

What is the impact of a hack or attempt to influence our election?

Considering there is zero evidence of actual tampering with the vote tally or machines we can rule that out right away. Let’s grant the argument again and say there was some influence. What percent of the population would have been influenced?  The final electoral college vote was 306 to 232. The difference was well beyond anyone’s ability to influence by exposing Hillary and the DNC’s flaws and schemes. Suffice it to say both sides were fully exposed during the election process.

Does the USA or our people hack or influence other countries elections?

It is well known that America tries to influence the elections and leadership of foreign countries. We have been doing it for a long time. Do a quick Google search. Obama’s State Department tried to influence the Israeli election of Netanyahu. It was tied directly to Obama’s campaign.

Does it really matter?

While hacking and influence of foreign actors in any election is a cause for concern, it is up to the people to be smart enough to see through it. Netanyahu won the election regardless of Obama’s attempt to influence Israel’s election. We would have voted for Trump regardless of Russian influence. What was the real impact of the hacking? It simply exposed the truth about the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. Trump’s cards were on the table and he was exposed for his shortcomings. When the American people had all the information at their disposal they picked Trump. Like it or not this is a bogus issue when it comes to the election results.

Michael J Kelly
We Who Served