A Man’s Sacred Honor Is NOT His Own, Alone: General Mike Flynn vs. The Swamp

A Man’s Sacred Honor Is NOT His Own, Alone: General Mike Flynn vs. The Swamp


Ever since Candidate Trump starting chanting Drain The Swamp! together with his supporters in rallies, we should have known that the swamp would roil and bubble over, spreading its murk and slime wherever possible.  Sadly, it’s smothered the best member of Trump’s team, General Mike Flynn, now former National Security Adviser, after the shortest tenure in that slot in history.

As a result of this, and so much else that’s taken place since Trump’s victory in early November, many of us, this writer included, are now coming to terms with another name for the swamp, The Deep State, it is called.  Essentially, this refers to the permanent workers in all the branches of the government who are able to wield the government’s power, most often without anyone knowing it happened at all, let alone who did it.

In the following story by Judge Andrew Napolitano, the most dangerous and fearsome element of the Deep State is identified as some 60,000 spies who monitor every form of electronic communication in America.  Here’s the link:

Andrew Napolitano: The chickens have come home to roost

I strongly urge you to read it.  It is the most important analysis published since President Trump’s victory.

The analysis which follows is inspired by Judge Napolitano’s powerful counsel but is applied much more narrowly to General Flynn’s situation.


In the battle for the soul of America, there is a single most personal word, above and beyond all others.  And that word is:  PATRIOT.

To be a Patriot does NOT require that one sacrifice himself like a suicide bomber.  It does not mean that a Patriot sacrifice himself utterly or have no thought to his needs and obligations outside of duty to country.  Rather, it means that a Patriot’s country, his nation, makes an honorable, responsible and successful life possible.  In return, a Patriot considers the needs of his nation to be a sacred honor, duty and privilege.

One’s own life matters.  The nation matters.  There is a perfect balance in this.  A person is simply a part, a single part, of the vast whole of the nation.  The nation itself is not merely composed of those alive now but those who came before and those who follow as well.  Yet, each soul, each individual part of the nation is, in its own sacred right, every bit as important as the nation itself.

It must be clear, the nation is here to protect and serve the individual every bit as much as the individual is here for the nation.

One who is not a Patriot will never understand this.  For those who are not Patriots, the only purpose of the nation is to serve their own personal needs and desires.

The line separating Patriots from those who are not is NOT a willingness to destroy self.  But, it IS a perfect clarity that self must, at times, be sacrificed for the nation, so that the nation may serve and protect others’ selves.  And one who is NOT a Patriot will always seek self-benefit in every act, even if it requires sacrificing others’ or the nation’s interests.  Nothing could be more personal or more dependent on character.

Those heroes who have died for country unsung are, and by far, the greatest among us.  They have no public honor.  Yet they deserve it more than anyone.

Those of us who have NOT died for country have a different dynamic we must face.  Our public image is, for the nation, the honor we tender.  If we allow evil doers to tarnish our reputation, then we have failed our nation.

Here is the specific application.  Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments, during his press conference of 14 February on the topic of General Flynn’s resignation, were wrong.  They were 100% unnecessary.  A mistake was made, an apology given and accepted, but it’s time to move forward now, etc.  That’s all that needed to be said.  But, that’s not what was said.  The word TRUST was used.  The President has lost trust, Spicer informed us, though not one example of this loss of trust was given.  In fact, President Trump took General Flynn with him to Mar-a-Lago the weekend prior to Spicer’s remarks, for his advice and support relative to the foreign policy issues in play, 11 & 12 February. The Prime Minister of Japan was visiting, and President Trump wisely had his National Security Adviser there to counsel and assist him.  Isn’t that a strange behavior for a President who has “lost trust”?  Still, following General Flynn’s resignation, Secretary Spicer employed the terms loss of trust on the public record as the explanation.  That meant that General Flynn’s sacred honor had been impugned by President Trump, as expressed by his Press Secretary.

Here’s the press conference link, in case you’d like to see it for yourself:

Spicer Grilled On Flynn Resignation – White House Press Conference Q & A

The following Thursday President Trump, in his own extended press conference, strongly praised Flynn.  His compassion for his former adviser couldn’t have been more sincerely or more warmly expressed.  President Trump came out as close to 100% FOR General Flynn as he could while still explaining the resignation.  It is clear that General Flynn still holds President Trump’s trust.  President Trump absolutely stood behind General Flynn’s public sacred honor.

Trump on Flynn at Press Conference (02/16/17)

And that brings us to Judge Napolitano.  His analysis is both deep and significant.  His balance is flawless.  And what does he say about General Flynn?  He is a Patriot.  When a man of Judge Napolitano’s stature deems a man a Patriot, that man is a Patriot.  And when he does so in public, then that man’s sacred honor, his public reputation has been redeemed.

Judge Napolitano is not a politician.  He is simply one of the best legal/Patriotic minds of our day.  This is an extraordinary endorsement.  But, General Flynn was fired by both President Obama and President Trump, you may say.  No matter.  Why not?  If Judge Napolitano says one is a Patriot, then one is, period.

Here is the single most important and most personal point.  If General Flynn had done so much as one wrong thing, then perhaps this wouldn’t be quite so important a matter.  But, as opposed to the wrong thing, General Flynn was doing the right things.  And that is why the deep state, in coordination with the Obama team, set sights on General Flynn the moment Trump was elected President and executed their evil character assassination against him.

What now becomes incumbent upon General Flynn himself, personally, is first and foremost to understand and acknowledge that his honor is 100% intact.  General Flynn is a Patriot.  Millions of Americans wholeheartedly concur, believe in him and support the truth he tells.

There is now a mission regarding the very nature of one’s personal, sacred honor itself that General Flynn must find, face and complete.  Yes, it is about him, himself.  Absolutely.  But, it is vastly greater than that.  If a Patriot like General Flynn can have his character assassinated, whose character is safe?  The answer, per Judge Napolitano’s article, is no one.

Finally, the apparatus of character assassination executed perfectly against General Flynn is the most dangerous and evil thing in America today.  A personal mission can be accepted or rejected for personal reasons.  A Patriotic mission cannot.  This analyst does not have a vision or clarity over what General Flynn must do in response to this evil force in America.  This analyst is, however, completely certain that General Flynn’s mission is now of even greater significance than if he were still a part of the White House team.  How that will express itself forward has yet to be discovered.

Pasqule Scopelliti

Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

First, let’s be clear. How difficult would it be to gin up these salacious attacks against General Flynn? Do you believe that Donald Trump hooked up with Russian hookers? If not, then you know the power of fake news. But we shouldn’t call it that. Lies. Evil and vicious attacks. That’s a bit closer to the truth. Russia did NOT affect our election, and General Flynn did not betray his trust. If our enemies are allowed to take General Flynn down, removing him from President Trump’s side, the greatest bulwark for America’s National Security will be removed. This may happen, but every veteran should find, in his or her compatriot General Flynn, a fellow who deserves his or her support right now, and loudly.

Second, but what if these attacks were true? After all, none of us knows for sure, right? Well, contemplate it. A man who is about to become National Security Adviser, and who is able to calm the waters of conflict with our most important enemy/ally, Russia, decides to take action to make sure conflict does not escalate. Oh, he surely should be crucified for that.

But what about – in this scenario – lies to others, failing to disclose telephone conversations that were recorded, transcripted and may be leaked? I say again, we must support General Flynn even in that case. Who is to blame? Let us be clear. Those seeking to ramp up conflict are to be blamed. General Flynn’s sole intent – in this scenario – was to protect our nation and the peace we seek to establish globally.

But let’s turn to the real issue. We know that if veterans had not turned out in full for Candidate Trump, we’d not have a Trump administration right now. That was the beginning of our veteran’s community regaining its voice. Well, it is time to speak again.

Each and every veteran who stands behind his or her fellow, General Flynn, must reach out. Social media is mighty. Tweets and Facebook postings count. Any veteran who has a blog should repost this article, and push its links forward via social media. But more, any writing veteran should express his or her thoughts on this matter directly as well. If for no other reason, General Flynn himself deserves to know that veterans have his back. He is a veteran before he is anything else. Well, a patriot first, of course.

There’s another medium though, to my measure, even more powerful. And that is talk radio. No, not the big names, Hannity and Ingraham, etc. Although, if you have access, by all means, use it! Rather, it is small, local talk radio that I focus on. Every such radio show in America should have its phone lines lit up 24/7 voicing 100% support for General Flynn.

If General Flynn’s voice is silenced, the entire veteran community will lose more than can be measured or expressed. And, if veterans can help General Flynn protect his voice, veterans will have taken the next step in ensuring that every veteran in America regains his or her voice too.

Pasquale Scopelliti
The Consigliori

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – The Truth Shall Set Us Free – 8 November 2016

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – The Truth Shall Set Us Free – 8 November 2016

General Thoughts

I love charts. More, I love these charts. That, as you know, has been my greatest self-attack throughout this general election. Do I see here what I want to see, as opposed to seeing the truth?

The answer is: I’ve come the closest to seeing the truth I could.

With that in mind, on this great election day, I – like all of us – need to take a step back and a deep breath. We each had to do our part. But where no one person will get the credit if we win, so also no one person will get the blame if we lose. Each of us may only do our best. I’m confident you’ve done yours. I know I’ve done mine.

And so it with deep joy and profound pride that I present these final charts. As of now, I believe they indicate victory. That is both what I want them to say, and what I believe they actually do say. Truth.

In each of the follow three charts, I’ve chosen to employ the longest term lines possible. No chart has anything other than simple support and resistance lines, covering the entire general election. I believe our story is now clear.

In the Both Campaigns chart, you’ll see I’ve chosen to employ resistance vs. resistance. I believe this is worth comment.

As I look at the numbers, this election comes down NOT to support, but rather to resistance. Yes, Trump’s supporters support him. This has NOT been properly noted or commented upon in the media. And yes, Clinton does enjoy support. Her support comes in three forms.

1.) Female Support – First Female President
2.) Liberal Support – honest liberals who could never support Trump
3.) Corrupt Establishment Support – What I prefer to call The Cabal: Establishment Republicans, Media Elite, the Liberal Left and Establishment Democrats

We must meditate on the third element of Clinton’s support. How is it NOT a national scandal – and it isn’t – that CNN and Donna Brazile colluded and cheated? I can honestly tell you that even if I supported everything Clinton proposes for our nation, her part, her collusion, her CHEATING would cause me to NOT vote for her.

And that’s what I believe will happen today. People fully intending to vote for Clinton when they arrive at the booth will find themselves simply not able to do so for the same reason I just stated. She is a cheater. She is disgusting.

And that is the basis of resistance.

Now then, what about our guy? He has said and done many things making him worthy of resistance. Those who resist him are not without solid reasons to do so.

And that’s what the charts tell me. This is a war of resistance, not support.

In the final chart, I believe you’ll see that we who support Trump actually do support him, honestly. But, its meaning is best understood as the fact that those who resist him are weakening in that resistance.

I think you’ll also see that those who support Clinton cannot apologize strongly enough for her. Benghazi. Email server. Clinton Foundation. As Trump says, “The most corrupt candidate to ever run for President.” Her Libya policy. The rise of Isis. The collapse of American power. The Iran nuclear deal. The ransom money. Illegal immigration. And on and on and on it goes.

So I say we must resist her, and we will. And I say, the charts indicate that resistance to Trump is weak, where resistance to Clinton is strong.

But the truth itself will soon speak, and this is my final Dawn Analysis.

Following the election, I’ll offer a new analytical format for coming days, one I have NO VISION for yet.

But I do know that truth, the search for truth will be our guide, precisely as it has been here in each and every one of these Dawn Analyses.

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice


I suspected all along that Clinton’s recent support was actually a long wave and not merely finding short term support from her collapse. Only now in our final chart can I spot that long wave, rising gently underneath her entire general election campaign. This, however interesting – and it is – is nothing compared to the force and power of her long wave resistance. How do you like Clinton? I don’t think anyone can. Just ask Bill. If she wins, it will be the force of Corrupt America being greater than the gutted force of Common Sense America. It will NOT be because anyone actually likes her. And that’s why I believe today will show her defeat. Her resistance is stronger than her support. That is my read, and that is my call.

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice


My personal favorite concept in all of technical analysis is the idea of resistance becoming support. There’s a line in the middle of this channel where that happens. I had the discipline to NOT draw it today, but I can’t not talk about it. It’s right in the middle, and runs at an almost perfect parallel to the support and resistance lines I’ve drawn. It used to be resistance, now it is support.

Why didn’t I draw it, or draw a fourth chart today? Clarity is more important than joy. I’m just a little too joyful over that line, so that’s why you don’t see me drawing it today. Besides, I try not to be too greedy. This chart is beautiful enough as it is. Tell you what, if we win, I’ll draw that line in celebration!

Last point. Look at Clinton’s chart and you see a flag, which is really an unfinished triangle. Look at Trump’s and you see not only a beautiful channel, but a classic bull market. Higher lows AND higher highs. No, Clinton never got the true, full, long wave bear market she deserved. But she never entered into a bull market. Now that’s a delicious thought.

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice

Nope. Our X form did not hold through the final day. Why not? Comey is corrupt. Loretta Lynch is corrupt. The Media Elite are corrupt. It will forever be a stain upon our nation’s honor that we excused Clinton from her email server crimes, which rise to the level of treason. As Al Baldasaro famously said, she should be shot for them. Think about it. The email server is clearly the act of a traitor to our nation who should be tried, convicted and shot. But no, she’s been given a pass. So, according to Comey, she IS above the law. Had Comey not been corrupt, her treason with the email server alone would have forced her to drop out of the race and face prosecution.

The reason our beloved X form was broken, was corruption. St. Paul discusses this, here, in Ephesians 6:12:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

That is why, here on this final day, we no longer enjoy our X From pattern.

But what we do still enjoy is that Clinton is beneath her long wave resistance. Her resistance over the entire general election still holds.

And what also holds is the fact that Trump’s resistance gets weaker and weaker, while hers gets stronger and stronger.

And that, friends, is where we stand this final dawn before the vote counts begin to come in.

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – Declaring Independence in 2016 – 7 November 2016

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – Declaring Independence in 2016 – 7 November 2016

General Thoughts

I find it so interesting that Trump did not like the chant Drain The Swamp at first. And I love the fact that in spite of such leanings, he was willing to test the phrase and discover that his crowds adored that chant. I’ve written about how he listens, at each and every rally, elsewhere.

The fact that Trump listens is a powerful and a profound point. If you read our American Declaration of Independence carefully, you’ll see that King George III refused to listen. If there is a single, greatest and most unforgiveable sin in leadership, it is the failure to listen.

On that note, allow me to ask, have you ever listened to the entire Declaration of Independence read out loud? Before I recorded it myself, I had no idea it would take so much time, almost 15 minutes. If you choose to listen to my own reading below, you’ll hear how it moved me beyond measure. To record the Declaration of Independence this past July was, for me, almost a type of time machine experience. I found myself utterly and absolutely enraged. In case you’d like to listen, here’s the link:

Our X form still holds. If Trump’s victory formation is an accurate prediction of Tuesday’s outcome, we Americans will be declaring independence a second time.

And we’ll be re-ratifying our beloved Constitution in the process. If we elect Clinton, it will be almost as if the Loyalists to King George III had won, and our Revolutionary Founding Fathers had, in fact, ended up dangling from the gallows.

In the age of monarchs, a King’s word was law. By very definition, the King was absolutely and utterly ABOVE the law, God’s representative empowered to deliver the law to those beneath his royal power. Once upon a time we Americans, We The People, rejected that idea. Will we return to it tomorrow?

Should we elect Queen Hillary, we will surely be walking away from the most important of our values as a people.

And that’s why the X form still holds. America will correct itself, and make itself great again.

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice


Clearly my little theoretical support line has shown itself correct. Personally, I hate that. I want her to have zero support. It shames me that she has any.
But happily, Clinton has NOT broken resistance. She may tomorrow, but no matter. Even if she does, it is too little, too late and by far.
That the true heart of America resists Clinton is what this chart states, emphatically. I am proud of this resistance. Here is to the Resistance!

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice


On this chart I simply remind you, no one believed Trump could defeat Jeb! No, Jeb! was nowhere near the powerhouse that Clinton is. No, Jeb! was never going to have the full force of the entire corrupt government/media matrix at his beck and call, as Clinton has. But, he was, per all analysis out there, undefeatable. And besides, Trump wasn’t serious. Do you remember? Well, this chart tells us that every single pundit’s absolute certainty that Clinton will win, is wrong.

Be of good cheer. The evil days of pure corruption metastasizing though our entire culture are about to end. Victory is here. Go vote for Trump and Make America Great Again. That is what this chart states, clearly.

Dornslife, LA Times, Political Polling Data, POLL Analysis, Veterans Voice

We’ll see what happens on our final chart tomorrow. For today, hallelujah, our X form still holds.

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