Greg Gutfeld Strikes Again

Greg Gutfeld Strikes Again

If you know me you know what a big fan I am of Greg Gutfeld. I like humor with my serious commentary. Greg also has great guests. This week Walter Kirn was one of them. For some time I’ve been telling people that President Trump is like a magician. Kirn said President Trump distracts with one hand while getting the job done under the table with the other. (I’ve been saying that for a long time too.) Over the next months and years, the media will still be talking about Russia and impeachment as they tow the Democratic Party line.

When it comes time to look at President Trump’s record the media and the Democrats will be caught off guard again. The things regular Americans care about will be doing much better. As one person puts it, “They are hunting rabbits while President Trump is hunting whales.” The economy is doing great, ISIS is being destroyed and the VA is getting much better. Note: President Trump and Dr. Shulkin recently announced the expansion of the Telehealth initiative to better serve veterans in rural areas. 

I encourage those of you who do not record or watch The Greg Gutfeld show to do so. Here is last nights program from YouTube.


Military Budgets According To Percentage Of GDP

Military Budgets According To Percentage Of GDP

The table below is from Wikipedia. I find it interesting that Oman and Saudi Arabia tops the list when sorted by percentage of GDP. The USA comes in at number 10. Not shown is China which comes in at number 19. Further down the list are Poland, France, and the United Kingdom who meet the 2% of GDP threshold.

NATO’s official guidelines say member states should spend at least 2% of their gross domestic product on defense. Of the 28 NATO countries, only 4 are living up to their agreement. Now you know why President Trump wants them to live up to their agreement.

Rank Country Spending
($ Bn.)
 % of GDP
23 Oman Oman 9.9 16.2
3 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia[b] 87.2 13.7
19 Iraq Iraq 13.1 9.1
21 Algeria Algeria 10.4 6.2
14 United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates 22.8 5.7
4 Russia Russia 66.4 5.4
15 Israel Israel 16.1 5.4
24 Colombia Colombia 9.9 3.5
26 Pakistan Pakistan 9.5 3.4
1 United States United States 596.0 3.3
27 Singapore Singapore 9.4 3.2
10 South Korea South Korea 36.4 2.6
22 Iran Iran 10.3 2.5
Who allowed Hillary to speak? @HillaryClinton #VFWConvention #SheFailsVets

Who allowed Hillary to speak? @HillaryClinton #VFWConvention #SheFailsVets

What brain-dead moron allowed Hillary to speak at the VFW? And how the hell does she have the balls to face any veteran and spew her vile evil words to any of us. She’s the most ignorant person alive and anyone who can agree with her is in dire need of mental help. She is a disgrace to the human race and needs to be tried for the traitor she most certainly is. Go to Hell you evil bitch!

Note from Website Admin. Submitted by a Guest Post. I am allowing crude language that I would not otherwise allow. Emotions are running high and rightfully so! One term has been removed by the site admin. Rant and rave all you want. Just keep it short of a call for violence. That will be stricken from guest posts. Thanks for understanding.

Trump on BREXIT – Right Again #undecidedvoter

Trump on BREXIT – Right Again #undecidedvoter

“Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people.”

Powerful words from a powerful leader. Reason 4,568 Veterans and Undecided Voters should stand with Trump.

Below is a Video of Trump talking about this issue. It was posted in April. Who called it? Trump. What is one of the main reasons? The Islamic Invasion of Europe through Liberal policies. Still want to Vote for Hillary?

Again Trump Was Right On Islamic Terrorists #undecidedvoter

Again Trump Was Right On Islamic Terrorists #undecidedvoter

Veterans of the recent wars against radical Islam know that the only way to stop “home grown” Islamic terrorists is to remove them from the world stage. People continue to argue that these are radicalized Americans. That might be true but what has contributed to their radicalization? It is the fact that America has allowed them to grow in various countries. Pinprick airstrikes do not do enough to demoralize them.

It is just like kids that grow up in the worst city areas of our country. What has made Chicago so much different from LA and New York? Why is Chicago such a national disgrace? It is the fact that the Mayor does not order the police into the neighborhoods to put a stop to it all. At this point they need to call out the National Guard. Then, when the criminals see they will be caught and punished for their actions they will not be as likely to engage in those things.

It is the same thing with radical Islamic terrorists. You need to show them that their ideology will not go unchallenged and unpunished. Military people understand this all too well.

If you are an undecided voter remember Hillary is a continuation of Obama’s failed foreign policy. Donald Trump was the first Presidential Candidate point to the whole issue of Islamic radicals wanting to infiltrate our country. Oh yes, he may have said it inartfully. The PC Police shouted him down but dammit he is right. It is not Racist or Bigoted to point out the truth. Since a perverted form of Islam is at the center of this crisis and you cannot tell who is and is not a radical  you must protect yourself from all newcomers until you can get it sorted out.

Clinton on Foreign Policy – Charlee Sheen Gives a Speech on Self Control

Clinton on Foreign Policy – Charlee Sheen Gives a Speech on Self Control

Having Hillary give a speech on foreign policy is like Charlie Sheen giving a speech on self control. It is like Bill Clinton writing an advice column on fidelity. ~ Greg Gutfeld

The first question that comes to my mind is “What President had real foreign policy experience before taking office?”

The answer to that question might astonish you. Here is a good short article on the subject. If you want to skip reading that suffice it to say the best foreign policy Presidents had ZERO experience. Think of Ronald Reagan who by any standard had the best foreign policy Presidency by winning the Cold War. JFK who stared down the Soviets and Nixon who opened up China relations.

Lack of experience does not seem to matter. Nor is it an indicator of how someone will do. Obama had zero foreign policy experience and a horrible foreign policy record. The others mentioned above had no experience but did great things. OK, here is a dig on Obama. He had no qualifying experience of any sort before taking office and it shows. What is crazier, voting for Obama with no experience or Donald Trump with a lifetime of experience that made him a billionaire?

Hillary has great experience but nothing to show for it. The Middle East is in flames, the Russians push around their neighbors and challenge our Navy and Air Force like we are sissies. China creates islands and arms them. Then China declares them sovereign territory and threatens our Navy. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Libya is in chaos, Iraq has disintegrated. Iran gets billions and sanctions lifted and we get nothing but Death to America in return. The list of failures is larger than that but you get the idea.

It is not experience that counts. It is success. To quote Charlie Sheen “Winning!”


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