The Real Heroes Are The Fallen: General Mike Flynn 16 February 2017

The Real Heroes Are The Fallen: General Mike Flynn 16 February 2017

All cultures have heroes.  The returning hero is among the most beloved of all humans.

Yet, watch heroes during their medal ceremony, and you’ll hear them say, “I’m not a hero.”  The real heroes are the fallen.  They always say it.  They always mean it.  It’s universal.  A warrior who sees another give his life for his brothers knows what a true hero is.

Today we grieve a fallen hero.  General Mike Flynn is not literally dead but his career as National Security Adviser to the President of the United States is. 

Isn’t it possible that we have a hero’s story here?  Can’t there be a credible theory that in each step General Flynn took he served our nation and protected those above him? 

Such a theory requires facts, and here are the first two.  We know that the Obama administration lived by the philosophy of acceptance, refusing to allow the slightest connection between the terrorism we face as a nation and the Islamic world.  For Obama’s team, terrorism was a mere crime and never to be associated with the Islamic religion in any way.  The administration did not allow for so much as a discussion about the split within the Islamic religion between peace-loving, tolerant Muslims and a radical ideology based on the coercion of society and violent conquest by its totalitarian vision. 

For this reason, General Flynn has been let go, twice.  His strong voice about the reality of a radical jihadist threat made him unacceptable under the Obama administration.  And now, the same forces have employed what are absolutely criminal leaks, executed as a hit job by the enemies of this administration within the intelligence community, the media, establishment #NeverTrump Republicans and, of course, the Democrats. 

A third fact is the outcome that resulted when President Putin chose NOT to respond with reciprocity to Obama’s politically motivated sanctions.  This is a stunning choice which under any other circumstances would be rightly lauded.  But clearly, our lame duck president sought to set a trap and create conflict for the Trump administration.  The only explanation for Putin’s so-uncharacteristic decision was that General Flynn’s efforts calmed the waters. 

Our fourth fact is General Flynn’s relationship to his bosses.  Look at that relationship through the window of these four current conditions: 

  1. President Trump is on the offensive again now and emphatically stated that General Flynn is “a wonderful man” and “a fine person”. 
  2. Vice President Pence has been protected and his profile has risen; he is now stronger than he was before. 
  3. General Flynn’s Trump administration career is dead.
  4. As a direct result of his ouster, the forces attacking the Trump administration are in the spotlight of national attention.  Now there is every chance that President Trump can root out the leaks, plug them, and build a much more secure structure for his administration.

It’s easy to see that the same forces that gunned for General Flynn when he headed up the DIA, have succeeded again with the bullets of illegally released telephone transcripts.  Can we trace the trajectories backward to the shooters?  Let’s hope so.

So I say that General Flynn is, today, an exceptional American and political hero.  He has fallen.  We all owe him the recognition of his sacrifice.

It’s been known through the ages that a man who does not stand for something, stands for nothing.  General Flynn stood.  He stood for peace through strength.  He stood for right action.  He stood for the protection of his superiors.  We should all hope that were we to be so tested our honor would be as unquestionable as his.

Pasquale Scopelliti
The Consigliori

A Site Visitor Asks The Following – I Answer In Comments

A Site Visitor Asks The Following – I Answer In Comments

I have been fighting for my country since a teenager. Served in Viet Nam as a Combat Medic. I have had enough of the rhetoric from the media, celebrities, democrats and others working to destroy President Trump, his cabinet picks, our Constitution and Bill of Rights and most of all our country.

Other than California and New York, we the feed-up voters of politics, as usual, put Donald Trump in office. Now, he needs our support even more to overcome the media and organizations funded by George Soros like the Muslim Brotherhood, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party USA, the Nation of Islam, George Soros’s “Open Society Foundation”, Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network”,, the Tides Foundation, Amnesty International, American Federation of Teachers, the Weatherman Underground, the New Black Panther Party, CodePink, SEIU etc. who have been supporting the massive demonstrations across the nation opposing every one of President Trump initiative. The violent opposition, shutting down free speech, is being promoted by Obama, William Ayers, and Soros.

I’m not an organizer but we must stand up in mass for President Trump and face our elected officials and the media opposing every move he makes. I would help in starting a movement to peacefully March on Washington DC and across thew nation by those who voted and believe in him. Only by the power of the masses coming together can we effect any change. It’s time the silent majority flexes its muscle again.

I’m not sure where to start on this effort but I’m reaching out.


Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

Why Every Veteran Must Support General Flynn – LOUDLY

First, let’s be clear. How difficult would it be to gin up these salacious attacks against General Flynn? Do you believe that Donald Trump hooked up with Russian hookers? If not, then you know the power of fake news. But we shouldn’t call it that. Lies. Evil and vicious attacks. That’s a bit closer to the truth. Russia did NOT affect our election, and General Flynn did not betray his trust. If our enemies are allowed to take General Flynn down, removing him from President Trump’s side, the greatest bulwark for America’s National Security will be removed. This may happen, but every veteran should find, in his or her compatriot General Flynn, a fellow who deserves his or her support right now, and loudly.

Second, but what if these attacks were true? After all, none of us knows for sure, right? Well, contemplate it. A man who is about to become National Security Adviser, and who is able to calm the waters of conflict with our most important enemy/ally, Russia, decides to take action to make sure conflict does not escalate. Oh, he surely should be crucified for that.

But what about – in this scenario – lies to others, failing to disclose telephone conversations that were recorded, transcripted and may be leaked? I say again, we must support General Flynn even in that case. Who is to blame? Let us be clear. Those seeking to ramp up conflict are to be blamed. General Flynn’s sole intent – in this scenario – was to protect our nation and the peace we seek to establish globally.

But let’s turn to the real issue. We know that if veterans had not turned out in full for Candidate Trump, we’d not have a Trump administration right now. That was the beginning of our veteran’s community regaining its voice. Well, it is time to speak again.

Each and every veteran who stands behind his or her fellow, General Flynn, must reach out. Social media is mighty. Tweets and Facebook postings count. Any veteran who has a blog should repost this article, and push its links forward via social media. But more, any writing veteran should express his or her thoughts on this matter directly as well. If for no other reason, General Flynn himself deserves to know that veterans have his back. He is a veteran before he is anything else. Well, a patriot first, of course.

There’s another medium though, to my measure, even more powerful. And that is talk radio. No, not the big names, Hannity and Ingraham, etc. Although, if you have access, by all means, use it! Rather, it is small, local talk radio that I focus on. Every such radio show in America should have its phone lines lit up 24/7 voicing 100% support for General Flynn.

If General Flynn’s voice is silenced, the entire veteran community will lose more than can be measured or expressed. And, if veterans can help General Flynn protect his voice, veterans will have taken the next step in ensuring that every veteran in America regains his or her voice too.

Pasquale Scopelliti
The Consigliori

Main Street Patriots 27 Feb and 4 Mar

Main Street Patriots 27 Feb and 4 Mar

There was a spontaneous uprising of grassroots activists that voted for President Trump to find a way to let people know that we support his agenda. Unlike those protesting against President Trump’s vision, we are a diverse coalition that comprises the heart and soul of America that wants our nation to fulfill our potential, as the greatest nation on God’s green earth!

The rallies will be positive, patriotic, uplifting, and open to anyone that supports an America First agenda.

Rallies across the nation will take place on February 27th at 12:00 pm and March 4th.  We expect many more states holding rallies will be added, so check back in a few days, when we will begin to list the locations. Contacts for the states are below.

If you would like to volunteer or organize a rally in a below state please contact the listed organizer.  Click here for Spirit of America Rally locations, if you do not see a rally in your state and would like to host one please email us at [email protected]

Rally FAQ’s

Vera Anderson
[email protected]

Emma Emz
Harim Uziel
FaceBook Event

Betty Blanco
[email protected]

Alden Tonkay
[email protected]

Diane Scherff
[email protected]

Cynthia Lucas
[email protected]

Debbie Dooley
[email protected]

Jose Perez
[email protected]

Teresa Kopec
[email protected]

Emery McClendon
[email protected]

Tammy Kobza
[email protected]

Rob Maness
[email protected]

Arthur Langley
[email protected]

Steve Lind
Brian Nygaard
[email protected]

New Jersey
Barb Gonzalez
[email protected]

New Mexico
Jeanie Backus-Coates
[email protected]

New York
Judy Pepenella
[email protected]

North Carolina
Chris O’Shea
[email protected]

Michelle Bowman
[email protected]

Ralph King
[email protected]

Tricia Cunningham
[email protected]

South Carolina
Joe Dugan
[email protected]

Mark A. Skoda
[email protected]
FaceBook Event

Washington D.C.
Ansen Hatcher
[email protected]

Washington (State)
John Charleston
[email protected]

Peggy Hutt
[email protected]

Opinion vs Fact Based News – Why We Are A Polarized Nation

Opinion vs Fact Based News – Why We Are A Polarized Nation

I was a young man back in early 1980’s. It was the first trip to Germany for an exercise called REFORGER. My unit was involved in broadcasting psychological operations. At that time I really did not understand how it worked. 23 years later that would change significantly. That first trip started my

Take off

Broadcasting propaganda in combat zones

education in propaganda even though my specialty was not propaganda.

Every evening I would tune into the news on a radio. The first broadcast I would listen to was Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. The second broadcast I would listen to was the then Soviet Union broadcasting news in English back to Europe and American troops.

It did not take me long to see the differences. It was the same essential news with different descriptions of the facts. When I returned to the U.S. I started listening to the news with a different ear. It was now tuned more to the descriptions rather than the facts. I would also listen more carefully to voice inflection. If watching TV news I would observe facial expressions and body language. My skepticism started to build.

With the advent of 24/7 Cable News and the Internet, we started having more ways to get news and opinion. Today it is more opinion than news, regardless of the place you get your information.

The question is why? The reason is simple. Emotion appeals to the reader, listener or viewer. More eyeballs on the station or website and listeners result in more advertising dollars. It is a simple follow the money thing.

An additional problem is the bias of most media outlets. 96% of all donations by people in media went to the Democratic Party. Notice all the advertisements on that link. How can a group be that devoted to a political party and not have it slant their judgment? Add to that, most educators are liberal and give to the Democratic Party. If you are like me you wonder if the nation will ever be able to recover. No wonder FOX News is so popular!

There is huge competition in the media today. You have to be the first to break something new to stay on top of the ratings. There are also smaller budgets due to the competition. That means fewer actual reporters out in the field. They often rely on people with smartphones taking video and website reporters who often get it wrong.

When I was very young (in the 1960’s and 70’s) you had basic news at 6 and 11 PM. If you wanted anything more you had to wait for a Sunday show or pick up a newspaper. People seemed to focus more on family and everyday life. Politics was discussed but not like it is today.

Bottom line: Think about the headlines your read on the web or print. Consider the lead phrase into a story on TV, radio etc. Listen carefully to the narrative. Study the use of emotional words and body language. Watch for opinion versus simple facts. Ask yourself if the story could have been approached from another point of view or with less emphasis on the emotional triggers. Never believe something if it sounds over the top without doing your own investigation. Make sure you understand if you are watching, reading or listening to a solid news story or if it is an opinion piece. The lines are so blurred today it is difficult to see the difference.

National MAGA March – 25 Mar 2017

National MAGA March – 25 Mar 2017

I was contacted today by one of the organizers for the MAGA (Make America Great Again) March for the Clearwater Florida area. I thought I would share this with you all in case you want to help organize or participate. The plan is for a gathering in all 50 states on the 25th of March. They are handling all the permits etc. All you have to do is attend if you can.

Below is an excerpt from their website. Click here to view the website completely.

What we are doing and why we are doing it.

It is about time we stand up for America. We are marching for our President, Vice President, Military, and First Responders. We are the silent majority and we are ready for a real change. A change for how our Veterans are treated when the focus seems to be somewhere else. A change for our first responders who get little credit for what they do, a change for our country. We would like to march nationwide, in at least one city per state and most certainly in DC. We are not protesting anything about America. We are only showing our support for it and encouragement for the change that is happening. At each gathering there will be a donation station to donate food, clothing, toiletries, etc. for homeless Veterans. There is a Go Fund Me page setup to help fund this event.

To join our group on Facebook go to

To help fund this event go to

Updated 13 March 2017

I’ve been in touch with the folks from MAGA (Make America Great Again) March.To see a list of locations check out this Facebook link. They are looking for people to head up states that do not yet have places for the march determined yet. They also need assistance in states that do have a location established.

Their GoFundMe account has already raised most of the money for the permits where needed. All they need now are leaders in states that are as of now unfilled and extra help in locations that are already set. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any way feel free to contact them through their website.