Good for Lindsey Graham – Foreign Conflict Unites U.S. #NorthKorea

Good for Lindsey Graham – Foreign Conflict Unites U.S. #NorthKorea

Nothing brings people together in the United States like a threat from the outside. It is sad that it takes the threat of war to unite the majority of us. Remember 911? I was very pleased to see Lindsey Graham support President Trump on CNN (of all places).

“I don’t want a war. He doesn’t want a war,” Graham said, referring to Trump. “But we’re not going to let this crazy man in North Korea have the capability to hit the homeland.”

Maybe this is a turning point for the anti-Trump people in the Republican Party. I have little hope that many Democratic leaders will put America first, even in a time of crisis. However, the leadership of the party is NOT the people. I believe most Americans will support President Trump if we go to war.

This is a good time to appeal to your friends who have not been on board with President Trump. The threat from North Korea has been growing under previous administrations. It is now falling into the lap of President Trump. We must all support him.

The decision to go to war will not be an easy thing for the President. It is going to be very sobering. We all know the loss of life will be significant. However, if we wait it will be much worse.

The President is giving China one last chance to fix this. I cannot imagine President Trump will wait too much longer if the Chinese fail to stop the insane North Korean leader. We should all pray North Korean Generals turn on Kim Jong Un and put someone in charge that sees the benefits of peace.


North Korean ICBM Launch

North Korean ICBM Launch

It did not take long for people to start asking what my take is on the ICBM launch from North Korea moments ago. This is a quick “brain dump.”

  • President Trump is not one to announce any kind of military response. If it happens it will happen without notice.
  • President Trump has got to be royally pissed that China allowed this to happen and will hold them accountable.
  • China is not interested in war or harm coming to the United States. Without us, the Chinese economy totally collapses and millions of their people starve.
  • We have the capability to shoot down missiles. However, the probability of a successful shoot-down of an ICBM has to be weighed against that of error.
  • The South Koreans have a lot to lose and that is part of the equation. However, they have to weigh possible nuclear annihilation to conventional war losses.
  • If the President does not feel confident enough in our ability to shoot down North Korean ICBM’s I would anticipate an attack on North Korean ICBM’s as they are being fueled.

The bottom line is Kim Jong-un has left the world no other choice. I cannot see President Trump or Secretary Mattis standing still for this. As President Trump just said, “We will handle this.”

Subjective and Objective Reality – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Subjective and Objective Reality – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Warning: If you are easily put on the defensive, this post is going to piss you off. I suppose I should say that before almost everything I write.

We have all heard the saying “Perception is reality.” I am about to explain why this colloquialism is false. At this time it might be good to quickly review the following link which attempts to explain the question, “Is all truth subjective truth?”

It is fairly easy to see that perception is NOT reality. Combat veterans instinctively understand the fallacy of the saying. If you do not perceive a threat it can still kill you. Think of perceiving there are no enemies in the area. Your guard is down and suddenly your buddy drops from sniper fire. Hmmm, the perception was not reality, was it? I don’t mean to limit the logical understanding of reality to combat veterans. Most of us live our lives in the real world. It takes years of higher education to beat the common sense out of us.

As sayings work their way into the popular culture the humor or nuance of the original meaning is often lost. Just think how many times you have heard people say “It is what it is” (a Greg Gutfeld banned phrase.) as an answer to difficult to face things as if it is the final word. There is a time to accept things and a time to resist things, like the urge to beat the crap out of your Senator neighbor over lawn mowing techniques. Yep, that’s a felony. PS a $1,000 robotic mower investment could have saved Rand Paul serious bodily injury. Forgive me, I digress.

I have met well-educated people who actually believe you can have your own truth. The danger of believing “perception is reality” and “you can have your own truth” is it can lead to irrational behavior. In some cases, it can get you killed. In other cases, it simply lands a person in a psych ward. I’m fairly sure most Muslim Extremists believe they are winning the war and their cause is favored by their God, just before they are vaporized by a Hellfire Missile. If those same Muslim Extremists had received proper psychological care they and their victims might still be alive today.

Maybe a better way to explain what is meant by “perception is reality” is to say: “Many people do not know the difference or are unable to distinguish between their strongly held opinions and reality”. That is a mouthful. Translated into southern speak it would read, “Thar just ain’t no fixin stewpid.” Another quip, but less popular, is “Ignorance is remedial but stupidity is forever.” That is a shortened version of a quote from Aristophanes from around 450 BC.

Since 450 BC it has become difficult for the average person to distinguish between opinion and reality. A primary cause of this is 24-hour news stations mixing news with commentary. Opinion journalism does not affect people educated in critical thinking as much as those who instinctively believe what they are told by various news outlets. Liberal education no rarely teaches critical thinking. Logic is not a mandatory subject in most high schools. The result is students who grow into adults that cannot handle ideas that oppose their opinions. I get emails all the time with outrageous claims related to President Trump.

Here are some objective truths.

There are many more but I will stop there. Anything more than stating the facts is spin. Spin is the attempt to get you to see reality from a particular viewpoint, which is when things become subjective.

A person’s thoughts or feelings can be reality-based or they can be false and even delusional. Knowing the difference is important for peace of mind and mental stability. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, you may have experienced relatives holding various political views. The most notable and often talked about are the relatives who just cannot get over having President Trump in the Whitehouse.

Whatever your view about the President is, it is more likely to be emotionally based rather than fact or reality-based. My advice to the Left is the same advice I gave to the Right when President Obama was in charge. Examine your internal views to see if they are consistent with reality. When they are aligned you will be happier.

I leave you with this quote to ponder:

An objective truth and individual reason are feared above all. ~ Jimmy Johnson

Happy Veterans Day – One Year Since President Trump’s Victory! @realDonaldTrump

Happy Veterans Day – One Year Since President Trump’s Victory! @realDonaldTrump

First and foremost, happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Vets! It has been an honor and privilege getting to know so many great brothers and sisters over the past 18 months. Veterans Day coincides closely with Election Day.

I did an interview for the one year anniversary of President Trump’s Victory. The interview took around 90 minutes. When it was edited the actual video time was less than 2 minutes for questions and answers. This is standard. Even with the edits, I believe they were fair.

I shared it with some friends on Facebook. A liberal friend commented back to me:

I don’t support him in any way, but I’m glad you can find comfort in him.

That really hit me and gave me more insight into the difference between the left and the center. I have been told I’m a Centrist so I will proudly wear the title. I’ve always joked I’m part of the Alt-Center. However, I digress. The left looks for “comfort” in a leader. At least that is what my liberal friend must have assumed.

Can you imagine any veteran looking to their leadership for comfort? No, we look for our commanders to put the mission first. That goes nicely with President Trump’s theme Make America Great Again. That is his mission, America First.

On Veterans Day we are reminded of who we are. If you fought overseas you were not looking for “comfort” from your commanders.You were looking for direction that produced results with minimum casualties. I believe this is one of the main reasons the vast majority of veterans support President Trump. He is result oriented.

Where are the results? I knew he would never build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, repeal and replace Obamacare, simplify the tax code and reduce taxes or rebuild our crumbling infrastructure without help from Congress. Apart from Executive Orders, a President can only try to move Congress in the right direction. The results are there if you look at what President Trump has done.

President Trump is undoing the burdensome Executive Orders put in place by President Obama. He is responsible for the largest increase in the stock market since 1933, which helps everyone with a retirement account. America’s GDP is up in spite of several natural disasters. He has continued the trend of reducing unemployment to the lowest rate since President Johnson. He is renegotiating unfair trade deals. He is facing down the nuclear threat from North Korea and looking closely at Iran. No more turning a blind eye to the nuclear threat. ISIS has had their “caliphate” destroyed. That didn’t take long once we got a real leader in charge. Russia and Syria got their asses handed to them for using chemical weapons. Zero tolerance and no threatened red lines, just action. So much for the Russians wanting a President Donald Trump theory. I fail to see the downside of the Trump Presidency.

Veterans understand leadership and getting the job done. This Veterans Day I would like to encourage my fellow veterans to run for political office, if and only if you do NOT expect to find comfort in it. Doing the right thing is often uncomfortable and as a wartime veteran, you know that. Together we can help President Trump Make America Great Again and put America First.

Below is the video from the interview.

Pennsylvania Judges

Pennsylvania Judges

I was at a couple events Friday and Monday night and met several outstanding people running for various judge positions in Pennsylvania. We, as veterans, are sworn to Defend the Constitution. Many of us tend to emphasize political candidates like Presidents, Governors and Congressmen. We often forget about the need to have solid conservative Judges at our state level. I was very impressed to hear Judge Wade Kagerise and Judge Emil Giordano speak at these two events. I had to stand and applaud when they were done speaking.

We cannot have a great country without great Judges at the state and local level. Those Judges who understand it is their job to uphold and interpret existing law rather than creating law are the type of judges we need. Remember the liberal Judges who are standing in the way of President Trump? These types of Judges rise to power because the people are not paying attention. At every leve, Federal, State and Local we need conservative Judges more than ever.

If you are in Pennsylvania or have veteran friends in Pennsylvania reach out and remind them to vote November 7th. I support the following Judges who I personally met and spoke with. They support the conservative point of view.

Judge Wade Kagarise U.S. Army Reserves (veteran), infantryman Long time Rotarian, current vice president of local club Supporter of many community, volunteer, and non-profit organizations. Endorsed Wade Kagariseby:

Pennsylvania Republican Party
Pennsylvania State Troopers Association
Firearms Owners Against Crime
Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council
Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council
Bald Eagle Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #51
Mountain City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #8
Sheridan Caton Memorial Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #98
Pennsylvania Medical Society PAC
PA Chamber PAC
National Rifle Association
Associated Builders and Contractors of PA
Vets for Trump National

Judge Emil Giordano is a Republican nominee for Superior Court. Judge Giordano is “highly recommended” by the PA Bar Association and is endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Firearms Owners Emil GiordanoAgainst Crime, the Pennsylvania Chamber, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police. Judge Emil Giordano currently serves as a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Northampton County. Judge Giordano’s parents immigrated legally to this country from Italy. His mom and dad worked in factories in New York City and met in night school where they learned to speak English. Later, they moved to the Lehigh Valley and opened a pizza shop. Judge Giordano worked behind the counter of his family’s pizza shop through high school, college and law school. Judge Giordano learned important lessons of hard work that have prepared him for his career serving us on the courts.  On November 7th, please vote for Judge Emil Giordano for Superior Court.

Dear Flag

Dear Flag

My Dear Flag Memories were inspired by the video at the bottom of this post. You may want to write your own in the comments section.

I remember standing before you as a child in elementary school and pledging allegiance to you.  I remember seeing you wave in the wind above my schoolyard. I remember you draping the coffin of an assassinated President. I remember you on other coffins as our fallen returned from the Vietnam War and many others to come. I remember you when I joined the Air Force and standing at attention when you were raised and lowered daily for nearly 23 years. I remember you greeting us when we returned from Granada, Panama, Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and a multitude of foreign countries. I remember you on the shoulder of my comrades in arms, in my office, in parades and at the funerals of my friends.

I remember you on that cold winter day when we were released from our Prisoner of War training. We were weak, we were hungry, we were frostbitten, we had not slept in days. I remember you as we all shed our tears at your site through our dehydrated eyes. Yes, you brought tears to the eyes of some of the toughest people in the world. Just one look assured us that the nightmare was over. We were back in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We were not black, white, brown, red or yellow. We were red, white and blue through and through.

Kennedy Funeral

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Sok Kyun Price, (right) wife of the late Master Sgt. (retired) James T. Price, and their son Steven, receives folded flags from members of the base honor guard during a memorial service held for Sergeant Price at the base chapel here July 29. Mr. Price passed away July 20, succumbing to injuries suffered in an accidental fall several weeks ago. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Lakisha Croley)

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.”