Making Black American Lives Matter Again

Making Black American Lives Matter Again

As you have probably noticed from the title, I have fused the two most prevalent and politically charged statements of this election cycle into one.  The reason behind this fusion is because I think you cannot have a great America without the life of each of her citizens being protected and valued.  I also believe these two groups (Trump Supporters and Black Lives Matters activists) share a common struggle for individual freedom and against the political establishment.

Several hundred years ago, a man named John Locke lived during the period of the English Civil War.  John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government, is the philosophical foundation of the Declaration of Independence and the blueprint of practical government of the Constitution – three independent branches of government with the safeguards of institutionalized checks and balances.  Most important for Locke was explaining the purpose of government and why a government should be replaced.

In my book, A More Perfect Union, I discuss the definition of property and Locke’s assertion that every individual has the right to their life, liberty and estate.  The primary purpose of government is the protection of property so individuals can live the best lives possible.  A government which chooses to take property from the people is despotic and should be changed.

Property under Locke’s definition means LIFE, LIBERTY AND ESTATE; the joint struggle I spoke of earlier between these two seemingly opposite groups is a simple one in Lockean terms – both Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and Trump Supporters are angry with the government taking away their property.  For BLM activists, the institutions of government have for 150 plus years devalued black lives.  The systematic destruction of the family, as well as limited opportunity for advancement in education and/or employment, have reduced liberty and helped to create a dependent class which has been exploited by political class.

Supporters of Trump have problems with government taking over their property as well.  Government has placed itself as the supreme authority to decide how much liberty they are allowed to have and how much estate they are allowed to keep through taxation.  For the last 50 years, big government has taken property from the people to give itself more power over the lives of EVERYONE.  Hillary Clinton will increase the power of government at the expense of each and every citizen.  Making Black American Lives Matter Again means the expansion of Life, Liberty and Estate to every community across our great country!

Clinton Campaign Manager Received Nearly 1 Million from Iraq – collusion and corruption at the highest levels of government.

Clinton Campaign Manager Received Nearly 1 Million from Iraq – collusion and corruption at the highest levels of government.

The Podesta Group signed a contract this year to represent the government of Iraq for $960,000. This is collusion and corruption at the highest levels of government.

Hillary Clinton’s ties to Iran go beyond her policies as Secretary of State. Her campaign manager, John Podesta and his namesake-lobbying firm was the first firm to receive a contract for the post-Saddam Hussein Iraq in 2013. It was reported that the firm was selected for its close ties to Democrat leaders such as the Clintons and Vice President Joe Biden. How is it possible that the person running the campaign for the Democratic nominee was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from a government that is influenced and controlled by Iran, the number one state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism.

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– OCTOBER 19 2016


We Believe That Donald Trump Is A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton To Move Our Military In The Right Direction As President Of The United States.

The following open letter supporting Donald Trump’s defense plan was released today by the country’s most experienced and renowned defense experts including current and former congressional leaders like Michael McCaul and Peter Hoekstra; distinguished military leaders like General Bob Magnus and Medal of Honor recipient Major General James Livingston; and former senior executive branch appointees like Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne. These leaders represent hundreds of years of combined experience defending this country and its national security interests. The letter can be viewed below:

“As individuals who have served our country in Congress, the Executive Branch, or in uniform, we write to support strongly Donald Trump’s recently released plan to rebuild our military.

‘Over the last eight years, the U.S. military has been faced with reckless cuts by the Obama Administration and the dangers incurred by defense sequestration. Concurrently, the world has grown increasingly dangerous and unstable, from ISIS attacks around the world to Russian intervention in Eastern Europe to Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea. Cutting commissary benefits by 30% and restricting cost of living raises to 1.6% send a telling message to our warriors, many of whom spent 50% of their careers in combat zones.

‘Our military requires a serious and substantial investment to overcome the neglect of recent years and rebuild to meet tomorrow’s challenges and threats. The bipartisan National Defense Panel has stipulated that $611 billion was the minimum defense spending required to meet the national security requirements of our country. We are confident Mr. Trump is committed to removing the sequester limit on Defense spending and to increasing the level of investment in defense so our war fighters are properly trained, equipped and ready to face ever more complex threats with dominant military strength.

‘We believe that Mr. Trump, in consultation with us and distinguished experts in the national security community, will work with active military leadership and Congress to establish and implement a serious and comprehensive long-term plan to rebuild our services. Our military force structure must be based on sound operational plans driven by a thorough and unvarnished threat assessment. Looking to the future, it is not unrealistic to set a target force structure, which would include a 350 ship Navy, an Army with an end strength of 540,000, an Air Force of at least 1,200 active fighter aircraft, and a Marine Corps of 36 battalions. Such growth phased within budget reality represents the kind of targeted investment our services need today and is grounded in the kind of serious and sober strategic thinking our country needs in these perilous times by a peace through strength policy. Mr. Trump’s intention to reform the Defense Department, including a full audit and focused acquisition reform, is much needed and long overdue. His commitment to a comprehensive ballistic missile defense is indispensable in a world of rogue actors and missile proliferation. And we appreciate his understanding of the cyber threat and the steps we must take to defeat it.

‘The men and women of our nation’s military have served gallantly over the last fifteen years, and we as a country owe them a debt that can never fully be repaid. We must now provide them every resource necessary to execute their missions and come home safely.We believe that Donald Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton to move our military in the right direction as President of the United States.”

To view the full list of Defense Experts, click here