Russia Trump Investigation Origin Exposed

Russia Trump Investigation Origin Exposed

For a long time, I’ve been wondering where the whole story about President Trump and Russia began. At first thought, I recall asking myself who Vladimir Putin would want in the White House more, Clinton or Trump? Would Putin want a known quantity in Hillary Clinton? Granted, Hillary would have been a bit more hawkish than President Obama but that is like asking which is blander without butter and seasoning, grits or mashed potatoes.

Consider Hillary Clinton’s slogan (can you even remember it?) versus “Make America Great Again.” With those two slogans alone, pretend you are Vladimir Putin with a troubled economy that doesn’t want to see America great again. After all a strong American economy and military would put Russia further down on the stage of world influence. It is as plain as the nose on your face.

Just look at this excerpt from yesterday’s Washington Times (no supporter of President Trump).

Apparently, it’s Bill and Hillary Clinton who’ve been doing the behind-scenes and suspicious dealings with Russia all along. Oh, and perhaps others in the Barack Obama administration, too.

You think special counsel Robert Mueller might switch the target of his investigation any time soon? Seems a bit time-wasting — not to mention taxpayer dollar-wasting — to keep on the Trump trail, desperately searching for signs of a collusion that just didn’t happen.

Hillary Clinton Vladimir PutinAdd to that today’s bombshell that was dropped about those who accused President Trump during the campaign pleading the fifth. Why would Vladimir Putin want a President Trump rather than a President Clinton considering the Obama Administration essentially gave away control of 20% of United States uranium to Russia?

Read full story. Excerpt below.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

Yes, it looks like Hillary Clinton was using the “Clinton Foundation” as a money laundering operation. No, it is not our imagination. No matter how hard Hillary Clinton supporters and President Trump haters want it not to be true, there it is. Apparently, it has all been a masterful spin job accusing President Trump of some kind of illegal dealings with Russia. All the while it was the Clinton’s with possible support from the Obama Administration colluding with the Russians.

President Trump – Harrisburg at 193rd Special Operations Wing

President Trump – Harrisburg at 193rd Special Operations Wing

Got an invitation to this event yesterday while I was in North Carolina. I drove all day yesterday to get back to PA to attend I also found out Sean Hannity will be there at some point. It should be a great time. Hearing that Sean was going to be there reminded me of the kick off of Vets for Trump. If you all remember it was Tony Porta who got on stage with Hannity and then-candidate Trump.

I just spoke with a friend of Tony’s and he had a baby girl a few months ago. Last I knew Tony was not doing well and could not respond to emails or text messages due to his eye problems. I am humbled by the fact that the messaging fell to me. I do not pretend to be an elected leader. I simply realized that in the vacuum left by Tony’s absence someone had to step up.

Say prayers for Tony and pray that I might get to talk to our President with Sean. It is a long shot but who knows? We need to first thank President Trump for all he has done. He is a man of his word when it comes to veterans. We must also continue to defend our President and prepare for a second term if he chooses to run.

Leave a comment if you think of any main points I should mention. This is all on the off chance I am able to get time with the President.

The Big Story on the Economy and President Trump

The Big Story on the Economy and President Trump

There has been a lot going on since President Trump took office. Few if any have taken notice for a multitude of reasons. There is the hysterical Left followed by the mainstream media and their Russia collusion investigation (fake news), missiles launched into Syria, Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan, Rocket Man (Madman)  in North Korea, 3 devastating hurricanes and the mass killing in Las Vegas, the list goes on and on.

Any of these things would have normally sent our stock market into a decline. That has not happened. The stock market is up during all these disasters.  Things that usually shake the markets are having little impact. Why? I am not an economist but I have a logical mind. The simple answer is confidence. Confidence in what? President Trump! The Make America Great Again slogan has shown itself to be one of the most powerful messages in political history.

Gross Domestic Product was revised up to 3.1%. That has not been seen since 2005. The unemployment rate continues to drop to all-time lows. Consumer confidence is also at a record high with a slight downturn after the 3 hurricanes affected large numbers of people. Nevertheless, it is way up since the election. Approval rates be damned. Consumers, the market, and unemployment are all indication of faith in leadership. I have found that even people who say they disapprove of the President have faith things are improving. You can dislike the messenger and like the message. The two are not mutually exclusive. Me, I’m a substance over style kind of guy and in the long run I think most of us are.

So, while the left has their hissy fit and the media plays along, everyday Americans are doing much better. You may recall that Hillary Clinton was the darling of Wall Street. They donated to her campaign like never before. Even now they must be asking themselves why?

For all those who want to continue to bash our President, I make this prediction. (I’m not much for predictions.) If by 2020 the economy is doing well and our security is stable we will have a second term of President Trump. That is if he is willing to do it for a second term. Veterans for Trump hopes he will be willing and able!

PS If Russia colluded with President Trump (ridiculous) to undermine America they made a HUGE mistake. Maybe the left should wake up and smell the coffee.

The Gun Debate

The Gun Debate

Like everyone, my heart goes out to the families of those who lost loved ones in Las Vegas as well as to those who were wounded. We still do not know the motivation of the shooter and I do not care to speculate. However, the left has started down the road of gun control and that causes me to want to respond.

Why is it we don’t normally have mass shootings inside military bases in war zones where everyone is armed? Why is it we don’t have mass shootings among police officers? Why is it we do not have mass shootings at gun ranges or anywhere there is a high concentration of weapons? Could it be it is a cultural difference?

There will always be insanity. A free society can never stop all violence but let’s not put our heads in the sand. We do need to do a better job of dealing with mental illness. We do need to do a better job of teaching our children right from wrong. The shootings in Chicago on a monthly basis should be enough to cause us to question if something is wrong with our cultural views of tolerance.

A headline on the Daily Wire caught my attention.

GUN CONTROL? The Las Vegas Death Toll Happens Every MONTH In Chicago

Click here for more.

I personally believe a permissive culture and society is partly (keyword partly) to blame. I’m nearly 60 and I’ve seen quite a shift in my life. When I was young things seemed a bit stricter and “less tolerant” than they are today. Maybe we should be a less tolerant society. There is a theory that states if a society tolerates everything then it will be ruled by the intolerant. It is something I believe worth thinking about as we move forward to discuss violence in our society.

Click here to read about the Tolerance Paradox. Very interesting. However, it is a double-edged sword. Who is the final arbiter of tolerance? These will be difficult discussions. Our society is split on things that once were so basic like the Judeo-Christian ethic. Even that phrase has become a political football.

The bottom line: Maybe gun violence has less to do with guns than it does with our culture. Otherwise, you would see this kind of thing happen more frequently on military bases overseas where everyone is armed. Just a thought from a fellow veteran. Comments are welcome.