Catholics & Christians tell me they can’t vote for Donald Trump

Catholics & Christians tell me they can’t vote for Donald Trump

I was reviewing chats on-line and I believe all the Catholics & Christians saying they can’t vote for Donald J Trump, but I truly believe in my heart they will vote for him in the end,
Here is my reply to fellow Catholics & Christians,
You say as a Christian you can’t vote for Donald J Trump I understand that. I felt the same way as a Catholic, but I will be forced to look past Donald’s individual indiscretions .All things aside I’ll be forced to do whatever it takes to protect my Family & my human rights to practice my religion.
When Obama took office there was no ISIS, “there was no ISIS” Obama and Hillary thought ISIS was the JV Team, did very little to stop ISIS and now their in 30 countries.
ISIS cut off the human head of a priest on an altar during mass and ISIS is beheading christians on the beaches letting their heads drift to sea.
You and I must pray it does not happen in our church on our Sunday to our family.
We would sit there saying this can’t be real as ISIS calls up to the altar one family member after another, thinking this is not happening not in our church not during our mass not my children not in America this can’t be happening it can’t be lord please it can’t be.
911 Less we forget
Let Us Pray
Trump for president 2017-2025
PS Hillary tampered with the integrity of the election when she paid thugs to incite violence at her opponents events and blamed the violence she paid to incite on her opponent thus deceiving the voting process and affecting the results through swaying the vote with unlawful deception.
She sure is crooked for a lawyer just who can you trust if you can’t trust a lawyer or a politician or your representative in government who can you trust.
Welcome to “The Roman Empire 2.0”

I recommend my fellow Catholics & Christians read or watch “Clinton Cash” and watch the video of thugs inciting violence at Trump events the same community organizers that visit the White House daily to get their marching orders are thy one in the same?.

Anthony Tampa Bay Florida

Keeping It Simple On Who’s Funding Trump & Clinton

Keeping It Simple On Who’s Funding Trump & Clinton

We have all heard the term “Follow the money.”  Let’s take a look at the money behind each candidate according to OpenSecrets.

Donald Trump is funded 99% by campaign donations and 1% buy super PACs and other groups. Hillary Clinton is supported by 75% campaign donations and 25% by super PACs and other groups. Considering Hillary Clinton has raised more than double what Trump has raised that’s a whole lot of money.

But this does not tell the whole story. The top donor to Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

27% of the donations to Donald Trump came from people donating $200 or less. 19% of donations came into Hillary Clinton in the amount of $200 dollars or less. This proves Donald Trump is supported by the common man.

Breaking down campaign donations, the top donors for Hillary Clinton are retired people, lawyers and law firms, followed by those in education and women’s issues. The top donors to the Donald Trump campaign are Donald Trump himself, retired people Real estate professionals, and healthcare professionals.

However the amounts of money are strikingly different. The most notable example is comparing lawyers and law firms. Hillary Clinton received over $26 million from lawyers and law firms while Trump received only 760 thousand dollars from the same group. You can’t blame lawyers for working towards their own best interest but it shows you who wants to keep the status quo.

What does this mean to you as the voter? It means that Hillary Clinton will be beholden to special interests while Donald Trump will be beholden to the American people.

It’s The Economy Stupid – Change vs More Of The Same – Don’t Forget Healthcare

It’s The Economy Stupid – Change vs More Of The Same – Don’t Forget Healthcare

Back in 1992 James Carville hung a sign in Bill Clinton’s Little Rock Arkansas campaign headquarters to keep them on message.

According to the research the Economy is still the number 1 issue on voters minds.

There is little doubt in the average American’s mind Donald Trump wins on the issues. You have to cut through the noise and the bull to see it. Lower Taxes, Jobs, Fair Trade, Health Care, Immigration, Military Cutbacks, Social Security, Helping Veterans and many other subjects revolve around the Economy. With a strong economy everything else falls in place or is much easier to manage.

Hillary Clinton represents “More of the Same” and Donald Trump is the “Agent of Change”. He has a vision for the future as well as the business experience to accomplish it.

It is important to remember his business reputation bringing his projects in on time and under budget.

Trump Highlights Endorsements On Immigration – Clinton Zero

Trump Highlights Endorsements On Immigration – Clinton Zero

Immigration –

Trump brought up that the 16,000 members of the Border Patrol endorsed him early on and the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, endorsed him recently.

Clinton has no endorsements. Wallace highlights Clinton lied when she said she was for border control. It is obvious from Wikileaks she wants open borders.


The Deplorables Tour Beginning on Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Deplorables Tour Beginning on Sunday, 16 October 2016

Beginning on Sunday, 16 October 2016, Kilroy Rising PAC will launch the Deplorables Tour at 2:00 pm from the Arch in St. Louis, MO. The tour will cover 10 states over 23 days and visit over 100 towns and cities. The tour will arrive in Lynchburg, VA and Liberty University on 5 Nov 2016 for a culmination event that will bring national focus to the unity of the nation’s Deplorables with a call for 5 minutes of “Deplorable Silence” in honor of the Thin-Blue-Line, the Men and Women who have served and all of those who have paid the ultimate price in service to our Country.  At this time Lynchburg, VA and Liberty University will be declared to be the nation’s “moral” capital and directional compass in our fight to reestablish the values of our constitution and our Judeo-Christian foundations established by our founding fathers.

The Deplorables Tour is designed to unify the various elements of the national populist movement that have been the engine driving the Trump campaign. Additionally, The Deplorables Tour is reaching out to disenfranchised and fringe elements that are currently on the fence or completely disengaged with the political process. The primary aim of The Deplorables Tour is to empower and mobilize grass roots efforts under a common banner of “Deplorables” for the 8 Nov 2016 election and beyond. Our message stresses that on 8 Nov 2016 we are “going to war” armed with our love for our country, our constitution and our vote in what will be the first battle of many to take our country back and make America greater than ever before. The importance of remaining vigilant for the current election and in the months and years to come regardless of the outcomes of 8 Nov 2016 remains a critical message across all of our engagements.

The Deplorables tour has been organized by Kilroy Rising PAC, a Special Operations Veterans Political Action Group that was stood up in May 2016. Our premise is that this year’s election is not about parties, but a choice between two things: voting for a trajectory that will ensure that we remain a sovereign nation, or losing what is left of our independence to become part of a global one world government. The focus of the PAC is to leverage the depth of the Special Operations collective experience in dealing with insurgencies by mobilizing across the country to support local community groups to empower their vote, share their stories and become connected as a unified front to stop the progressive left madness that has taken root across our country.

To honor the mission and legacy of American spirit, we have resurrected an iconic image from WWII. Kilroy Rising is based on the legendary iconic character from WWII… “Kilroy” that carried the hearts of America in a time where we fought to protect our nation and the world to vanquish those that sought to destroy us. Kilroy Rising PAC is once again the battle cry of America… laughing at the world who expects us to fail, mocking the pundits who believe we will fall, reminding those who rule that true power is with the citizens of this great nation.

The Deplorables Tour is providing a focal point for all members of the populist and Trump movement to wear the “Deplorables” badge with honor, with the message that we are together, proud and united as a melting pot of imperfect people that will stand together to take the country back. This will be highlighted in the final stop of the tour before the election, with rallies in Louisiana on 6 and 7 November to call attention of the plight of “The Deplorables of Louisiana” with flood recovery and the need for all Deplorables to rally and work together to provide support where the current administration has failed.

Deplorables Tour Map

Have you heard about Justin Cooper?

Have you heard about Justin Cooper?

Justin Cooper owns an almost $900,000 home in the lush hills of an upscale Los Angeles suburb.

But interestingly enough, he doesn’t live there. Roger Clinton does.

Cooper is Bill Clinton’s body man turned wheeler-dealer. He’s gone from making a modest salary working in the White House to setting up an LLC just to buy a home for the president’s brother to live in.

But how and why has he suddenly become Roger Clinton’s real estate agent and financier?

Why would Cooper, despite living in Manhattan, be the one to purchase a home in California that was intended as someone else’s residence? And how did he get the money to do it?

Before the time of the sale in 2009, Roger Clinton already had over $89,000 in numerous federal and state tax liens against him, which would have made purchasing a property for himself difficult.

How did Cooper, a career body man, scrounge up the money necessary to pay for a mortgage that no doubt would have been over a million dollars, including interest?

It’s a whole lot of hoops to jump through for a simple real estate transaction.

Cooper started working in the White House in 1999 and has remained a close aide to Bill Clinton ever since. Bloomberg Business has even gone so far as to say, “his advice and influence is unrivaled.”

He’s also been knee deep in the Clinton email scandal. Despite having no cybersecurity expertise, it was Cooper who registered the domain in his own name in January 2009. Cooper has testified under oath about the server – who paid for his expensive legal fees?

And who paid for the undoubtedly pricey arrangement of setting up and maintaining a private server?

And although he didn’t have a security clearance, Cooper had access to the more than 2,000 classified emails, including ‘Top Secret’ information that was stored on the server. Cooper was also the aide dispatched to smash with a hammer Hillary Clinton’s mobile devices containing classified email. (Can we call him JC Hammer?)

As with anything related to the Clintons, there’s never a straight answer. All the evidence seems to point to Cooper being a middleman for many of the Clintons’ intentionally shady transactions. We can speculate all day on his true role in these deals, but the best answers would come from Justin Cooper and the Clintons themselves.

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