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  • From Jon B on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

    Why are you taking advice on science from politicians?
    What happened to the artic sea ice?
    Where are the glaciers going?
    Why are there “King” Tides around the world. Including Miami.
    Why are governments around the world spending billions on Oceanic Flood Control Systems?

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    • From Misundestood on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

      Artic Ice? Melting but hang on it’ll be back in 100-500 years, and in quantities larger than you’ve ever witnessed. Also since the rock is cooling in general, pack a second coat.

      Glaciers? Same thing.

      King Tides? Simply the result of above mentioned along with the general changes of the globe.

      Why are governments ……spending……. ? To keep their troops happy and to pretend they are planning for something which they will have no power over. Simply move away from the oceans will solve the issue. Although it didn’t stop the Obamas from buying ocean front property did it!

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      • mkelly

        From on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

        I suppose I read too much history. There are many places around the world where ruins of ports and towns are found underwater. I’m not talking the fabled Atlantis, I’m talking about actual things we have found off the coasts around the world. Yep, we just keep moving things back when we need to and have been for a very long time. I’m more concerned about super volcanos and asteroid strikes.

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        • From Jon B on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

          Most were sunk when the seas rose after the ice age. Earthquakes have sunk a lot also.
          Why do you take scientific advice from politicians insted of scientists? 97% of scientists beleive global climate change is happening, they just don’t agree on the cause. However, they do seem to all agree tha it is happening.

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          • mkelly

            From on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

            Jon, not sure if you are asking me or Misunderstood. Either way, I believe I referred you over to the post that contains the founder of Green Peace (a scientist) and the video from PBS (a science-based video). Nobody is saying the climate is not and has not changed for millions or even billions of years.

            The point about Obama is not a scientific point. It is a point of not acting in accordance with one’s professed beliefs. You don’t spend 37% of your net worth on a home that will not be there very long. I mean you can but it is certainly not rational. Does that mean President Obama (and I’m sure many other politicians and climate scientists) are buying property close to the ocean because they really believe the grave warnings?

            The lefty lunes are scaring kids as young as 5 years old and brainwashing older kids and even adults into believing the world is ending. It is not ending, it is changing and has for millions of years before man arrived. We adapt and adjust and apparently there is plenty of time to figure out how to move away from the coast. Otherwise, beachfront property would be selling for a song. Trust me, when you see beachfront property values drop it is time to move back.

            I mean this sincerely, It is going to be alright. The solution is not ruining America and letting China, India, Russia and others continue to pollute and beat us into the ground. I have yet to mee the liberal or conservative that does not want a better environment. Remember, Republicans started the EPA. It is simply a matter of one side being rational and the other side being irrational. To the Political Parties, it is more about power. To the average American, it is more about commons sense approaches.

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    • mkelly

      From on Recent Thoughts 1 #VetsForTrump

      You must have missed my article on “Not Getting Wonky On Climate Change“. It is all science. Please watch both videos and your questions will not need to be answered. Thank God for global warming and CO2! We may well have avoided an ice age that would kill billions. If you want to understand the psychology of it and how you have been trained to think read Rob Guinter’s comment and the linked PDF.

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  • From Robert Guinter on Not Getting Wonky on Climate Change #VetsForTrump

    A case study in groupthink
    How science can shed new light on the most important ‘non-debate’ of our time
    Christopher Booker

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  • From brent on Judge Not - Sunday Message 8 Sep 19 #VetsForTrump

    I was recently asked to write a brief treatise on the stance of the Episcopal Church with regard to their inclusion of LGBTQ individuals. Please note this is not a condemnation, but it is in fact a research paper on WHY they now accept these individuals. The stance of the Church has been in the past to shun such individuals as God speaks of such people in Romans Chapter One. I thought it rather interesting that when the Church uses scripture to support this claim, they NEVER mention Romans 1. The Church believes that the Bible is “ the inspired Word of God” and yet they blatantly support an idea that God himself despises. I would like to deal with each of the Scriptures that the Episcopalians whom are self-described “Protestant yet catholic” use to support the inclusion of LGBTQ individuals. Prior to 1976, the Church had no such view.

    Supporting Scriptures

    John 3:16 is used to show that God accepts all persons and has forgiven “the world”. However, what was meant by the word “world”? This is probably the most quoted (and often misinterpreted) verse in Scripture. The Greek word we translate as “world” here is Cosmos, and at the time of that writing, there were no less than 9 different meanings to this Greek word. the question I would have for an Episcopalian pastor would be: “ What meaning out of the 9 possible was meant?” The fact is, the word Cosmos is seldom to mean “All inclusive” and the use of this verse does the church no good in their justification of accepting (and ordaining) of homosexuals.

    Psalm 119:13-14 is used to support the idea that God actually created these people as homosexuals. As such, their goal here is to say that the Almighty “made” these people gay. This is such a distortion and again flies in the face of Romans Chapter 1. God clearly states He despises homosexuality, so why would He create them as homosexuals, and then condemn them? Again, a poor reference to support their self-imposed “acceptance” despite the fact, that God condemned Sodom(y) and Gomorrah for these very sins. Their claim is that sexual orientation and gender identity are components of a person’s personality and as such, puts the blame on God!

    Acts 10:28 is used (out of context) that we (humans) should not call unclean what God has called clean. This read in context clearly is talking about salvation as Peter believed the Gospel was for Jews only. God is saying here that what Peter thought to be unclean (Gentiles), God has made “clean”, God was talking here about whom the Gospel was intended for, both Jew AND Gentile. This can be understood in context. The church here does what a lot of churches seem to do, use one verse to support their claim and do not present the verse as it appears in context of that chapter.

    Acts 8:27 is used to make one believe that the “eunuch” baptized by apostles was also homosexual. But was he? Let’s look at the meaning of the word in the original Greek. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women’s living areas at an oriental court.

    an ineffectual person.

    “a nation of political eunuchs”


    Where in that definition is the word “homosexual” ? Again, an attempt to convince others that God loves gays because the “eunuch” was gay (at least in THEIR interpretation). Nowhere in the reference is God speaking about gay people. Eunuchs were not gay, they were castrated to insure they did not molest the women they were commissioned to guard.

    Genesis 2:18 this reference that “it is not good for man to be alone” and here God creates a woman to be Adams partner. Why do we have Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve? Again, a one verse reference not viewed or read in context. They claim here that heterosexual marriage was merely an example rather than a definition of the marriage relationship. Genesis 2:24 also states that: this is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife (not husband) they become one flesh.”

    Matthew 19:5 is again used to support their anti-biblical beliefs. “So, they are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate. This again is with reference to the man and woman spoken of in Genesis, Adam and Eve. How then can they be using this to support homosexuality?

    Leviticus 18:22 God says: “Do not have sexual with a man, as one lies down with a woman.” How do they foolishly attempt to go around the clear meaning here, that God despises homosexuality? Well they claim that since God was referencing incest previously, that God here is merely saying “Don’t have sex with relatives”. This bastardized belief is but a blatant attempt not at proper interpretation, but rather used to support THEIR self-made doctrine and negate the word of God.

    While I can cite more scripture to support my thesis that God hates homosexuality, I would merely ask the reader to read Romans 1. I do believe that God can teach any of us the true meanings of His word. I do not believe that He left us to create our own doctrine (especially when it is in direct contradiction to the stated Word.

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  • From Navyman Norm on Judge Not - Sunday Message 8 Sep 19 #VetsForTrump

    Again, well said! You and I MSGT will never understand the blatant hypocrisy of the “Do as We say NOT as We Do crowd!” Mayor Petey is a fool if he believes his own lies, especially his latest LIE that “the bible justifies abortion until the time an unborn child takes its’ first breath!”
    Navyman Norm – Petty Officer First Class-USN

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  • From Jon B on All You Need To Know About Climate Change #VetsForTrump

    What happened to the Artic Sea Ice?
    Where did the glaciers go?
    Why do we havve King Tides in Southern Florida, among others?
    Why are so many cities spending billions on sea flood control measures?

    I’m not a Climate Scientist, or any kind of Scientist. I don’t have the education or experience, or the desire to acquire it. Therefore, I have to rely on the Scientific Community. Since I have never seen 100% consensus, I usually go with the predominate theory.

    Currently, more than 97% of Climate Scientists support the Climate Change theory of Global Warming. (This is from NASA web site) Since pretty much the only articles coming out against Global Warming were produced by the Energy Companies, I’ll go with the 97%+. I know there are articles against Global Warming produced by others than the Energy Companies but I have not seen many such.

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    • mkelly

      From admin on All You Need To Know About Climate Change #VetsForTrump

      Hi Jon. The keyword is “Hype”. All you need to know is Obama does not believe the “hype” himself. Neither does anyone who buys property close to the ocean believe the seas will rise at the rate the alarmists are saying. Also, please see the graphic from Wikipedia or read the entire article that is linked to.

      For some clarity on the 97% thing you can read

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      • From Jon B on All You Need To Know About Climate Change #VetsForTrump

        I read both the Wikipedia and Frobes article. So What? Did the “Hype” wipe out the Artic Sea Ice? Did “Hype” melt the world glaciers? What causes the King Tides, “Hype”?
        Your answer is like most deniers’ answers. You question the question you don’t answer the question. Most Denier never question the data, just the methodology.

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        • mkelly

          From admin on All You Need To Know About Climate Change #VetsForTrump

          Labels like “denier” won’t help you make your case to reasonable people. I do not deny anything. Please let me know where I denied anything in the post. You are likely jumping to conclusions because of your opinion of Trump supporters. The fact still remains that President Obama does not believe his house will be underwater anytime soon. I suppose you could say Obama is the denier.

          Fifteen million is 37% of his total value called net assets. Net assets or value does not mean he has 40 million cash on hand. It means if he sold everything he had it would equal 40 million. Would you throw away 37% of what you have?

          This article is simply posted to show the total hypocrisy of those who claim the world is soon coming to an end over climate change. Good grief! A solar flare of large enough proportions could do way more damage in minutes! An EMP could wipe us out. A supervolcano exploding could do the same. The climate has been changing for a very long time. See the chart in the post which is “scientific” and comes from Wikipedia.

          It is obviously not the crisis the left makes it out to be. Apparently Obama knows that. I’m sure many others on the left are laughing at people who don’t think clearly. It is a power grab and they know it. They are starting to sound like the Jehova’s Witnesses that predicted the end of the world many times. Each time it did not happen they readjusted the date to some time in the future. That was also a power grab. After all, if the world is ending, give all your worldly goods to the church, LOL.

          If the powers on the left was sincere about climate change they would not fight fracking, nuclear power, etc. France is almost completely powered by nuclear energy. (Google it) The only thing standing in our way in America of doing the same is the left. There are much safer ways of creating nuclear power plants today. No, the left is not serious about climate change or they would promote current clean energy techniques until science finds another way. Think Jon, think!

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  • From Jon B on A Nagging Question On Guns #VetsForTrump

    Don’t blame the ACLU for mental health institutes closing. That was Gov. Reagan balancing California’s budget by closing almost all of the government run facilities and gutting the funding for private care. Once the other states saw it, they copied the money saving idea.

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  • mkelly

    From on How should America's Military be used?

    I believe President Trump has brought us into an age of correction. While it is great to have allies it is not great if they don’t carry their weight. It is like having your 35-year-old child still living at home. Sure, they pay a little rent but not nearly what they agreed to. Here is another way to look at it. I have friends but if they owe me money they need to pay up. Everyone hates a mooch.

    We have been carrying most of our allies for a long time, ever since WW II. This has allowed Europe to create their social welfare states, which is crumbling. If they had to actually provide for their own defense & engaged in fair trade I wonder if they wouldn’t be more like America.


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  • From Jon B on A Nagging Question On Guns #VetsForTrump

    Why are military safe with weapons? Training!!!!!!
    How much training is required to buy an assault weapon? How safe is that????

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    • mkelly

      From admin on A Nagging Question On Guns #VetsForTrump

      Training for sure. That is a big part of it. Mass shooters don’t care much about that. I suppose some train themselves or practice. The big thing is culture and viewing “others” as not worthy of life. That is partly a moral issue, not just mental illness although that is a part. No fear of God, fear of judgment, fear of repercussions or discipline and early age mental illness treatment is a larger part. Those things need to be instilled and evaluated at an early age. We are just not doing it. We have done this to ourselves. Automatic and Semiautomatic firearms have been around for a long time. We need to ask ourselves what has changed.

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  • From Jon B on Who and What divides us?

    What about the Central Park 5?
    What about all of the times his businesses have been sued for Racial Discrimination?
    What about Birtherism?
    Shithole Countries anyone?
    Muslim Ban on every Country BUT Where the Terrorist came from and where he has businesses?
    His hypocrisy on Immigration?
    President Trump is one of the most racist bastards outside of New Zealand.

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  • From Nancy on A Nagging Question On Guns #VetsForTrump


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  • mkelly

    From admin on Local Area Vets for Trump Groups #VetsForTrump

    Update. I received an email from a fellow vet for Trump who does not want to use Social Media. Some time back I set up a website that works like a social media page but nobody got engaged. If you want to set up a local area group, Vets for Trump or any other group for Trump, MAGA you can use this website. some time back I set up a website we can use apart from Social Media. It might be difficult to get people to join a website since they already have social media accounts. The website is

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  • From Jon B on Is The American Public Fed Up? - Former Democrat Veteran

    Partisan Politics? Are you referring to Mitch McConnell refusing to push through the bills passed by the House?

    Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): “If I’m still the majority leader of the Senate, think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that stuff is going to pass. None of it.” [Remarks in Owensboro, KY via CNN, 4/22/19]

    More than 100 bills passed by the House are awaiting legislative action in the Senate.

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  • From Jon B on What Is America Becoming? #VetsForTrump

    It was also the a time where the President believed in the rule of law, when the President did not tell people to dis obey the law.

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    • mkelly

      From admin on What Is America Becoming? #VetsForTrump

      Are you talking something specific? If so, what?

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  • From Jon B on Stop It #VetsForTrump #StopIt

    I don’t care what Trump believes personally. It is when his prejudices affect everyone else that I object to. Well, that and his lying. Has he ever opened his mouth when a lie did not come out?

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    • mkelly

      From admin on Stop It #VetsForTrump #StopIt

      Stop It!

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  • From Jon B on One Change Can Fix A Lot #VetsForTrump

    I never said that the News Organizations were not covering the ?”Emergency”. I was asking where the Official Reports are. I would expect that the Intelligence Agencies would be releasing supporting documentation to the President’s claim. It seems that none of the Intelligence Chiefs deem there to be enough of a threat that they covered it when they briefed Congress on the Major Threats our Country is facing.

    Yes there is problems with the Southern Border. BUT, it is not the biggest threat this country is facing, or even close. There are a lot of other issues that are much more of an emergency than the Southern Border. The main crisis there is entirely of Trump’s making.

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    • mkelly

      From admin on One Change Can Fix A Lot #VetsForTrump

      Again, I suppose you missed the news. Here is a video link to the head of Border Control testifying to Congress explaining the crisis.

      Here is a video link to the former head of Homeland Security telling the news on the day she resigned that there is a crisis.

      Here is a link to Obama’s former head of Homeland Security saying it is a crisis on MSNBC of all places!

      Here you can find a list of Federal Agencies that DHS oversees.

      You can submit a FOIA request to the appropriate departments if you need paper in your hand to verify what is said. I don’t have time to submit it.

      Since you are a veteran imagine if 100,000 people, including women and children, were coming across a border during a conflict. Would that be a “Major Threat” if you had bad actors mixed in? The head of Border Patrol explained how that works if you watch the video link. Can you name a bigger immediate threat? I can’t.

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      • From Jon B on One Change Can Fix A Lot #VetsForTrump

        You’re right, I missed the news for the last week or so. I apologize for being out of date.

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        • mkelly

          From admin on One Change Can Fix A Lot #VetsForTrump

          Glad I could help.

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  • From Jon B on Trump was right all along #VetsForTrump #Trump2020

    Actually, he has been wrong on so many things. The Main one is the Southern Border “Crisis”. What Crisis? If there is such a crisis, where are the reports detailing it? Why did NONE of the Intelligence Chiefs even mention the Southern Border when they briefed Congress on the Main Threats to our country? Why did Trump wait two years before he acted? Why did he say there was no rush on getting it done?
    The “Crisis” President Trump has invented for the border is nothing more than his racism coming to the fore. It is a manufactured crisis he hammers on merely to boost his base.

    President Trump’s Border Crisis is indicative of his Presidency, lies to merely work people up and distract them from his troubles.

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    • mkelly

      From admin on Trump was right all along #VetsForTrump #Trump2020

      Wow! Really? Do you follow the news or just social media? Obama’s former border patrol chief and the workers on the border thinks there is a crisis!

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  • From Jon B on Poverty & Illegal Immigration #VetsForTrump

    Where is the plank in the Democratic Platform detailing Open Borders?

    I keep asking, but I guess it does not exist, where is the report detailing the crisis at the border? Every other National Emergency had numerous reports detailing them.

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  • From Jon B on Crisis at our Southern Borders #VetsForTrump #ImmigrationCrisis

    “The Marines’ top general allowed memorandums to leak out of the Pentagon to bring attention to service families living among hurricane ravished military installations as the Trump administration tries to bankroll the southwest border with defense funds at the expense of combat readiness.”

    This is exactly what I was afraid of. Lets screw the Enlisted Men, again! They are living in substandard housing and he stole the money from that budget? Lets eliminate the $600 plane toilet seats and use that money for the border. Lets take the money from the Officers’ budgets.

    The Dems DO NOT want open borders. Yes, some are calling for it, same as the Tea Party calling for outrages in the other direction.

    Most of the refugees can come into this Country! They are Asylum seekers, they are entering legally no matter where they enter from. Trump is manufacturing this Border Crisis! He is reusing to let the Asylum Seekers enter, he is allowing to pile up on the border, letting conditions to deteriorate and then act like it is the other countries fault!

    If he really wanted to do something about the immigrants, why did he cancel aid to three countries? That money was helping them improve their lives so they would want to stay down there. Do you think they want to take this hike? They are desperate, mainly from our interference in their economy and government.

    If the National Emergency is real, why did he say the is no hurry? Why did he wait for two years before he threw his hissy fit? Why is he golfing during the crisis? Why did ALL of the Intelligence Agencies NOT talk about it when they briefed Congress on the main threats our country faces? Where is his plan? Where is the report detailing the crisis? You can find them for other National Emergencies.

    Stealing the money from the Military Construction Budgets is doing nothing but screwing over our troops, again! Most of the areas the Military added too, has been removed by the Border Patrol and Immigration. They were not needed and actually interfered with some operations.

    Immigration, which Laws do you think need changing? Maybe the laws that allowed OUR ancestors to immigrate here? Trump is calling for the elimination of the Family & Marriage Sponsorship Visas. This would have prevented his wife from bringing her family over. Actually, it would have prevented most of our ancestors from immigrating.

    Good things we committed Genocide on the American Natives so they could not call for Immigration reform.

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  • From Jon B on Biden - Nice Guy Corruption #VetsForTrump

    Double standards? You mean like not caring if Trump groping women and bragging about? How about chants of Lock Her Up? What about declaring SOME Muslims may not enter the USA, but leaving open the ONE Country, that has supplied almost all of the Foreign Terrorist, How about Trump using a PERSONAL Cell Phone that is unsecured? How about complaining about Obama taking too many golf trips?
    Need anymore?

    No one who supports Trump can complain about double standards in the Democratic Party.

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  • From Jon B on Get Back to the Business of Governing

    ” destroying people lives through the use of political office and party agendas ”

    This is your defense of the “Politician” that is threatening the freedom and safety of his political opponents? How do you justify HIS attempts:

    “President Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries: his 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton, and the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with the conversation.”

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  • From Jon B on Last Word On Socialism #VetsForTrump

    Protectionism Tariffs and Taxes to prop up our industries, that’s purely socialistic. Let’s not forget all of the public works, including infrastructure.

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Last Word On Socialism #VetsForTrump

      Using tariffs against countries that use them on us is simply a tool to get them to participate in free and fair trade. Emphasis on fair trade. I agree that we should not bail out companies as previous administrations have done. I don’t know Trump’s policy on that subject. If a company is too big to fail it should be broken up. The too big to fail issue is very much like the same problem that Socialist economies face. We have laws about that but they are not always enforced. I also agree we should start to work with Dems on infrastructure. That was another promise Trump made. I hope he does not try to push that off as an agenda item in his second term.

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  • From Brent Scott on Last Word On Socialism #VetsForTrump

    Ayn Rand has a fantastic grip on human nature and as a result, she understands which form of government has been tailor-made for mankind.

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  • From FredG on Last Word On Socialism #VetsForTrump

    Regarding my post about Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan. Ryan has been a follower of Ayn Rand since his College days. Hearsay is that when Ryan started in Politics his assets were $150,000.00 — now I understand his assets are 1.4 million. I am not advocating communism / socialism — I am saying that there is something wrong with our system when some CEOs take home 40 million — and the average wage is $57,000 and most likely without a Pension or Health Care!

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Last Word On Socialism #VetsForTrump

      Anyone can take the writings of any author to an extreme. I take Atlas Shrugged as an extreme position in order to bring a left-leaning society back to center using hyperbole. There is always a balance that is needed between two extreme ideas.

      Also, moving from an asset value of 150 thousand to 1.4 million is not a huge financial shift over 20 years for any Congressman. I’m not defending Ryan. I’m just observing that many Congressmen get wealthy over time and many enter wealthy in the first place. I’m sure there are a lot of inside deals. They have access to information that allows them to invest where the rest of us would go to prison for insider trading.

      I am also not arguing that there isn’t a larger wealth inequality gap than at many points in our history. Past leaders sold our country down the road with NAFTA and other trade agreements. American manufacturing suffered and along with that went the middle class. That’s another reason I and others like me fully support Trump’s trade deal position. It isn’t going to all come back in his 8-year term either. At least it sets a new tone and puts us back on the path to better incomes for Americans. We need future Presidents to be more like Trump. I’m afraid you and I won’t live to see it Fred but hopefully, the next generation will benefit.

      Getting immigration under control is another factor that will help reduce the income inequality gap. We need immigration but it has to be smart and controlled. I don’t know why the left and Trump haters fight that so much. Well, I have my suspicions but it has all been said before so I won’t repeat it.

      For now, we just have to continue to fight the far left Socialists and at the same time the entrenched Republican & Democrat globalists. It was never and will never be perfect under any system, just better and worse.

      Like Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” As Christians, we need to help the poor. It is not necessarily the job of the government. We can hold people accountable but the government cannot. This is a point an old pastor made to me years ago. Ever since the government got involved the churches have pulled back and accountability went with it. That is similar to the point of Atlas Shrugged and you can see the truth of that fairly easy.

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  • From Fred G on Atlas Shrugged #WhoIsJohnGalt

    Ayn Rand is pure Bull Sxxx. Look at Europe, their economies are doing fine and they do have what you call Socialism. How much longer do you think this country is going to last when all the assets go to the top 1% or 10%? The average American’s income has been stagnant for the past 30 years while the 1% and 10% got it all. That clown Paul Ryan from Wisconsin — the loudest mouth in the House always pushed for reducing Entitlements, while he had $750.00 bottles of wine for dinner. Wake-up, we have all been taken to the cleaners!

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    • From Vets for Trump Administrator on Atlas Shrugged #WhoIsJohnGalt

      Now that we established you are incorrect about Europe there is another great way to understand Socialism’s failures. Anytime the government controls something traditionally run by the private sector it has a higher risk of failure. When single systems with central control fail due to an accident, corruption or complacency the whole system or large parts of it suffer. When the private sector controls the same thing there is an incentive to do a better job due to competition. Also, when one part fails the whole system does not collapse. That is also why monopolies are avoided.

      Let’s use your comment about Paul Ryan as an example. These people never suffer because they have immunity due to their wealth and position. So, what you are saying is you and those who agree with Socialism want to turn more things over to the likes of Paul Ryan & Pelosi to run? I think that makes my point and answers your objection. What do you think?

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Atlas Shrugged #WhoIsJohnGalt

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  • mkelly

    From Vets for Trump Administrator on Atlas Shrugged #WhoIsJohnGalt

    That was a good funny video Dan! LOL

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  • From DANIEL DACOSTA on Atlas Shrugged #WhoIsJohnGalt

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  • mkelly

    From Vets for Trump Administrator on How many must die before Democrats act? #VetsForTrump

    “I do not oppose any policies that would reduce harm to the US and its residents, I fully support all valid policies. I oppose policies that either won’t work or have not been proven to work or be required.”

    Hi John. Glad to hear your support Border Patrol and the barriers they want! Every rational human being should oppose things that do not work. Since walls work and are proven we should all agree on that.

    I suppose you would also like to see the laws changed like I would. Here are a couple no-brainer laws we should immediately pass to save us billions of dollars per year. We should be more like Australia.
    1. The law that says putting a foot on American soil entitles you to due process meaning you are caught and released must be repealed. Immediate return to country of origin must be enforced.
    2. Having a child on American soil, giving that child U.S. citizenship needs to be repealed. (Known as Birthright Citizenship.)
    3. Claiming asylum at the first country you enter should be enforced without exception. In other words, nobody coming from the south of Mexico can claim asylum in the U.S. if they first go through Mexico.

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    • From Jon B on How many must die before Democrats act? #VetsForTrump

      The law repatriating illegal immigrants is proceeding t the fastest pace it is capable of. President Trump has starved it for money in order to increase the humanitarian crisis. He wanted to point out how bad it is.

      Why do we “need” to repeal the Birthright Citizenship? That is how our ancestors became US citizens. Now that we have ours, lets lock everyone else out?

      I don’t really understand changing the asylum laws. They are applying for asylum in the USA, not in other countries. Almost all of the countries in Central America have the same problems with violence.

      Do you also think it is a great idea to traumatize and punish children for the sins of the parents?

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      • mkelly

        From Vets for Trump Administrator on How many must die before Democrats act? #VetsForTrump

        Hi Jon. As you can see I updated the comments area to make it a bit nicer.

        The law repatriating illegal…

        Can’t find anything on that. Not sure what you mean. We will never get rid of the millions of illegal immigrants. It is a physical impossibility.

        Why do we “need” to repeal the Birthright Citizenship?

        Many other countries have gotten rid of it or have restrictions. For example, why in the world would we allow an illegal immigrant to obtain citizenship for their child? If a person is a legal immigrant like a permanent resident then no problem. If the person has an American spouse, no problem. Otherwise, you draw the thousands of illegals here. Not smart and I’m sure reasonable people agree. Australia and others use some form of this rule.

        I don’t really understand changing the asylum laws

        . On the central American countries, they should legally apply for asylum in Mexico, the first country they enter. We also know it is a ploy since 90% of those seeking asylum are not granted asylum. This backlogs our courts and costs us serious money to adjudicate. Follow the law and have them seek asylum in Mexico. PS Mexico is also overwhelmed. They should secure their border as well. They will learn the hard way.

        Do you also think it is a great idea to traumatize and punish children for the sins of the parents?

        Children are punished for the sins of the parents by nature. Our upbringing and choices our parents make certainly affect us. They did for me. I ended up in a boys home for kids from broken homes at 12 years of age. Not sure what you are trying to say. Let’s put American kids first. There are plenty of them in need. Why put others before our own? Is that how you treat your children? Do you put your neighbors’ children before your own? Of course, if my kids are good I will help my neighbor. However, if my children and grandchildren need something why would I give to the stranger instead of them? I am a Christian so maybe this does not make sense to you. I’m all for giving to him who asks as long as we have it to give. We cannot let our people suffer and take care of others and remain in right standing with God. 1 Timothy 5:8 ESV
        But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

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  • From Mike on How many must die before Democrats act? #VetsForTrump

    So how many Americans must die before Democrats will act? That’s the question John. Most of what you’re saying is off subject. Stick to the facts and answer the question. Fact :border patrol says they need it. Is the acceptable number of American Dead 10000, 5000 50,000?

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  • From Jon B on How many must die before Democrats act? #VetsForTrump

    I would like to respond to your essay “Do far left Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others hate their fellow Americans?

    I am offended that it is being implied that I don’t care about American lives. An accusation coming from a person supporting someone who thinks it is a great idea to strand people in the desert without food or water. That actually prosecutes people for conducting life saving operations.

    Do you include me in those that hate my fellow Americans? All because I oppose a wall from sea to shining sea that will supposedly cure all of our Immigration and Drug problems? All because I won’t sign off on 100% of his ideas?

    I am now a 100% DAV. I served 13 years active duty during peace-time. I HAVE sacrificed for this country, not with my life but with decades of pain. I do not oppose any policies that would reduce harm to the US and its residents, I fully support all valid policies. I oppose policies that either won’t work or have not been proven to work or be required. Almost all of the numbers for the Southern Border belie the President’s claim that there is a National Emergency there.

    If there is such an Emergency, if President Trump really wanted the wall. Why hasn’t the he worried about the wall before now? Why didn’t he push it through when the Republicans had control of the House? Why didn’t he shut down the government last year when the Republicans wouldn’t give him his wall?

    On Sept 5 2018, President Trump said $3.2B was allocated for the wall. In truth in March 2018, Congress approved $1.6B for the wall. This was to build the samples and provide a design for the wall. The samples were built, but no design was started.

    I oppose going ANY more money to President Trump for a “wall”. I oppose it because I won’t buy a pig in a poke. I will gladly change my mind if you can show me the design and justification of the new wall. You don’t really think we should give money to someone to build some vague idea? Do you usually hire contractors without a plan or knowing what they will do? Do Trump supporters support horrible fiscal policy of allotting government money to projects that are not defined? Do you know of any project that was funded with this level of definition?

    The Defense Department spends years putting together projects for approval. They intitially get some money for the vague idea, like the $1.6B the President has already received, but then they do the full plans and designs before they apply for the rest of the money! All government agencies work this way. All businesses work this way. Why is Businessman Trump trying to work it differently? Part of the reason he was elected was because of his suppose business acumen. He is not showing it.

    I do not oppose a wall. I oppose the “wall” that the President is not defining. Yes, we need additional barriers in spots and we need to rework some existing barriers. But we need to know which is which before we get started! We also need so much more than a wall. And none of this has even been discussed! When was the debate to discuss this?

    If this was a normal project, President Trump would have spent the previous two years working out the design and justification for the wall. The only thing he has done since build those examples is whine that the Democrats are not giving him his wall. No complaints were lodged against the Republicans that blocked him for the previous two years.

    Your numbers on immigration do not show the trend over the last couple of decades:
    Apprehensions at Southern Border
    2000 1,643,679
    2017 303,916
    This is from the Border Patrol Report on
    Total Illegal Alien Apprehensions By Fiscal Year (Oct. 1st through Sept. 30th)

    I hope this comes through, else it shows how drastically illegal immigration has dropped. From 1.7M to 300thou in less than twenty years. And it is still trending down.

    How does the numbers dropping this drastically constitute a National Emergency?

    Even if the wall works perfectly and stops anyone from crossing the Southern Border, it will do NOTHING for Terrorism. ALL of the foreign terrorist activity in the USA came in on Visas through Ports of Entry. Funny, they were all also from a Country that President Trump sees no reason to block Muslims from.

    Our main terrorism problem is home grown. The vast majority of Domestic Terrorism has been Home Grown. It has been mostly Christians committing them as well. And not one of them was an illegal immigrant.

    For the current wall:
    From San Diego to the Otay Mountains
    When the Border Patrol built the secondary fence, sent more agents and added technology in the mid-’90s as part of Operation Gatekeeper, apprehensions fell from 1,200 a day in 1995 to a low point of about 300 a day in 2001. Not quite down to zero, and this was with a secondary barrier as well.
    In the report:
    Obstructing Human Rights: the Texas-Mexico Border Wall
    By Denise Gilman, June 2008

    Over 9000 penetrations of wall in San Diego in 2017

    “According to official reports of the United States Government, prior experiments with the border wall have proven ineffective (for stopping illegal immigration). The original segment of border wall built in the San Diego area did not have a discernible impact on the influx of unauthorized aliens coming across the border” pg 10
    Footnote of (See CRS Barriers Report, at 3)
    The report goes on to say that the crossings only decreased after additional agents and other resources were allocated.

    This study did show that unauthorized immigrants were more likely to be convicted of “gambling, smuggling, vagrancy and kidnapping” but those crimes account for 0.18 percent of all convictions in Texas in 2015.
    Immigration Research and Policy Brief No. 4, CATO Institute

    Another study published in the journal Criminology last year suggested there was less crime in areas with higher populations of unauthorized immigrants.

    The wall is not something I fight because I hate Trump, it is not because of any personal animosity. I supported him initially and still want him to succeed. No one sane person wants him to fail! Why would any sane person want the President of the United States to fail? Shit, then we’d be stuck with Pence!!!!

    I supported President Trump until his trashing of the military and the intelligence agencies happened too many times. His taking the word of foreign despots over our Intelligence Agencies is unconscionable. Lying to the troops and turning his one visit into a political event shows exactly what he thinks of the Military. The President’s trashing of our reputation overseas is unforgivable. Not one of our allies trust us to keep our word any longer. How I am suppose to support this?

    Is Trump even serious about the Presidency?

    One of his major achievements, the new NAFTA deal, still has not been presented to Congress! The President needs to submit it to Congress in order to get it approved. President Trump doesn’t seem to care about the follow through. He got it negotiated, so its a done deal right? Not quite.

    His actions with regard to the wall also shows his lack of commitment. Otherwise, the damn thing would already have started building when the Republicans were in charge!

    Does the question comes down to how many must die? Yes it does, how many must die because the President can’t be bothered to allocate FEMA funds where needed!

    How many must die until the President decides to do all of his job, even the boring stuff. How many must die until he decides to be a leader, not just whine about people being unfair!

    How many must die until he respects those working for him? He trashes the Justice Department! He is in charge if it!!!! Does that mean he is a lousy boss? Overall, he seems to have only employed complete morons in the past. Everyone who has left his employ is a complete idiot with the mental capacity of a newt. Most smart bosses hire intelligent people.

    How many must die until we stop putting up with his hypocrisy, with hypocrisy no matter who shows it. How many people who worked for President Trump are heading to jail? How many have resigned in disgrace? Wasn’t he suppose to eliminate this? He did not drain the swamp, he dammed it up and filled it deeper!

    The President needs to be all he can be! We deserve it!

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  • From Jonnie Bones on Who is Nathan Phillips? #VetsForTrump

    Good post

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  • From Jonnie Bones on I'm Temporarily Banned from Twitter! #VetsForTrump #WalkAway

    Getting banned from Twitter is the new badge of honor.

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on I'm Temporarily Banned from Twitter! #VetsForTrump #WalkAway

      I suppose it is. I’m glad that I have focused on the website rather than social media. Hate from the Left is OK with Twitter but we don’t dare to point it out! If we do then we are the haters. We live in an upside down world.

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  • From vetsfortrump on Ancient Alien Theorists Say Yes! #VetsForTrump

    Thanks Mac. Here is an excerpt from a previous article. I might be getting a bit repetitious.

    “My devotion to epistemic responsibility (often called intellectual responsibility) does not allow me to accept terms like “your truth” or “his or her truth“. The saying “perception is reality” and “your truth” is being taken literally by a lot of Americans. Intentionally or not these two sayings are being used by the left.

    Perception is NOT reality and there is no such thing as “your truth” in the real world. This is how we end up with at least 63 gender categories and a confused population. It is also how we end up with people declaring vaccinations cause Autism and that Ancient Aliens built the Pyramids.”

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  • From Mac McCormack on Ancient Alien Theorists Say Yes! #VetsForTrump

    “You can have your own opinions. You cannot have your own facts”

    Well stated. Absolute truth. Isn’t it funny when people begin their “opinion” with the preface – “my truth is” … there is only ever ONE truth, even if many refuse to see or accept it.

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  • From Jon B on The Democrats have lost their minds #VetsForTrump #WalkAway

    Are you saying that 4Russian Interference in the 2016 election is bull? Is that why people are going to prison over it? Is that why Trump keeps lying about the investigation?

    Its a good thing that Hillary was never stupid enough to use an unsecured phone for official business!

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  • From Frank Montgomery -USN AO on President Trump is Insane? #VetsForTrump

    He’s not insane. He just doesn’t care about anyone besides himself, veterans included. If you get in the way of something he wants, your screwed. Your nothing but cannon fodder, but the worse part is, you don’t even know it yet.

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on President Trump is Insane? #VetsForTrump

      Hi Frank, It is not about money. President Trump has lost nearly half a billion according to Forbes.

      You may feel President Trump is destroying your view of what America should be. Remember, many veterans felt the same about President Obama. One could argue that neither person was prepared to be POTUS. President Obama came across weak as he apologized for America. President Trump comes across like an asshole because he will not apologize for America. You will recover from President Trump just as we recovered from President Obama.

      As I grew older I wanted to give back to this great country and specifically my fellow vets. I just started We Who Served to make money to support the veteran community. In addition, I hope to train paralyzed and wounded vets to work in technology this summer. We hope to reduce veteran suicide and loneliness by working together as a community regardless of political views.

      You may benefit from reading this. Let us know what you are doing to actually make this a better country. As JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

      There are many fellow veterans in need. Some are simply lonely and could use someone to talk to. Others are struggling with physical demands. Still, others struggle with drugs, alcohol and psychological problems. If you have ideas let us know what we can do to help each other. Regardless of our political differences, you are still a veteran and therefore a brother. I wish you well.

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  • From Candy Morgan on Trump is an asshole, that's why #VetsForTrump

    Since they freely call me a rascist for no reason ( I live in a very mixed community of gays, blacks and other minorities), I just call them PEDOPHILES. Anyone who selfishly think a few late psychecks is more important than ending human trafficking is a pedophile. Let’s just keep things simple. And by the way, it’s a live child not a fetus. They are baby murderers as well.

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  • From Genesis on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

    Great article!! I love the fact that even though you are clearly a major Trump supporter, you can still admit when he says or does something wrong or untruthful. Your honesty and truthfulness are some of your best qualities which in turn make your articles very enjoyable to read. 💛

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

      Thanks. I appreciate your kind words 🙂

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  • From roger domnie on Trump is an asshole, that's why #VetsForTrump

    i am with mr president all the way, in fact more now. no more illegals……………….

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  • From Nancy on June 6th President Trump Signs V.A. Mission Act #VetsForTrump #MAGA

    Anthony, Suggesting that you go to the DAV and ask them to help you with your claim. They file my husband’s Agent Orange claims and we have been very successful. They are very helpful.

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  • From Nancy on Trump is an asshole, that's why #VetsForTrump

    In many cases, it is so easy to hang them (figuratively) with their own words or talking points.

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  • From Leo Dorrington on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

    Spot on as usual!!

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

      Thank you Leo!

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  • From Mac McCormack on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

    It’s simple. 79% of Americans believe that there is a “crisis” or a significant “problem” at our southern border. Can ~80% of the citizens be wrong?

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

      Hey Mac, Since this is a political decision your point is well made.

      However, here is a thought that might interest those who engage in honest debate. A friend, Dr. Robert Morey, taught a few critical thinking and logic truths. Yes, 80% or any majority can be wrong. An easy example of that is when the majority of people thought the world was flat. Another example is the majority of Americans thought Hillary was a better choice. Thank God for the Electoral College!

      Here are a few other things Dr. Morey taught that helped me think a little more clearly. An evil man can do good things. Good men can do evil things. A liar can tell you the truth. An honest man can lie through his teeth.

      A friend has a saying I like: “Nothing matters until it becomes personal.” That one helps us to listen to all sides of an issue. Finding out why a person holds a belief may help to open rational discussion. Otherwise, it often devolves into a point-counterpoint shouting match.

      Border security may not be as important to someone unaffected by illegal immigration and drugs. Ask anyone who lost a loved one or suffered at the hands of an illegal immigrant and it suddenly becomes personal and more important. The more empathy we have for our fellow Americans and those that suffer at the hands of the Coyotes the more likely we are to support everything related to border security. Now that’s just an opinion but may also be true 🙂

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  • From Judith Mayes on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

    Good article. Might I suggest that the next time someone says that walls don’t work, you might remind them that the first thing Obama did to improve his new DC residence was to build a 10 foot high wall around it. Hillary bought the house next door to where Bill is living and promptly installed a very high fence. I am thinking she wants to keep out undesirables/deplorables like me (born and raised in PA) rather than her next door neighbor, don’t you know. And the next time Nan baby (Nancy Pelosi in case you missed my reference) says that she wants open borders, ask her when she is taking down the front door to her house. If she really wants open borders, how about she start with open borders at her own residence. This way she can let anyone walk in off the street and steal her blind, or worse. Hmmmmm????

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    • mkelly

      From Vets for Trump Administrator on Question: How can you support Trump during this government shutdown etc.? #VetsForTrump

      Point well taken Judith. It is hard to put everything into an article. This one was a long one and I cut out several paragraphs 🙂

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  • From NoWall on Clarity - the quality of coherence and intelligibility #VetsForTrump

    The wall is akin to a speed bump that will cost the American taxpayer many many billions of dollars…you will still have all of the costs of apprehending them etc etc…just now they will hurdle a wall first 🙂 Unless of course you will have people patrol the entire wall which case…you …DONT…need… THE WALL!

    The better option is to give them a viable pathway to legalization so that they can contribute to the government..that pathway should include vetting to remove as much of the criminal element out of the equation as possible. Once you have done that and you have essentially gotten “non combatants” out of the way ..i am for a much more aggressive attack on border crossing. But preventing the people that are just looking for a better/safer life from coming here is not only unAmerican it’s inhumane. We need SMARTER immigration policies..not a big dumbass wall. Trump is like a 10 year old both intellectually and emotionally..he is not equipped to solve this problem …and since anyone remotely capable of adult decision making is summarily fired or attacked on twitter…I think we will have to wait for a sane solution.

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  • From MarkyShark on Clarity - the quality of coherence and intelligibility #VetsForTrump

    It’s not just Trump that says we need the wall. It is Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Even if we can’t secure it 100% we can sure make it a lot harder. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

    Call me old-fashioned but I remember when there used to be signs that said trespassers will be shot on sight when it came to private property. If private citizens that border Mexico don’t want to secure their own property that’d be fine with me. We can just build a wall around their property. Make them part of Mexico.

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  • From Stan on Clarity - the quality of coherence and intelligibility #VetsForTrump

    This article puts it into perspective. It doesn’t cover all the details that you want to know but even if we can accomplish 10% reduction we will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

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  • From Jon B on Clarity - the quality of coherence and intelligibility #VetsForTrump

    How effective are the walls that are standing? Do they keep everyone from crossing in the areas where the physical barriers exist? Showing how effective current barriers are will help to convince the undecided people. Nothing will convince all just like nothing will dissuade all.

    Questions I have been asked are:

    Where will the barrier actually be? Will it run along the border, parallel but away from the border, straight line across parts? How will it cross natural barriers like rivers?

    How much is the wall actually going to cost? $5 billion is nowhere near enough money for the wall material alone. The lowest guestimate I have seen in the media is $25B, most were $250B and up.

    How much money will be saved? You state that it cost upward of $21k per person and $1B for Nov. Great! How much is the actual “estimated” cost? (Gawd that sounds funny)

    How much will Imminent Domain have to be used? Most of the landowners are not going to want to sell. Land ownership is very important to people who have been on it for generations. How much will have to be “stolen”, their word, from the owners? How far in from the border?

    Plus, what are we going to do about the illegal immigration that does comes, but does not come from the southern border. Most illegal immigration comes from Visa over stays, most estimates I’ve seen are near 66% of the total illegal immigration. The few foreign terrorist that we have caught came over on Visas, and not ones from the banned countries. Almost all were Saudis.

    Appealing to people’s fear does not seem to be working. You need to try facts and figures.
    How much will it cost?
    How much will it save?
    Where/ How will it run?
    How effective are the current physical barriers?
    How effective will the new one be?
    What technology will be incorporated?
    How will the barrier cross the rivers and other impediments?
    How will the land be obtained?
    What will be done about the rest of the illegal immigration?

    I personally oppose the physical wall for most of the border. I prefer technological solutions for those areas. I don’t believe that extending the physical barrier into remote areas will be effective. The new walls will be in much more isolated areas than the current walls. How often will this impassable barrier be patrolled. Listing to some supporters, it will be %100 effective! If only.

    Above all, I will support the one that is shown to be the best. Best being partially determined based on the criteria above.

    Jon B.

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  • From Jon B on A Fellow Veteran Reflects #VetsForTrump

    I am an original Trump supporter. However, I am no longer a supporter of his. My problem is not his policies, which I agree on about half. He lost my support by his continued insulting of our Intelligence and Military Organizations.

    How many time has he said similar to; “Our intelligence Agencies are wrong because ____ said so”. He has taken Putin’s word on our elections as well as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s word on Jamal Khashoggi’s death despite his briefing that “everyone else” knows. He has said that our agencies are wrong because a despot said so! He should not be taking the word of any leader over his Intelligence Agency findings.

    Yes, he “walked back” on his remarks in Helsinki. The trouble is, that that was not the only time he said exactly the same thing. He has only “walked back: the one. What about all of the other times he has made similar remarks?

    His trashing of our Military Leaders is another item that I can’t abide. When a Draft Dodger says “I know more about ISIS than the generals do,”, which he insisted during the campaign, I really doubt it. And no, it was not just campaigning rhetoric. If it was, he would have stop saying similar items after the election.

    No, I do not hold Trump’s Draft Dodger status bother me. Just about anyone who could used deferments did for various stupid reasons. I guess that was better than heading north.

    Trump’s inability to treat the Military Leaders as well as the Gold Star families with respect and compassion should concern us all. M, Kelly has remarked on the Gold-Star incident. Yes, they were being used for political purposes. And if Trump would have denounced them for this, no problem. When he called into question the depth of their loss among other statements, that crossed way too many lines.

    I truly hope that Trump can reach a working relationship with Congress. Otherwise, this will be a long two years.

    A couple of observation on the Investigations. Since he is innocent, why doesn’t he help them so they will conclude faster? His obstructionism just makes him look guilty. No, Mueller is not going to make up facts to convict Trump or anyone else. He is one of the most professional investigators current active.

    He FINALLY made a troop visit! However, he turned t into a political rally and insulted our allies. The visits are suppose to be about the troops not the President. Previous Presidents talk about the troops and their problems. Not about their own.

    Plus He LIED to them. His comments about the Military Pay raise was pure fiction. The pay raise was not 10%, more like 2.6%. And they did get pay taises each of the last 10 years. These are really stupid lies. It is really insulting to lie to their faces!

    Unilaterally pulling out of Syria is his right. He has every right to do this anytime he wants. But, what about our allies? The Turkish Leadership has already said they will wipe out the Kurds the second we leave. How will we get any other local allies if we abandon the Kurds?

    I seem to have gone a little beyond the original topic and I apologize

    Jon B.

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    • From Mac McCormack on A Fellow Veteran Reflects #VetsForTrump

      Jon. Much of what you say is accurate. I guess, in many ways I agree with you. In some ways I do not.

      I have relatives that live in New Jersey, across the Hudson river from NYC. In many ways, they consider themselves “New Yorkers”. I’ve visited often enough that I have come to know and recognize “New Yorkers”.

      They have this baffling way of leading with almost absurdity on various topics, sometimes unbelievable. But in “new york speak”, they all understand one another. This partially explains your view on President Trump and what/how he says it. When you first are introduced to “new york speak”, you believe that many of them are self-centered egotists, when usually, it is just their manner of speaking … not reality.

      One other point. President Trump doesn’t talk like other politicians, or even like “polite society”, because he’s NOT!

      I’ve come to interpret what he says as a never ending stream of transactional negotiations in a very public way. Sometimes he seems uncaring, or unaware, or even stupid because of some of his assertions. But be aware – he is none of those things. We have difficulty understanding his manner and approach because we have never seen anything like him before on the national political stage. It’s downright disconcerting!

      Now for (what I consider) the “good news” regarding his “disconcerting ways”. He gets results. Positive results.

      Tell me those things that he has actually DONE (not just SAID) that you disagree with? I did not agree with the Trillion dollar budget he signed but the readon he gave for doing so was to “save” our terribly underfunded military. He has accomplished so much in such a short time … BECAUSE of the manner and methods he employs in his constant “transactional negotiations” that he is working on every time he speaks and/or acts.

      Jon, it is confusing, embarrassing, even very frustrating at times … but he consistently delivers RESULTS … and results that I seldom can find much reason to quibble with.

      Yes he is a vulgar, obstinate, loud, sometimes embarrassing narcissist. But that is EXACTLY who/what he needs to be to get the results he has promised.

      You’re right in most of your observations. And you probably are uncomfortable with the way he goes about his business, I know I am. But he DELIVERS RESULTS. I know a lot of politicians who say all the “right things” in all the “right ways”, but never DO, or ACCOMPLISH anything.

      I’ve grown tired of the politicians. Even though I know I’ll wince often by things he says, dammi if I don’t celebrate the things he’s actually DONE.

      I understand what you’ve written. I don’t disagree with much of it. I’m just willing to put up with all that you’ve pointed out to get the accomplishments he has delivered!

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      • From Jon B on A Fellow Veteran Reflects #VetsForTrump

        Mac M,

        I realize that New Yorkers are very strange, to say the least. Their talk is just as crazy. My friends from NYC are stranger than my friends from California. I have no problem with Donald Trump talking as he does. That is his “style”. Plus, I never expected Donald Trump to be a normal politician. Anyone who did has not been paying attention to the news for decades. He has been a public figure for decades so everyone should have realized what we were getting.

        The trouble is, he is no longer Donald Trump. Now, he is President Donald Trump.

        Most politicians, especially on the national and international level study English and Speech. They study so they can talk effectively and clearly. Politicians must talk clearly and plainly. They have to be understood by everyone. The way President Trump (PT) talks is causing severe divisions in this country and with our allies. PT’s style is great for a businessman, a local politician even. But not above that. Clarity becomes very important.

        Domestically, most people have trouble with the President’s story continuity changing. Case in point, the Stormy Daniels story. PT has come out with three versions of what he knew when. I do not want to argue about Stormy Daniels. My point is not about his participation, it is about the changes in his story. The story itself does not upset all that many people, it is PT’s changes in his version. His way of referring to other people, especially women and browns, has caused divisions in a lot of us all.

        My main complaint about how he talks is the way he changes his mind on the fly. How many times has PT said essentially, “Give me this and I will sign it”, and then not signed it. This happened more than for last year’s budget negotiations.

        Internationally, speaking clearly is critically important. How you say things is much more important than what you say. (I will never understand diplomacy) PT’s way of speaking has cause consternation among our allies.

        Your question of what accomplishments I disagree with. His tax cut for one. He proposed a great tax cut for some people. The tax cut for the rich and for corporations do not have an expiration date. The middle class tax cut does. It was only approved until 2025. to be “renewed” after that. Plus I think Reagan proved trickle-down economy is bullshit.

        I strongly disagree with his “accomplishments” of unilaterally pulling out of treaties. I believe that ALL of the treaties should have been tried to be renegotiating before we pulled out. Now, what country is going to believe that we will honor our commitments? They have proof that a change of administration can trash all of their work. Yes, it is his right as President. That don’t make it right though.

        His pulling us out of the Paris Accord was wrong. I strongly disagree with all of his ecological policies. Global Warming is real. Who cares who caused it. We don’t argue who is to blame for a forest fire, we put out the dam fire. THEN we discuss blame. Global warming must be treated similarly. I have a son and hope to have grand-kids. I would really like them to be able to breathe fresh air.

        Unilaterally pulling out of the Iran Nuke Treaty has caused a lot of dissent among our allies. No the treaty was not the best possible, but it was better than nothing. It was a foot in the door to open further negotiations. We are not negotiating a replacement treaty, we just stopped talking. Why do we stop talking to someone who is trying to get nukes. We talk to despots who already have them.

        What he wants to accomplish, I disagree with the wall. There is much more effective ways of stopping people at the border. If you have a wall, you become complacent about security. You have a wall, no one can pass! Tunnels anyone? What about migratory animals? Isn’t Mexico suppose to be paying for this thing anyway?

        A Digital Wall will be much more effective. If we take the money PT wants for his wall, which is less than 20% of what will be needed, if we take the $5B PT is demanding and apply it to technological solutions we can get a lot more coverage all along the border.

        His polishing his golf game irks me, but that is not an accomplishment you were referring to. Did he complain about Obama golfing too much? Didn’t we all agree?

        You say he consistently gets results, what results? Why did he have ANY failures. He had both chambers of congress and still could not get immigration reform through. No Democrats do not care more about obstructing PT than national security. They are patriots as well.

        There obstruction on the wall’s funding is a difference of opinion. And they have every right to do this. Its not right, but it is legal. I guess right/legal argument applies to both sides.

        I supported Candidate Trump and PT initially. I still hope he succeeds and is a great President. I’m not a politician. It seems like a lot of them would rather see the country fail if they don’t get their way.

        Jon B

        P.S. The Troop visit while long over due and much appreciated. However, PT turned it into a political rally and signed MAGA hats. Presidents should not politicize Troop Visits. Active Duty personnel can not show political bias, or at least they weren’t when I was in. PT was not entirely wrong for signing them. They CO’s should never have let anyone bring in a MAGA hat. This was not a rally for Candidate Trump and should not have turned into one.

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  • From We Who Served on A Fellow Veteran Reflects #VetsForTrump

    Hi Leo. Thanks for the comment. We all wish Congress would have term limits but can we count on them to hurt themselves? For them it is like winning the lottery when they get elected. I’m sure there are many good people but not enough to make this happen. We can only pray that one day something will happen to end career politicians. All the best to you and yours this New Year!

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  • From Leo Dorrington on A Fellow Veteran Reflects #VetsForTrump

    A sentiment greatly put. The Government has become too bloated and unresponsive to the needs of the people. I loved the line in Trumps inaugural address where He says the People, not the Party or Individual rules in DC. It is time to remind D C of this. Let’s start with Congressional Term Limits! I too am an Army Alumnus Regular 69-72, then Reserves till 98 including Desert Storm. Was MSG on retirement. Keep up these missives, they are neededThanks. Yours. Leo Dorrington

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