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We are the national combined Veterans for Trump website and blog. Vets for Trump gives veterans that support President Trump a platform to share their voices in support of the President on any and all topics. Click here to read more.

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Vets for Trump is not the proper channel for resolving your individual issues as veterans. Click here.

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We are a 100%  Combat Veteran owned and operated Apparel Company, based out of South Florida. We are affiliated with the Vets for Trump Organization.

All of our clothing is 100% AMERICAN-made. The cotton is harvested in the USA. The yarn is spun in the USA and out clothing is knitted in the USA, with fabric dyed in the USA, sewn in the USA and the entire clothing line has been designed by disabled Combat Veterans.

A portion of all profits is utilized to take action and end veteran Suicide. Our favorite Non-Profit program of choice is Civilian101.

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We are Testing our new veteran website. We never share your information or sell it to advertisers. is a free private members-only website. Click here to learn more.

Matt Walsh – What is a Woman?

Here is a link to What is a Woman by Matt Walsh. It says it is only available free for 24 hours but it has been up longer than that. I wouldn't wait. I know we are all busy. I am too but I took the time to watch it today. Amazing!...

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Elon Musk & Babylon Bee

Elon Musk can be hard for some folks to listen to because of his somewhat halting but thoughtful way of speaking. However, I thought it important to share this video of him with the Babylon Bee. This is what veterans have fought for. We fought for an idea more than a...

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Memorial Day vs Pride Month

Although this has been brought up in previous years it is worth repeating. Veterans get 2 days per year for recognition. Veterans Day for the living and Memorial Day to remember our fallen. Today we remember and honor our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate...

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AI Research

I've been using Google Bard (their new Artificial Intelligence system), Chat GPT for a longer time than Bard, and recently the new AI integrated with the Microsoft Edge Browser. I have tons to say on this subject but this post will be brief. After hearing about...

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Political Martyrs

Political martyrs are people who suffer persecution and/or death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, and/or refusing to advocate a political belief or cause. Persecution of political martyrs can take many forms, including harassment, imprisonment,...

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School Choice And Activists

School Choice passes in Florida, becoming the fourth state this year to have universal School Choice. Parents are very busy because they have a lot of responsibilities. They have to take care of their children, provide for them, and teach them right from wrong. They...

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Authors Wanted

Vets for Trump National is open to everyone. Veterans are also citizens and are concerned with the same things everyone is. Our main goal is to reach our fellow citizens who fall in the middle. If you are a veteran and would like to become an Author please contact us.

Someone will contact you in order to verify you are a veteran that supports President Trump. We will then set you up with an account after we receive your first article by email. 

About Articles

Vets for Trump has several authors who write articles. We do not simply post memes although they can be included in articles. Thoughtful opinions and views are greatly appreciated. Our goal is to reach Independents since they are the ones who swing elections.

Articles should be between 200 and 500 words. Each article should have a Featured Image and we can show you how to add those to your Post.

We maintain full control of your postings. We reserve the right to edit them to correct spelling, grammar and remove content that we deem too offensive. If you want to post something that is a little “off-color” we do allow you to put these items in our Comments section. We believe in free speech. However, we also believe in maintaining credibility. Thanks for understanding.

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If you want to comment you can do so at the bottom of any post. You can also view All Comments and find the one you want to reply to. Here are a few things you should know:

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