I have a complaint about this whole impeachment thing. How is it Comey was recommended for prosecution by the I.G. and the DOJ refused to prosecute? The excuse was that Comey, the top of the FBI may not have known he was in violation of the law. The DOJ (Bill Barr) said it all goes to intent. Did Comey knowingly or intentionally intend to break the law? I

If you believe the top guy at the FBI did not know what he was doing that may be worse. So, he is either an idiot that should never have been in charge of the FBI or he is guilty as sin.

Shouldn’t the same thing be said about Trump? Did President Trump think he was breaking the law by asking the newly elected Ukraine President to investigate corruption? Remember, Trump is not a creature of Washington Swamp. He is a business guy with no legal training. Shouldn’t he be given more of a benefit of the doubt than Comey?

Is it right to say we cannot investigate Biden’s corruption because he is a candidate for President? If you hold that position then it is wrong to have investigated Trump on Russian collusion before and after the election. What kind of sense does any of this make? I just can’t square this circle, can you?


Email received by an anonymous sender and posted by Vets for Trump website administrator and spokesman Mike Kelly.

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