A fellow veteran for Trump, Joe, sent me a link to this J6: A True Timeline video. If you get this in your email you will likely have to visit the website and click the link. YouTube requires you to go to the video on their website and consent before viewing. Here is the YouTube link. There are other sources out there if YouTube takes it down. Here is a second link.

The video is a little over an hour, but I will say that it puts many things into perspective. I know people will view this through their lens and come to different conclusions. I am holding my comments because I don’t want to influence people either way. I will only say that I was assigned to riot control as an augmentee. An individual augmentee is a United States military member attached to a unit as a temporary duty assignment (TAD/TDY). Individual augmentees can be used to fill shortages or can be used when an individual with specialized knowledge or skill sets is required.


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