List of items Vets for Trump will not entertain

Trump called Veterans and war-dead losers et cetera:

John Bolton says claims that Trump called US war dead ‘losers’ are ‘false’ and as the ambassador to France insists the President canceled the 2018 visit to the military cemetery because of bad weather – not ‘because he feared getting hair wet’ John Bolton hates Trump and says he never called veterans suckers or losers so why would he lie about this? If someone adds this subject to the comments section I just delete the propaganda and mark you as a spammer. 

Civil & Criminal Cases against Trump:

In the right court, many innocent people are found guilty or innocent depending on biases. Remember OJ Simpson. With Trump, there are obvious biases in play. We do not believe any of these lawsuits would have been brought against President Trump if he had not run for President.


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