List of Rejected Commentor

I’m adding a list of names of people who commented but were rejected or marked as spam. This list was started on 6 Oct 2023 after several had already been deleted. Therefore, I may have missed some. I am giving the reason for each. A second violation or extremely egregious first comment results in being listed as a spammer and permanently banned.

Names associated with Rejected Comments

The comments were non-sequitur and simply a complaint with no solution. They also apparently cannot read.

Jack Henry

Larry Owens

Andrew Shaw

Jen Shaw

Adam Shaw

Andy Watson

BILL Shane

John Drabble

Marc Wilmer

Kenneth Kale

Permanently banned

Carol Lawsor

Larry Breed

Bill Webb

Anthony Shaw

Mike Smith

Vernon Marks

Max Vaughn

Nick Licata

Angie Lowell

Barney Stall

Bill Rollins

Bill Cousten