OK I am Registered – Now what?

  1. First, check your email to confirm your address. You may need to wait 24 hours for the webmaster to approve your profile in some cases.
  2. Now you will be privy to internal emails that we occasionally send out. You will know what is going on in relation to events, rallies and more as we get the information. Special areas are set up for Veterans at most events.
  3. We will know who to contact to start manning phones, knocking on doors and helping to get out the vote. You can and probably are doing some of this on your own. However, we might be able to direct people to the most critical counties in the 12 most important states.
  4. You can submit a Post which are your thoughts on current events or just feel free to rant! Keep it clean and please do not go into conspiracy theories unless you can prove something. We do have real time analysts looking at things that sometimes sound out of line that turn out to be true.
  5. If you would like we can distribute all our posts to your social media account automatically. That means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. You may need our assistance in setting this up. We can schedule a time to go over this. We can also bring you to our computer or come to yours by using TeamViewer. At minimum you can share anything we post one at a time at your own discretion. Use our sharing links at the bottom of each post.
  6. Subscribe if you want to receive everything we post in your email.
  7. Get involved locally. You can work with the GOPVets organization in your state. Contact your local GOP office to find out who to contact. We are grassroots and do not have that information.

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