Special Forces MSgt Makes Great Point on Greg Gutfeld Show

Terry Schappert makes a great point on how to deal with...
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No Place for Racism in the Republican Party

Some people have wanted me to comment on the...
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Greg Gutfeld Strikes Again

If you know me you know what a big fan I am of Greg...
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Paul Mango Running for PA Governor – West Point Graduate

I met with Paul Mango on the 6th of July. It was the first...
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Independence Day Message – Do Vets Still Support President Trump?

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a...
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The #March4MAGA, July 1, 2017

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE The #March4MAGA, July 1, 2017 Event...
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Everyone knows about the Accountability and Whistleblower...
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A Success Story

We received this thank you letter today. Many have written...
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Veteran Appointment Request (VAR) APP

Available at select locations, VAR makes it possible for...
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Why does the Entrenched Establishment fear General Flynn so much?

The answer is, I don’t yet know, but I intend to find...
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New “Deplorables TV” Web Series

I'm starting a new web series to showcase hardworking,...
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Countdown to President Trump's second term election








We are Veterans for Trump - Click to Read

Donald Trump was the first candidate to make Veterans and our friends in Law Enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign. Hillary is a “cheap imitation” of his positions when it comes to Veterans. As Veterans our focus was and is the defense of America and our interests. Donald Trump’s focus is the same. The defense of America is contingent on a strong economy, another centerpiece of the Trump campaign. Everything will improve with a strong economy including our military and the ability to help our Veterans. Therefore, all Veterans should unite behind Donald Trump for President in 2016.

This website is run independently of the GOP and Trump Campaign. While we support the GOP and Trump Campaign the views of individuals posting to this website are their own. Click here for full disclaimer, terms and privacy statement.

Interesting Email On World’s Most Successful Hate Group

As you can imagine I get tons of email. Some of it is too over the top to talk about in my opinion. Some email subjects are borderline. I really don't like to get super partisan because we need middle America to be on our side. That being said this particular email...

Better Than President Reagan

If you watched President Trump addressing Congress last night, I do not need to tell you how inspiring it was. I felt more pride in our country and President than in my entire life. I turn 59 in a couple weeks so I have been around a while. I was a young man in the...

Help Veterans Without Asking For Donations – Here Is How

Something I have been working on is a way to help veterans without asking for donations. Everyone does that and I don't like asking for money. That is part of the "rugged individualism" I learned over my 23 years of service. Before President Trump announced his...

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