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Vets for Trump National

We are the national combined Veterans for Trump website and blog. Vets for Trump gives veterans that support President Trump a platform to share their voices in support of the President on any and all topics. Click here to read more.

Vets for Trump is not the proper channel for resolving your individual issues as veterans. Click here.

Vets for Trump Shirts

Vets for Trump 2A Shirts

We are a 100%  Combat Veteran owned and operated Apparel Company, based out of South Florida. We are affiliated with the Vets for Trump Organization.

All of our clothing is 100% AMERICAN-made. The cotton is harvested in the USA. The yarn is spun in the USA and out clothing is knitted in the USA, with fabric dyed in the USA, sewn in the USA and the entire clothing line has been designed by disabled Combat Veterans.

A portion of all profits is utilized to take action and end veteran Suicide. Our favorite Non-Profit program of choice is Civilian101.

We are Unapologetically American and Patriotic! We honor “no questions asked” returns and exchanges. Your complete satisfaction is our Top Priority. Click here.

Answering Mattis #VetsForTrump

I anticipate being asked questions about the letter released by General Mattis. I will paste in and comment on every section. In Union There Is Strength I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words “Equal Justice Under Law” are carved in...

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Prison of Two Ideas #VetsForTrump

That phrase seems to have been coined by one of my favorite FOX News personalities, Greg Gutfeld. It is similar to the longer-standing term False Dichotomy or False Dilemma. See Wikipedia definition: A false dilemma (or sometimes called false dichotomy) is a type of...

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As you all know, I seldom share things from Facebook. However, this one made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. If you are the sensitive type don't read it. It can get moderately graphic. Due to the current financial situation caused by the Corona Virus and...

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Death is Inevitable #VetsForTrump

I am writing this about 90 minutes before President Trump speaks today, 16 Apr 20. As President Trump rolls out a path to open our economy there will be death. This is sad but true regardless of who makes the call. It could be a governor of a state or any previous or...

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Dan Meuser #VetsForTrump

This is from a friend and Congressman on the Veterans Affairs Committee, Dan Mueser. I thought I would share it as I've been busy helping my clients during this time of crisis. Excerpted for brevity: First of all, Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Despite these...

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Bernie Sanders Quits #VetsForTrump

OK, they call it a "Suspension" of his campaign but we all know this means he has quit. It is a good day in American. Joe should be next. He will announce in about 15 minutes EST, 11:45 AM. Now all that is left is for Joe Biden to quit. It would be doing the nation a...

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Ready Reserve #VetsForTrump

President Trump ordered Defense Secretary Mark Esper to call up a yet-to-be-determined number of ready reserve components to help in the war against COVID 19.  Once again the US Military is the premier force for good in the world and at home. While many of our...

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Interview with Catp Mac #VetsForTrump

Today I decided to do an online interview with one of our very strong supporters of President Trump. Mac, as we call him, was the head of Concerned Vets for America in Pennsylvania when we met. You may also remember him from the Australian Sky News interview we did...

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Main Points - Trump was right!

  • Trump was right about voter fraud. See this lengthy article.
  • Trump was right on drug prices
  • Trump was right on China
  • Trump was right on Trade
  • Trump was right on Immigration
  • Trump was right to get NATO to pay their fair share
  • Trump was harder on Russia than any previous President since Reagan
  • Trump was right on how to fix the VA
  • Trump was right on how to take out ISIS
  • Trump was right on North Korea
  • Trump was right on Iran
  • Trump was right on Syria
  • Trump was right on how to lower unemployment
  • Trump was right on how to bring back manufacturing
  • Trump was right on the stock market

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