Singing for Trump

Beau Davidson here, a singer who has performed for...
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The Week In Review

Obamacare repeal & replace bill stalls while...
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Warriors Rock Concert Johnstown PA 22 April 7 PM

APRIL 22nd @ 7:00 pm Forest Hills High School Auditorium...
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Military Budgets According To Percentage Of GDP

The table below is from Wikipedia. I find it interesting...
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Most Powerful Man In The World – How Will CNN Spin This?

CNN is set to air "The Most Powerful Man In The World"...
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Interview With Channel 4 UK

It seems like every country in the world wants to...
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MAGA MARCH Visit our official website ==>> MAGA...
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Chuck Schumer Lends Credence To President Trump’s Claim

Now we have the Democratic Senate Minority Leader suggest...
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The Week In Review

Kellyanne Conaway kneels on a couch. The US Media goes...
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Russia’s Real Goals

The real goal of Russia was to mess with the minds of...
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Interesting Email On World’s Most Successful Hate Group

As you can imagine I get tons of email. Some of it is too...
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Countdown to the first 100 days








We Would Still LIke To Hear From You

We are shifting focus a bit. Let’s talk about policy ideas for the Trump Presidency. How can we Make America Great Again from your point of view.

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We are Veterans for Trump - Click to Read

Donald Trump was the first candidate to make Veterans and our friends in Law Enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign. Hillary is a “cheap imitation” of his positions when it comes to Veterans. As Veterans our focus was and is the defense of America and our interests. Donald Trump’s focus is the same. The defense of America is contingent on a strong economy, another centerpiece of the Trump campaign. Everything will improve with a strong economy including our military and the ability to help our Veterans. Therefore, all Veterans should unite behind Donald Trump for President in 2016.

This website is run independently of the GOP and Trump Campaign. While we support the GOP and Trump Campaign the views of individuals posting to this website are their own. Click here for full disclaimer, terms and privacy statement.

Create Your Own Election Map – Right Now Clinton v Trump Tied!

See how close you come with your prediction. I took the website and made adjustments according to Real Clear Politics as of today. It is important to remember the Polls lag. With so much coming down on Hillary's head it will not be possible to know the...

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Psychological Operations

Are you falling victim to Psychological Operations? Find out one way it works. A little fun.

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