Most of you know I’ve been running a web business since I retired from the Air Force in 2002. There are some tools that geeks like me know about. I’m going to turn you on to one of them now.

The internet archives snapshots of websites as they are crawled and changed. Those snapshots are publicly available if you know where to look. Note: these snapshots may not be complete or look exactly the same as they did due to formating. It can also take a bit of time for the archive to unpack the site for display. If you play in this area be prepared to have your patience tested.

The website was redirected to on 8 Aug 20. You can see the changes at this weblink*/

If you click the 24th of July snapshot you will see it still shows the website. Could this be partially responsible for Biden’s huge fundraising haul in August? I’m betting it does to some degree.

The website domain name was originally pointed to a hosting platform in Jan 1999 but never got published that year. At some point, the domain name must have been dropped and repurchased on 24 Apr 2002. I could go into more detail than you care to know. I will stop there with geeky details.

As many have suggested, it is unlikely the Biden campaign has anything to do with this. However, it is incumbent on the Biden campaign to disavow Antifa. You would expect the Trump campaign to do the same if some nefarious group pointed their domain to Let’s see what Joe does.


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