I will be speaking with Whip from WMBS radio today at 3:30 PM about Vets for Trump and We Who Served. You can hear the program live no matter where you are located by going to their website and clicking the Listen Live link. PS I have offered to modernize the WMBS website and they have agreed.

There is no preparation for this interview as Whip likes to Just Wing It, in his words. I will simply try to follow his lead. I met Whip this past summer. He is not a vet but he has a heart for veterans. We put on a veterans retreat weekend in western PA with the goal of helping homeless veterans. We are just beginning now and have plans to grow the idea statewide and then to other states. A model must first be created.

So, if you have time, listen in and find out more about how we can begin to help our fellow veterans!

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