Most of us have heard the expression “managing expectations”.  If we want to live a more peaceful and contented life then we benefit by learning to manage our expectations. Properly managed expectations will benefit people in all areas of life, personal and professional. Due to my outlook, a friend once called me a pessimist. I jokingly replied, no, I am 100% sure shit will not go as expected. That makes me an optimist.

Managed expectations in life were drilled into me by nearly 23 years on active duty. Always have a backup plan. As a matter of fact, have a plan A, B, and C. If you are a veteran with a significant length of service you are likely to identify with this process. At the very least avoid high expectations. It can save you from many negative things but especially psychological ones.

If you are getting the impression a lot will change if Republicans win both the House and the Senate in November, don’t get your hopes up. In other words, manage your expectations. The only thing that will change is Congress will be able to stop the House and Senate Democrats from furthering the agenda that is moving us in the wrong direction. The Republican-controlled House and Senate will not be able to stop the Biden administration from carrying out those things within the Executive purview. There will not be enough Republicans to override a Presidential veto.

In other news: Boudin blames ‘right-wing billionaires’ for his recall defeat. What he forgets is San Francisco is only 8.6%, Republican. He lost by a 60/40 vote. Mary Jung, former chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, chaired the recall campaign. Even with all that, expect San Francisco to bring in another inept prosecutor. Remember, New Yorkers actually thought they were voting for a tough-on-crime Mayor. Guess again New York!

I could cite many other examples of how Republicans are thinking the tide is turning. Again, manage your expectations and you will be happier. America is a big ship and you know how long it takes to turn one around. The people who are going to replace the far lefties do not have near the energy of a Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, even his opponents wish they had his energy. Speaking of energy, how do you like those prices? Have a good weekend!

And now for your entertainment!

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