Fellow Veteran for Trump, Vlad Lemets explains where Vets for Trump is heading if President Trump decides to not run. Vlad has started the website VeteransForAmericaFirst.org. We are also working on other projects together using the various domain names under WeWhoServed using .com, .org, .net and .us domain name extensions. More about those things in my next post.

In this video, Vlad also talks about what happened to Joshua Macias in Philadelphia. You probably saw it on the news some days after the election. Frankly, the first I was aware of it was by an email from CNN on November 6th. As you can imagine the left-wing media spins it all out of proportion with inflammatory wording. Philadelphia has a nut job DA like many other places. He lets criminals go without bail but of course, conservatives must pay extraordinary bail. You have likely heard about these types of District Attorneys across the USA on FOX News and other conservative outlets.

I’m starting the video where Vlad is introduced. He talks for about 18 minutes in this video.




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